Tsubasa Artbook announced !

– Next chapters scheduled (red means new):

02/10 – Newtype #03 – Chapter 5 – 1 color page (on sale).
03/10 – Newtype #04 – Chapter 6.
04/10 – Newtype #05 – No Kobato. scheduled.

First break of the new serialization. Yeah, because we ARE having so many pages per month… ¬¬

– Next chapters scheduled (red means new):

02/14 – Shonen Magazine #11 – Chapter 143 (on sale).
02/21 – Shonen Magazine #12 – Chapter 144.
02/28 – Shonen Magazine #13 – Chapter 145 – 1 color page.
03/07 – Shonen Magazine #14 – No Tsubasa scheduled.
03/14 – Shonen Magazine #15 – Chapter 146.

• Comics:

As I had previously stated here, Tsubasa #18 will be released on March 16th. Neither of the 2 covers were announced yet.

• Artbook:

Kodansha announced today the release of a Tsubasa Artbook ! Entitled Tsubasa Art Collection -ALBuM De REProDUCTioNS-, the artbook will be released on April 18th. The price is still undecided.

There will probably be a second artbook to be released after the series is over, possibly along with XXXHOLiC’s one, that hasn’t been announced yet.

– Next chapters scheduled (red means new):

02/12 – Young Magazine #11 – Chapter 129 (on sale).
02/19 – Young Magazine #12 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled (CLAMP changed that. Chapter 130 was supposed to come out here).
02/26 – Young Magazine #13 – Chapter 130.
03/05 – Young Magazine #14 – Chapter 131.
03/12 – Young Magazine #15 – Chapter 132 – Last chapter of Tank 11.

• Comics:

The list announced by Kodansha today also states that XXXHOLiC #11 will be released on April 17th.

First single release for XXXHOLiC after a loooooong time !

• Featuring CLAMP:

A LOT of Interviews with Mokona is scheduled for the next month, I’m gonna list them all here.

– Asahi Shimbun

An interview with Mokona will be featured on the February 19th issue of the japanese journal Asahi Shimbun, inside the employment section “Job Weekly”.


– Yahoo Books

Another interview with Mokona will be available on the website Yahoo Books – Interview, scheduled for February 21st. This one will be available for all of us ^__^


– Asahi Shimbun Junior High Weekly

One more interview with Mokona will be published in the March 3rd issue of the newspaper Asahi Shimbun Junior High Weekly, a variation of the Asahi newspaper aimed for students.


– Da Vinci

And yet another interview with Mokona will be published on the April issue of the Da Vinci magazine, out on March 6th.


All these interviews, of course, will be about the promotion of CLAMP Mokona no Okimono Kimono. Busy woman, our dear Mokona-sensei ^^”

• Featuring CLAMP:

An article about CLAMP Mokona no Okimono Kimono will be published on the April issue of FRaU magazine, out on March 12th.

Ah, FRaU ! *-*

FRaU, for those who don’t know, is the magazine that published for the first time, in 2004, the first official picture of CLAMP.

• Code Geass – Mook:

Two illustration books of Code Geass are scheduled to be released on March 23rd, entitled Code Geass – Lelouch of the Rebelion GRAPHICS ZERO and Code Geass – Lelouch of the Rebelion GRAPHICS ASHFORD, both books will cost 630 yens. They don’t mention whether CLAMP will draw any illustrations or not.

• Event:

CLAMP Mokona no Okimono Kimono Sale Commemoration, Mokona Sign Session in Kyushu:

A new Sign Session with Mokona will take place in the japanese region of Kyushu on March 25th. So far one place has been confirmed: Kokura, in Fukuoka. Details are yet to be announced.

• DVD:

As I had previously posted here, the DVDs of Card Captor Sakura THE MOVIE COLLECTION and the video-clip of CLOVER will be released on May 25th. For more information, please read this post.

One new piece of information has been added to the DVD BOX of Card Captor Sakura. The short-movie “Leave it to Kero!“, first screened before the 2nd movie, will also be included in the BOX.

There was a LOT of news this time, I hope I didn’t forget anything!! Sorry if I did ^^”

Now, the first test version of CLAMP-NET.COM appeared in March of 1997. So, in the next update, the site will be technically celebrating it’s 10th anniversary. Let’s hope for a design renewal *-* (which is really needing, if you ask me xD)

80 thoughts on “CLAMP NEWS !!

    • You’re very welcome, it’s my pleasure *bows* ^__^

      The schedules are pretty on track, I’m also expecting a huge cliffhanger, specially since there’s a color page in it ^^

      >and yay for the artbook! at last!!!

