Newtype June 2009 scans

You can check Kobato. Drop. 14 scans and Satsuki’s book advertisement in this album from this month’s Newtype magazine. Not my scans, taken from a Chinese forum.

Translations by starlady38 here.

For those interested, you can download the full Newtype magazine here.

New character in Kobato.! And he must be Fujimoto’s friend since he calls him by the first name.
And I knew the true forms or Ioryogi and Ginsei had human shapes, they look so cool! *-*

32 thoughts on “Newtype June 2009 scans

  1. Thanks for the links ! ♥
    Kobato is really getting interesting! Could it be a love triangle between Fujimoto,Kobato and that new character ? xD
    okayy I`m thinking to much.
    I wonder what Ginsei’s human/real form looks like…,It looks really big though o__o


  2. thanks like always chibiyuuto-san :3
    a new blondie character huh? and he knows fujimoto? interesting, very interesting! I don’t know why but im starting to ship ioryogi/ginsei XD


  3. At last @A@

    Wow, such a short introduction for the new character *laughs* I want to know more about him~~ and I hope people won’t start shipping him with Fujimoto.


  4. I missed Kobato. It feels like it’s been so long since a new chapter has come out. And a new character to boot. ^^ Maybe he knew Fujimoto back before Fujimoto got adopted?

    Do you think that Ioryogi and Ginsei might be “angels” like Kohaku? O_o I love the use of shadow silhouettes to show their true forms – they do look really cool!


  5. For some reason whenever you mention Ioryogi’s true form I keep getting this image for Kobato having the same reaction Sakura did way back in CCS to Kero’s real form.
    And now I eagerly await the CnL release!


  6. God, the new guy looks like he could be Fay’s and Yuui’s father….(CUTE)

    Kobato has another cute chapter again, but we have to wait for a month to see Fujimoto’s reaction, as well as the new boys name. Any bets for what
    “his” name will be?


  7. hi! thanks for posting the pics! i don’t understand why fujimoto is avoiding kobato like that though (unless that’s his way of telling her he’s not interested in her [unless he’s really dense and didn’t realize how she feels for him- which is very very unlikely]) 😡


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