Kobato. anime article from Newtype July

This month’s issue of Newtype magazine carried a new article and illustration about the upcoming Kobato. TV anime adaptation.

Click on the image to be directed to the website, and click on the Original image (4.5 MB) link to check the scan in much higher resolution.

As always, thank you so much to Aurelia for letting me know about this ^^

The cast is yet to be announced, the anime starts in October.

28 thoughts on “Kobato. anime article from Newtype July

  1. Man, Sakura Tange would have done well as Kobato, now that she is kinda older. I’m just dreaming though.

    Anyways, way excited. I love Kobato and I will be watching this. Fraahh, I get to see Fujimoto animated. Gotta love him!


    • Well, Sakura Tange is no longer doing the seiyuu job as I found on wiki, so it seems there’s pretty low chance for her to be the seiyuu of Kobato. Anyway, I really hope to have great seiyuus in this anime ^___^


  2. Thank you very much for the heads up, the image is beautiful.

    I’m so excited to know the cast! ♥ I really hope all the characters will get a fitting voice.


  3. Kobato-chan looks so amazing cute! i love the shades in the picture, I just love… everything! *O* I can’t wait for the anime, i was thinking, maybe iwao junko may be the kobato’s voice… well she was the voice of tomoyo and kotori, isn’t it? and i wonder, who will be fujimoto’s vouice?
    like always, thanks so much chibiyuuto-san, you’re my hero


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