Tsubasa #18 covers !

In a very unexpected update, CLAMP-NET announced the covers of Tsubasa #18, due to March 16th:

Deluxe illustration looks so preeeetty ! Congratulations for everybody who bet on Subaru ! xD

EDIT: There’s a chance CLAMP might have done it on purpose since today is Subaru and Hokuto’s birthday.

Additionally, CLAMP confirmed what I had previously posted about their appearance on Wanna Gonna, scheduled for the next 25th. It says the show will feature the production of a collaboration kimono manga between CLAMP and the show’s MCs. Also making an appearance on the show is Katsumi Yumioka, the owner of a second-hand kimono shop in Tokyo, who participated of a special talk with Mokona in her book.

On another note, they inform that tickets for Mokona’s sign sessions in Shibuya and Ikebukuro are sold out.

Mokona Interview in Asahi Shimbun

The first of the series of interviews with Mokona has been published on today’s issue of the japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun. And online version of the interview can be seen here.

The article + interview is a bit short and not much revealing, being more focused on CLAMP itself rather than her book, but I’m not sure if the contents of the online and printed versions are different. However, the article features a lovely new picture of Mokona ^__^