      At last indeed~! What a freaky name, though XD


  1. Thank you for the information =D

    Dammit a break on tsubasa after ch145, no Holic next week ;; i should have know this will happend .___.”
    Yay tsubasa artbook! I thought there will never be an artbook for tsubasa ;;
    Now the only problem is how the hell am i going to put my hands on this pretty thing? Oo


    • But TRC’s scheduled is pretty on track O.o they can rest one time in the month, ya? ^^

      >I thought there will never be an artbook for tsubasa ;;

      Oh my that would be terrible xD I think there will be 2, actually ^__^


      • Yes they deserve some rest. As i read on christmas what you translated about there christmas they truly deserve some rest ^^

        Yay! 2 TRC artbooks! and still how the hell am i going to get them “XD Never mind i got some of the deluxe editions of TRC i can get the artbook…eventually.


        • They had such a busy Christmas ^^””

          And yeah, totally, I’m sure that Artbook is going to be very easy to find. And it’s not like it’s a limited production or something ^^


  2. Tsubasa Art Collection -ALBuM De REProDUCTioNS-

    ….Ugh, stupid women they are. It’s like that thing kids do where they thing they’re all so clever fOR WriTinG LIkE THiS!

    Thanks for the info. ^_^


  3. Why is CLAMP teasing us by withholding the covers for Tsubasa volume 18? My money is that it’s a Subaru cover and therefore we’re going to be hanging out to see it until the last minute. Because they like to torture their fans.


  4. Personally? I thought they might be doing co-joint artbooks for both TRC and HOLiC, like with the calendars. It made sense to me, as there’s crossover art with the cast of both works, and they’re always going on about reading both series for extra understanding.

    Therefore, I’m disappointed. It would’ve been niftier -and less expensive- that way. And now I’m burning of curiosity because I have no idea if the Clow+Yuuko+Mokona couch illust will be in this artbook or the HOLiC one please be it the HOLiC one! I won’t/can’t buy this artbook any time soon!


    • I thought it would be 1 Artbook for both series too, at first, but after I thought well, it would never work if we didn’t want lots of images to be lost. Even Chobits had an entire artbook and it’s only 8-volumes long ^^”

      I think that image of Clow/Yuuko you are talking about is totally XXXHOLiC. Clow looks so ghostly XD Besides, we always have one new pic of TRC and another one of XXXHOLiC in the calendars… wasn’t the new TRC pic the one with Syaoran and Mokona on snow? O.o Therefore, I think it’s going to be in XXXHOLiC’s artbook, if we were to place it somewhere.


  5. TRC Artbook! Yay! I want it
    No cover to #18 yet.. U_u
    Thank you for the news, you really keep me informed about CLAMP’s world..
    may I friend you? it would be nice to view your new post in my friends page..


    • Just wait some 12 days and the cover will be there ^_~

      >may I friend you? it would be nice to view your new post in my friends page..

      Of course you can !! I would be very happy if you do so, actually ^^


  6. Yo, Chibi-Yuuto! *slams fist on the table* I knew it, I KNEW IT!! I knew that if the splash pages and all the artwork is awesome, then there would be a TRC artbook! I knew that they would do it just like the CCS artbooks!

    My, Mokona sure is one busy woman and that is hontou kakkoi that she has so many interviews!! You go Mokona!! ^o^

    Good for TRC to continue at such a good pace! ^^ I understand that HOLiC will be delayed loads of times because it’s trying to end with TRC at the same time.

    Arigatou gozaimasu for the Mid-February updates, Chibi-Yuuto!

    Ja ne!
    Nyanko-san ^__^


    • With the bunch of images available, they had to compilate them all very nicely in a neat artbook ^^

      Being a book author in Japan surely makes you more popular than being a mangaka ^^”

      You’re welcome for the news, Nyanko-chan !


  7. woooooooo
    GREAT news!!!! *happy dance*
    thanks Dear!!
    i can’t wait for the kobato chapters, and the Tsubasa artworks! , oh oh What cover will volumen 18 will have?? *0*

    thanks again for the info *hug*


  8. I’m bit unsure about that Code Geass illustration book, is it an artbook or fanbook? 630 yen is much too cheap, as far as I concern, artbook worth at least 3000 yen or more.

    But OMG, Tsubasa Artbook! xDDD


    • Well, I didn’t call them “artbooks” either xDDD I refered to them as “illustration books”. I’m assuming it’ll contain pictures from the anime o.o But I’m not sure ^^


  9. Tsubasa artbook is the biggest news this day! ^^ (yeah after CI3-DL figures ¬¬ I’m officially poor XDD). BTW, the title is really strange. It can be english and spanish/portuguese/french XDD (stupid “de”) I wonder which language CLAMP wanted to use.

