Mokona Interview in Asahi Shimbun

The first of the series of interviews with Mokona has been published on today’s issue of the japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun. And online version of the interview can be seen here.

The article + interview is a bit short and not much revealing, being more focused on CLAMP itself rather than her book, but I’m not sure if the contents of the online and printed versions are different. However, the article features a lovely new picture of Mokona ^__^

16 thoughts on “Mokona Interview in Asahi Shimbun

    • Like Chibiyuuto said this is the first article published “centered” in Mokona no Okimonokimo book of many more to come, basically I think it was made to announce the presentation in the Logos gallery of the book, and the rest of the text talks about Clamp itself and not the book, maybe to introduce CLAMP to people who doesn´t know them (even if for us CLAMP are celebrity not everyone in Japan knows who they are even if they read or not some of their series, they most likely remember the name of the series or the main character´s, than the name of the author…) mainly it says that their works are easy to find because of their magnificent work as mangakas and there´re some paragraphs where they (I guess it was Mokona though) talk about their begginings in publication (for more adults targets), how much fun they had then and that that hasn´t changed (altough the article also says that it was hard in the early days going from Kansai to Tokyo and viceversa), and that the fact that the each one of the four of them has one specific task makes it more easy.
      The article ends with Mokona saying that she likes to play for example when a character is going to appear dressed in kimono, she likes to wear one too (when working on those pages I guess…)And that is where all the “kimono thing” started…
      … anyways that was a rush reading XD sorry if it confused more than helped XD


        • You´re welcome ^^ but I was just trying to help a bit, and my english sucks so much XD
          Aaaanyways, about the last part of the article, I just remember something about the Top Runner show, well I´m not so sure ´cause I don´t have the file here (already burned in dvd ^^U) but I think when they were asked about what they like to do in their free time, Mokona actually mentioned something with kimonos o.O (Ohkawa liked watching suspense movies, Satsuki playing games and Tsubaki making Teddy bears…. or so I understood o.OU maybe you can verify this? It was one of the first questions of the interview that I´m sure…)


  1. What are you doing up so late!!! >.< you have to work tomorrow darn it! XDDD (what about me you say? XD well my guards are sleeping so I just scaped mangnificently XDDD …With phrases like that if anybody reads other´s comment will think I´m in jail or something XDDDD)
    haha Sorry for that, You´re such an angel, THANK YOU SO MUCH for letting us know! I never read Asahi (of course XD). Altough that "ano hito…" title sounds rude being the article centered in such a goddess XDDDD haha anyways I hope you don´t mind the other comment up there I just wanted to help ^^UUUuuuu
    SUCH A GORGEUS PHOTO! omg that woman is so beautiful with her hair like that!!!! *________* She looks like a princess!


    • >What are you doing up so late!!! >.well my guards are sleeping so I just scaped mangnificently XDDD …With phrases like that if anybody reads other´s comment will think I´m in jail or something XDDDD

      HAHAHAHA Makes me happy to know you use your valuable free time to visit my journal ^___^

      >Altough that “ano hito…” title sounds rude being the article centered in such a goddess XDDDD

      HAHAHAHA that’s the name of the column, but of course you know that X3

      I also thought she looked so pretty in the picture ! She looks like Kobato! XDDDD

      Yeah, no wonder the article was published in their “job” section, they wanted to focus on their dedication to their work ^__^

      I’m glad you liked it ! Pictures of CLAMP members always makes me so damn happy too XDDDDD You’re welcome !


      • I´m so envious of you… >.< I WANT TO GO TO CARNIVAL!!! TT.TT I hope you enjoy it! LOL in spanish is "carnaval" like you said I don´t know why we use english XDDD So here´s some spanish XD :

        Mi querida amiga Kokoro ya ha recibido su copia del libro de Mokona y como es muy amable ha puesto algunos pics en su elejota (elejota means LJ ok that was difficult I know XD) por aquí ^^:


        • Yeah, here is called Carnaval too XDDD

          >elejota means LJ

          Hahaha same here xD Éle = L, Jota = J XDDD But it’s weird to call it like that XDDDD

          Thanks for letting me know about it !!! *hugs*


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