CLAMP amongst 50 Top-Selling Manga in Japan

Oricon announced a list of the 50 top-selling mangas in Japan from November 2008 to May 2009.

CLAMP appears in the list with 3 titles.

24 – XXXHOLiC #14 – 465,760 copies sold
38 – Tsubasa #25 – 332,338 copies sold
42 – Tsubasa #26 – 321,461 copies sold

XXXHOLiC #14 was the 3rd best-selling manga of Kodansha, only behind Saint Onii-san #3 and Vagabond #29.

Click here to view the full list.

Congratulations to CLAMP!! =D

18 thoughts on “CLAMP amongst 50 Top-Selling Manga in Japan

  1. Wai! I’m kind of surprised at how much better HOLiC did than TRC. I know HOLiC is popular in Japan, but I didn’t realise the difference was that much.

    I’m glad to see Bleach and FMA doing so well, too, since they’re favourites of mine! But that’s not much of a surprise.


    • Tsubasa has the deluxe edition, which divides sales as they are accounted separately, but can’t deny that since XXXHOLiC became an anime it got huge popularity =)

      And I think these numbers don’t include the OAD limited version, which makes it even more impressive.


  2. Thanks for the information. For me, it seems perfectly normal that xxxholic have better sales than Tsubasa in Japan. I beleive xxxholic is somehow more ‘japanese’ than Tsubasa, since it includes some traditional aspects/tales in the story, which may be more impressive for Japanese. Tsubasa is, I think, more popular in foreign areas.


    • You have a fair point, I think the folklore aspects of XXXHOLiC attracted the japanese.

      But that twist really happened half-way through XXXHOLiC, mainly when the anime began. In the beginning Tsubasa was more popular. But it’s great, as long as it’s CLAMP, regardless of which work xD


  3. Thanks for the news Yuuto-san. I’m always looking for numbers like these on anime news network. I think xxxHOLiC is more popular than TRC here on Brazil too, at least I know more people that buy it than TRC.
    I should say that I love xxxHOLiC most.


  4. Congratulations to CLAMP ! ^_^

    Really glad to see them in the top 50. Of course, the top 10 is taken by the Weekly Shonen Jump’s stars (Naruto, One Piece and Bleach) but I’m glad to see Fullmetal Alchemist as well. Not your usual Shonen, but so well written, well resharched and full of wonderfull characters. And Nana, a Josei! Seems out of place, but even if the author seems to enjoy torturing her charcters with badluck, I enjoy reading it.

    From 20 to 10, I’m glad Vagabond and Pluto made it. Inoue and Urasawa, their respoective authors, are very talented in story telling and in drawing. Astro Boy look like a real kid in Pluto. ^_^

    And Bakuman made it in the top 30! So happy! This manga published in Jump by the author of Death Note about young mangaka publishing in Jump is so interesting. Full of insight about how Japanese Manga industry is working. And so well written. ^_^

    With so many good manga titles released in Japan, I’m glad to see Clamp there. I would like them to get a higher position, but well, so may good series. ~_~


    • I looked the Comics Series classifications on the same web site , but it’s only a top 10. No CLAMP, mostly Shonen :

      1. One piece
      2. Bleach
      3. Naruto
      4. Fullmetal Alchemist

      But number 8 is 20th Century Boys. Finished at least two years ago! o.O Congratulation Urasawa!

      I would be very curious to see the top 50. Clamp could have a serie or two.


    • I know about Bakuman, I’ve read it myself XD It REALLY is interesting all the inside information about the manga industry =D

      By the way, check out this show, it covers the process of making manga, from picking the manuscript at the mangaka’s place until printing!

      I was shocked that the mangaka does not cut and paste his speeches! We know CLAMP do that. I wonder if that is a Jump policy (so the chapters are done faster) or if this mangaka is really lazy LOL


      • That’s probaly a Jump policy. Jump is famous for editor having a big say in anything published by their mangaka (are at least were). That’s why their the story line are often similar in many aspects. ^_~

        Amd thanks for the link! The guy in the begning look so much like Jack Sparrow. XD


        • That’s why I hope CLAMP never serializes anything in it. But knowning CLAMP, they probably wouldn’t.

          There’s a special episode in this show centered on Bakuman (they choose one Jump series every week). They went to Jump’s building to compare how close to reality the things in the manga are. You should see the similarities! There’s one editor, I think it’s Hattori, who looks exactly like the manga version!!


      • Answering it right now ^_~

        The romantic part is a little bit much, but it’s great to have an insight of the anime indcustries as well. So for now it’s a little bit too much, but I guess it going to be rewarding in the long course. ^_~


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