CLAMP draws for Vocaloid video (Updated)

CLAMP joined with Mihara Ichirou and Shinji Hosoe, both from the game developer company ARIKA, to create an original music video using the popular japanese software Vocaloid.

Quoting Wikipedia,

Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer application software developed by the Yamaha Corporation that enables users to synthesize singing by just typing in lyrics and melody.

Basically it’s a software that anyone can buy and make music. It has become really popular in Japan as of recently and people are uploading both covers of famous musicians and original materials on video-sharing websites such as NicoNico Douga and YouTube.

And it seems like CLAMP decided to make, or participate in, one of their own! The song is called Mugen no Yami(Infinite Darkness)―echo of the past[original] (無限の闇―echo of the past【オリジナル 】) and as the title says, it’s an original song.

CLAMP did the illustrations for the video, Mihara Ichirou from ARIKA did the animation and the music composition was in charge of Shinji Hosoe, who works with music composition for games. Nanase Ohkawa posted a message yesterday about the video on CLAMP-NET.COM.

The video originally appeared on Nico Nico Douga, but you can also watch it on YouTube:

You can download the video in MP4 format here.

I really liked this collaboration thing. The illustrations are gorgeous, I wish we could see them in their raw version. I really hope they do more of those, even if it apparently it was made just for fun ^^

Update: Reading the messages posted by CLAMP, they all said to be really happy about the video, that they had a great time “playing serious” (even though for that they said they had to reduce sleep time xD). Nanase Ohkawa and Mokona both said they wanted to do it again.

34 thoughts on “CLAMP draws for Vocaloid video (Updated)

  1. I know nothing about Vocaloid, but those drawings are gorgeous. ♥ They remind me a lot of the pictures CLAMP made for the Code Geass R2 EDs (though like you say, that’s probably partly because that girl resembles C.C. a little).


  2. I think I just fell in love with CLAMP even more. I thought that wasn’t possible, after all the time I’ve been looking at their stuff, but I guess I was wrong.

    The video’s so beautiful and delicate and gorgeous and just…awesome.


    • I don’t know…at 2:28 I’m not really reminded of Kobato, a little bit but not alot. Nunnally fits more to me.
      At first, I thought Clamp was drawing Himawari-chan.

      This whole video gives off an XXXHolic vibe to me. I can so totally imagine Miku being a customer at Yuuko’s shop. XD
      I searched Miku on Google and so many pics of her were all so happy. It’s just like Clamp to stray from that and draw her sad and in pain. ^^;


      • I thought of Himawari too! xD

        >It’s just like Clamp to stray from that and draw her sad and in pain. ^^;

        I know, right? XD Wrapped in ribbons and with wings made of flowers, that’s so CLAMP xD


      • If you dig deeper, you could find what you were looking for, such as here (standard warnings apply)!

        I’m actually surprised CLAMP only got into the Vocaloid scene very recently, since Miku and her siblings’ templates are pretty much made for CLAMP’s brand of storytelling.


        • >I’m actually surprised CLAMP only got into the Vocaloid scene very recently, since Miku and her siblings’ templates are pretty much made for CLAMP’s brand of storytelling.

          How so? I can’t really picture them in CLAMP…maybe in some of their older stories, but not their recent ones. ^^;


    • Yeah they still love what they do, and it’s great for us =) I remember reading the CLAMP interview from the Masters of Manga book in which the interviewer was really surprised that CLAMP seemed like 4 friends having fun drawing manga more than 4 woman who make a living out of drawing manga.


      • Yep!
        In the past few months I’ve become really addicted to Vocaloid, I love the huge amount of talent that goes into it, since nearly everything is made by fans… really great songs, and beautiful artwork…. and now even Clamp have drawn Miku 😀

        I myself have cosplayed twice from Vocaloid now too :3


  3. So beautiful, there are a lot of vocaloid vids with illustrations by random artists xD but CLAMP *O* it’s like having the best mangakas doing illustrations for your video LOL xDDD

    This Miku surpass ‘the world is mine’ illustration 😛 IMHO

    Thank you n_n


  4. Miku looks a lot like Suu of clover i liked the drawings miku looks much more mature, Hope this songs and video or a costume of this video makes its way to Project Diva *_*


  5. This is the first time I know about Vocaloid. No wonder the song is a bit…. flat. LOL I was wondering why the song sounds so similar with emotionless pdf reader voice. ROF LOL
    I like the girl XDD She’s gorgeous. Oh well, but I’m a whore fan to any of their illustration. :p As usual, any of Clamp’s dark character is beautiful and mysterious but somehow look sad and intimidating. ^^


  6. Kawaiii

    Nossa, esse vídeo é maravilhoso!!!!! *O* A garota é muito linda! *O* A CLAMP sempre faz garotas bonitas *O* Essa, a Kobato e a Tomoyo sao as principais *O* Espero q a Clamp fassa um anime futuramente com ela *O* Bem, eu vo indo ^-^ Bye ~


  7. OMFG !!

    Miku Hatsune by Clamp !! O__o
    I can die now !! She’s gorgeous !! (I don’t like the music thought… Dark Wood Circus, conbini and Cantarella are simply the best)


    • Re: OMFG !!

      The drums and synth effects ruined the gothic ambiance. Should’ve stuck to neoclassical. Otherwise the song is as beautiful as the visuals, and does fit the mood somewhat.


  8. Dialaurel

    This song doesn’t sound that appealing at first, but for some reason it has been stuck in my head for quite a while now. I can’t stop listening to it. XD

    I don’t know if anybody has done this yet, but here is my (phailed) attempt at translating this song.

    [Hatsune Miku] Infinite darkness – Echo of the past

    tateta tsume
    The fingernail that rose up

    akaku somu
    is dyed into red

    tsumu ga reta
    toke no yume
    in the memory of twisted thorn

    kotonoha wa
    The words are

    零れ 消え
    kobore kie
    overflowing and disappearing


    saiwai o
    [Happiness] is

    tojita hako
    sealed away

    neji no yume
    in the memory of repeating spiral

    getsuei wa
    moonbeam is

    陰 深く
    kage fukaku
    strengthening its shadow

    kuchiru watashi no kokoro o
    my rotting heart

    kate ni shite
    is savouring

    咲き誇れ 花
    sakihokore hana
    the full bloom blossom

    mabuta fusakeba
    if I close my eyes

    mugen no yami
    eternal darkness

    (y)ama yakanaru
    might become a sweet

    hitsugi yo

    ————————(Full Version Only – ここから)

    shiroi yubi
    white finger

    saku shijima
    tearing apart the silence

    hi no you na
    shusu no yume
    in the memory of a flame-like satin

    sigh 「永遠」は
    SIGH towa wa
    sigh [Eternity] is

    utakata e
    towards a transient


    sayonara de
    by saying goodbye

    dekita buuke
    the flower bouquet can be

    kare hateta
    iro no yume
    in the memory of a withering dead color

    katsubou wa
    craving is

    遠き 声
    tooki koe
    a distant voice

    chiji ni chiri yuku
    scattered into thousands

    itsuka no omoi
    desire of no matter what time

    欠片の痛み 乗せ
    kakera no itami nose
    fragments of grief

    katsute no ai no
    the love I once had

    nani ga toga na noka
    I cannot blame on anything

    nejireta mama
    into this twisted state

    I fall down

    ————————(Full Version Only – ここまで)

    rakudo no hate ni
    at the end of the paradise

    消えてゆく echo
    kiete yuku ECHO
    disappearing echo

    彷徨いの echo
    samayoi no ECHO
    wandering echo

    so sweet dream sweet pain ―echo


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