Shimarisu no Hoobukuro paper message, CLAMP draws Fujii Chiho’s “Happy Ko” (Updated)

For those who were curious about it, here is the paper message that comes as a bonus for those who purchase Satsuki Igarashi’s Shimarisu no Hoobukuro book in one of the 10 selected Animate stores:

On other news, CLAMP made a slight participation in NHK’s show TV Senshi, sort of.

TV Senshi is a show aimed at children and young teenagers. In today’s episode, one of the young hostesses, Fujii Chiho, asked her favorite mangaka (CLAMP) to draw her character “Happy Ko” from one of the show’s corners, Girls Communication.

CLAMP members themselves didn’t appear on the show, only the illustration they did of “Happy Ko”:

Click to enlarge it.

Here’s a picture of Fujii Chiho:

I thought CLAMP’s drawing was adorably similar xD Also quite a lot like Tomoyo.

Update: I thought that was the full illustration, but no! Here is the same illustration in a wider view:

Click to enlarge it.

Update 2: The show’s official website has the illustration in its full extent!

15 thoughts on “Shimarisu no Hoobukuro paper message, CLAMP draws Fujii Chiho’s “Happy Ko” (Updated)

  1. Paper Message>>>Hope someone will have a larger scan so we can see its content(but I guess it will only be some sort of ‘thank you’ message instead of some really important things) – v –

    Fujii Chiho>>>It reminds me about the show Wanna Gonna which features Clamp with Nakagawa Shoko. They also draws manga for Shoko at that show. I can only say that they are LUCKY!!!and Yes, it looks like Tomoyo a lot


    • It seems like it was handwritten and that feels nice, but yeah, it’s probably just a thank you message ^^

      Yeah, it’s somewhat similar to what was done in Wanna Gonna xD Indeed she is lucky for asking CLAMP and having that wish granted xD And her favorite mangaka is CLAMP, the girl has very good taste xD

      Always nice to see CLAMP getting some (more) attention.


  2. LOL it sooooo similar to her!!!
    And yes, it looks so much like Tomoyo :O
    Thanks for the news, chibi yuuto-kun 😀



    • At first I was “Tomoyo?” too. But the main differences are the hair (black, straight and layered) and the eyes (both the colors and I think Tomoyo’s eyes are softer and kinder, this girl has very vivid eyes).


    • I noticed that too! XD But I don’t know if that was the photo that CLAMP based it on at all xD I just chose it because it was the only one I could find where she had a mic xD


  3. *O*

    The girl, at the illustration, is very beautiful *O* I am fall in love again… *O* I love all de characters, mostly the girls (XD), of the CLAMP! The girl remind Tomoyo… XD Fujii Chiho remind the draw too XD

    Bye ~


  4. CLAMP’s rendition of “Happy Ko” looks so adorable–it’s such a change from their illustrations for the Vocaloid video. XD I love it when they use traditional media for coloring instead of digital.


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