CLAMP Internet Radio #15, a Talk and an Interview

They started the show with the corner Life Report. A listener sent an e-mail talking about one of Mokona’s Sign Sessions that happened on the last month. They also talked very briefly about the CLAMP in 3-D LAND DEBUT! event and CLAMP IN WONDERLAND 2. To tell you the truth, I can’t exactly tell whether the event had already happened by that time or not. I mean, the episode with Yui Makino was recorded on March 19th, and it’s only going to be available on April 10th! That’s a huge gap, isn’t it? But then again, maybe because it’s a special episode, it was recorded in advance.

In any case, I really hope that they’ll make a special episode covering the 3-D LAND event. Unlike the New Year‘s one, the people who attended to the 3-D LAND event didn’t mention that the radio would cover it, but I still have hope xD

CLAMP Intelligence Agency Radio Version

In this corner they read some e-mails sent by the listeners, and like pretty much everytime they do this, I couldn’t understand much of what they said. In one of the e-mails, though, the listener asked the CLAMP members if they could remember, during their school days, what they wanted to become when they get older. At first she couldn’t remember, but then Mokona said she wanted to do “something” related to anime (she did say what it was, but I couldn’t understand xD). She really enjoying watching animes, specially the ones with robots, like Gundam. I believe the mangaka desire came later ^^”

Satsuki wanted to do something related to design (I THINK!), but she wasn’t sure of what. Nekoi wanted to do something related to drawings (but don’t believe me, I’m not sure of what I’m saying xD). I couldn’t understand what Ohkawa wanted to become (T-T).

Lastly, they advertised the release of Tsubasa’s artbook on the next April 17th, and how those who watched Wanna Gonna can guess what the Extra Comic will be like, since they showed the script of it on the screen of Ohkawa’s computer (I can tell you it has to do with glasses xD).

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to do a decent summary for this episode, lately they have been really hard to understand >.<

Komugikotoride no Yonshimin #15 (right click -> Save Target As…)

Size: 40 MB.
File type: MP3 – 192 Kbps.
Running time: 29 minutes.

Ageha Ohkawa X Goro Taniguchi Special Talk:

I had previously posted here that in the May issue of Newtype magazine there would be a Special Talk between Ageha Ohkawa and Code Geass director, Goro Taniguchi. eevaleena-san has found scans of that Talk and you can see it here.

Additionally, the Special Talk includes old design concepts of the Code Geass characters done by CLAMP (they look fairly different from their final versions ^^).

Great! All we need now is to find scans from this month’s Animedia (that has a report of CLAMP in 3-D LAND DEBUT!).


Mokona Interview from Yomiuri Shinbun:

I had also posted here that an interview with Mokona would be published in the japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shinbun. Fortunately, they have an online version of that interview available at their official site, which can be seen here (the content is the same as of the printed version).

The funniest part, in my opinion, is the part where she says that since she likes to wear Kimonos even when she’s working, she has to use a cooking apron everytime she’s dealing with ink and pen in order to prevent disasters xD

The article also includes a brand-new picture of Mokona.

38 thoughts on “CLAMP Internet Radio #15, a Talk and an Interview

  1. I couldn’t understand what Ohkawa wanted to become (T-T).


    I’m craving that short comic from the artbook now *_*


    • >A PSHYCO KILLER!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDD

      HAHAHAHAHAHA It took a long time before she answered, maybe she was hiding something xDDDD

      >I’m craving that short comic from the artbook now *_*

      Yeah, it has to do with glasses and I think Fye is very involved O.o


      • ohohohohohohoh, Ohkawa hides his perversion!!!! seriosly, that woman has a perverted side that scares me a bit….

        Yeah, it has to do with glasses and I think Fye is very involved O.o

        yaaaaaaaaaaay!!! thank you for making me happy!


        • >seriosly, that woman has a perverted side that scares me a bit….

          For real? XD I think that’s what makes me love her so much xD She’s a gutsy woman xD

          >yaaaaaaaaaaay!!! thank you for making me happy!