    Kobato’s break…O.K. there isn’t a point to complain, It won’t change anyway ¬¬

    However, we have got Code Geass Illustration collections. Also, the announcement of xxxHOLiC # 11 (I can’t wait to see the art of Tsubasa and xxxHOLiC covers) ^^

    What’s more? Oh yes, Tsubasa’s break after a color page. It sounds interesting because we have two options: An amazing chapter of death like “I can’t wait to see the next one”, or a simple chapter like “ohh yeah and then….”

    Finally, Mokona is getting really busy (I just hope that this doesn’t affect weekly publications *__*)

    Thanks as always for the news Chibi Yuuto-san ^_^


    • >BTW, the title is really strange.

      Definitely agree XDDD But I guess they know how weird it looks ^^”

      I hope this will be the only break of Kobato. for the first volume. I mean, they don’t even draw that much xDD

      You’re welcome as always ^__^


        • Sorry ^^”””

          Yume-chan it is, then ^^

          And I know how that feels, some people call me “chibiyuuto” or “Chibiyuuto” or “ChibiYuuto”, because of the LJ nick. But the official one is “Chibi Yuuto”. There’s a space in the middle XD But I don’t mind ^^””

          >then, can I call you Chibi Yuuto-kun? =^^=

          Of course you can ! =^^=


  10. An ARTBOOK!!!!! That is what I wanted… but… being released before the 19th vol, that means the ch141 color-splash-of-love will not be there TTT_TTT *sniffles*

    And what happens with the vol 18 cover, is it a secret?????

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


    • My bet is even prior to that. I think they’ll do something like X Zero and Infinity. I think they’ll divide the art in 2, corresponding to how many tanks there will be.

      For example, assuming there will be 30 volumes in total (please god, no!). Then this artbook shall have images from vols 1~15. I HOPE that is the case, because then we’ll be able to FINALLY tell how many volumes there will be *-*


  11. O.o …
    Ok, c´mon, all together at once:
    ……………………………. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I´m not sure If I like the idea of separated Artbook´s releaseas for Holic and TRC, But yes, TRC has more Colour ilustrations if you count them… still I was expecting they´s do something special and release both series´s artbooks with some kind of conection o.oU

    The break on Kobato could be dangerous… I mean C´mon is monthly and it has few pages… I hope it doesn´t put the series in danger with the fans…
    And Mokona´s is becoming God… she´ll be everywhere! XDDDD

    Thank you so much for the news!!!! It was so worth it to scape from bed XDDDD
    take care!


    • I do like the idea of separate artbooks. XXXHOLiC has it’s own amostphere and so does TRC. A XXXHOLiC artbook would be all gothic while TRC would be all colorful *just a thought XD*

      We would either lost a lot of images or they would have to release like 4 artbooks XD

      >still I was expecting they´s do something special and release both series´s artbooks with some kind of conection o.oU

      That’s probably going to happen when the 2nd artbook comes. XXXHOLiC doesn’t have enough images for 2 artbooks. So my guess is that the connection will happen with the 2nd TRC Artbook + XXXHOLiC’s artbook.

      >Thank you so much for the news!!!! It was so worth it to scape from bed XDDDD

      Hahahaha you’re welcome ! I have another great news I’m gonna post later *-*


  12. olááá yuuto-san!! a quanto tempo XD


    *revoltado com kobato*

    já perdi as esperanças… primeiro abondonam 7 caps. da serie q ja poderia ser o vol. 1. dai continuam nada haver com a historia, mensal e com 14 paginas U_U

    bom, finalmente já tem previsao pro termino do vol 11 de holic \o/ será que logo vao anunciar o final da serie? *suspense*

    e quanto a tsubasa, sei lá… ultimamente parece que a serie perdeu meio que o sentido, tá ficando enrolação demais (eu acho)

    ja poderiam ter puxado a historia pra um fim, ou pelomenos ja poderiam ter revelado metade dos segredos que faltam na historia… tb fiquei revoltado com aquele final horroroso do anime XD

    soh faltaram colocar nos ultimos segundos: “para saber o fim real da historia, COMPREM os mangás” XDDD

    bom, por hora é soh @_@ agora vou ver os capitulos de hoje *postando antes de ver*

    ps. posso te adicionar no orkut? XD flw

    ateh mais o/~~


    • Eu tb to mt chateado com Kobato ^^” Eu gosto tanto desse manga, mas ta mt devagar u.u

      Eu não vejo a hora pro final de xxxholic u.u E TRC tb, claro.

      >ps. posso te adicionar no orkut? XD flw

      Mas é claro ! ^^


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