          You’re welcome *is happy for making her happy ^^* It has definitely to do with glasses, and I think Fye is the one with the poor eye-sight ^^”


  2. I couldn’t understand what Ohkawa wanted to become
    I bet she wanted to become an evil brain breaker, and wow, she managed to do it! Congratulations!

    Thank you very much for the info!


  3. Yo, Chibi-Yuuto!!

    Waa, sugoi desu wa!! Arigatou gozaimasu for the 15th CLAMP Internet Radio and for the report of the interviews of Ohkawa and Mokona. Mokona being published in a newspaper. That’s so kawaii hearing that she uses an apron to avoid getting her kimonos messy. Very smart, Mokona!! ^///^ Mokona no shashin wa hontou kawaii da na!!

    Hopefully, Hikari-san will provide in the future the clear explanations of the CLAMP Internet Radio and the CLAMP Intelligence Agency Radio Version. I give you full effort for trying!! *glomps*

    Arigatou gozaimasu for this interesting report!! ^o^

    Ki o tsukete, Chibi-Yuuto!!
    Nyanko-san ^__^


    • You’re welcome for the radio episode ! Look forward to the next ones ^^

      I was so happy to see that the interview was also available online ^___^ I hate it when we can’t see the materials xDDDD

      >I give you full effort for trying!! *glomps*

      Thanks !! XDDD I do my best xDD And I hope Hikari-san will provide proper summaries like she’s been doing so far ^^

      See you around, Moko-chan~


    • Yeah, indeed they weren’t! I remember Mokona saying on Top Runner that she always wanted to be a mangaka, I guess that this “anime” dream of hers must have been when she was really young, even before her mangaka dream ^^

      >Thank you for uploading the show. It’s very kind of you to always do that for us.

      It’s my pleasure !! Thank you for listening to it ^__^


  4. ooh, wow. thank you.

    I think I like Suzaku’s original design better. But I don’t think it would fit the character outlined in the final version of Code Geass very well – Suzaku looks a little too “rebellious”.


  5. thank for all your info Chibiyuuto sama and i really think Ohkawa want to be a serial killer collecting the eyes of her victims, but when she realize that make suuffer a mayor number of peoples in mangas, change her mind and make a good many without the jail thing!!!!


    • >and i really think Ohkawa want to be a serial killer collecting the eyes of her victims

      Omg that’s such an evil thing to think of her ^^”””””

      You’re welcome ! ^^


      • i’m going to buy it ^__^;; i’ve been buying all 3 magazines lately, but just some time after it’s released, so the price is cheaper~ (air mail is multiply by 14, but surface is multiply by 10! if you get it in japan, it’s multiply by 7… damn mailing)


  6. CLAMP GIRLS are also good at fashion

    Mokona loves fashion just like other members,just to think of it last decade 90’s they wear western clothes in late 90’s while during the time of MKR 1,Shinshunkaden and X they wear chinese and japanese clothes even before that during the RG VEDA/TB time they wear mascot-like,unusual,fashionable outfits,sometimes they wear 80’s outfits and sometimes even Hanboks are worn by CLAMP

    Mokona Apapa studied finearts in college that is one of her backgrounds she is at the same level and background as Kaori Yuki in terms of art,It is her passion but she lacks in the story telling that is where she is complemented by Nanase Ohkawa who is talented on writing and directing.


  7. Thank you very much Chibi Yuuto-kun !
    The firts drawings for Code geass were…amazing, but a little bit far from final versions. First Suzaku looks a little bit like final Lelouch XD
    I love the Lelouch design we can see now, but the first is good-looking also *w*
    …I finish XD
    Yhank you ^^


  8. Question

    You know I absolutely love this radio shows (at the point of being the light of my life during trips to gakkou) and that even though I have hardly time to dowload, comment, and even listening, I will be thankfull to you for the re4st of my days… RIGHT?! ;________;


    • Re: Question

      Awww, that’s so sweet ;____; I know you appreciate them, and that makes me very happy, to be able to serve and offer that happiness to you!

      Thank you! And you’re welcome ^_______^


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