Ohkawa on Kobato. anime: “Can’t tell yet”

Fresh news from the CLAMP Talk Show that was held in Tokyo yesterday, at the CLAMP in CARDLAND 2nd Official Event.

When asked about Kobato. anime, Ohkawa said that she “can’t tell yet” any information about it.

Exciting ^_~

More information on CLAMP’s Talk Show and the possibility of a Kobato. anime as they come, stay tuned!

21 thoughts on “Ohkawa on Kobato. anime: “Can’t tell yet”

  1. Interesting, thanks for the info. 🙂 I don’t want to get my hopes too high yet, but it would indeed be great if Kobato was to be animated. Btw, has CLAMP ever said anything about how many Kobato manga volumes they’re planning to make?


    • Yeah, we shouldn’t be so hyper yet, but something big is coming for Kobato., that’s for sure.

      >Btw, has CLAMP ever said anything about how many Kobato manga volumes they’re planning to make?

      No, they never said anything about its length.


  2. Ughh…
    I never thought I would ever say such a thing but I’m not THAT happy about it: I still believe there is far too little manga material to make a Kobato anime, and I would hate to get a TV series full of fillers and, very likely, an original ending…
    Well, in CCS case I definitely don’t complain about the original ending…but the manga was FAR more advanced then Kobato is!!
    On another part, seeing Kobato and Fujimoto animated sure would be a pleasure for the eyes.


    • Well, I don’t think it’s animation for TV. My money is all on a music video.

      I wouldn’t want a TV Anime so soon if it were to have lots of original episodes. If the manga will be longer than 10 volumes, it’s simply way too soon to start a TV Anime.

      It is true, however, that Madhouse and Ohkawa together did MAGIC with CCS anime in spite of its many original episodes (which were as great as the others)


  3. Seriously, if Kobato gets an anime I will cry. Because you know I really want *other* CLAMP projects to get some attention, ahem. I have almost lost all my hopes concerning GD T.T


      • I hope your right about GD once Holic is over >.> it’s been SO long, though they do keep adding GD art to their boards don’t they?

        as for Kobato the anime, it’s be lovely but I do agree we need more manga before I’d like to see the anime. the music video would make me happy but it’d be like Wish. I wanted an anime for that so bad >.< even if it was an ova.


  4. Well if that happens it will be not the first time that a CLAMP manga is still published and the anime is aired. For the positive thing about this, it is that we can see animated all the characters but the negative thing is that since the manga doesn’t have a lot of material, the risk of another Tsubasa anime 2nd Season case can happen >.< Except that Ohkawa is completely involved in the project, THAT would be great! that's she can't tell, I know ò___ó. Also, there is the possibility of a movie like in Miyuki-chan in wonderland that a little story could be adapted perfectly. For now we have to wait and see XDDDD


    • Yeah, I agree that a TV anime is way too soon.

      What they might is release some other sort of animation, to “test” it, if you know what mean.

      If the reception is good, is one step closer for a TV anime in the future.

      That’s what I think about it ^^


      • Yeah, always business and marketing first XDDDDD

        OK right now we have three possibilities

        TV anime
        Right now: it is too soon to make one since there is a lack of material and bad planned original chapter is a big risk. Also it will be short like 13 chapters and that’s much to say.

        Two years in the future: it is a more accurate idea, and if they are going to start the publicity at this moment, then the project must be totally promising, like a videogame that you are able to wait until it’s out because you’re really excited about it.

        Short Movie
        Here are two possibilities:

        One being loyal to the manga. However, I think Kobato deserves more than a summarized and incomplete movie.

        One with an original story. Like in the case of xxxHOLiC movie, the story is not inside the manga but it served to show the characters animated, present them to people that didn’t read the manga, and in some way it was a test of if there is a possibilities to become an anime.

        A music video
        Like in Wish it served to show the characters but to capture the public that haven’t read the manga is more difficult than a short movie, because of the lack of time and the absence of dialogs. Therefore, it must be really impressive to convince the people that they want more.

        So it’s time to put your bets!


  5. I’m somewhat sceptical on a whole Kobato anime series, since the story hasn’t exactly been that developed yet. Maybe a music video like Clover or an OVA at most.

    I’d feel sorry for the animators though – according to Newtype, they really went through hell animating Kobato’s hair flying all over the place for CLAMP in Wonderland 2.


  6. Nah…

    Long time no post Yuuto-san *SMASHES FRANTICALLY*

    I hope that the team that handles Kobato can do something very light-hearted, funny and MUCH MORE fast-paced than the manga… Kobato is just so slow… Something really breathtaking, like Karekano, Ouran, or even Fruits Basket. I hope they choose a good studio. Madhouse is okay, but I think they’re better off doing gloomy animes.

    Not particularly excited. But I’m usually surprised when I have no expectations, like Mouryou no Hako, that proved worthy the time in front of the screen.

    I wouldn’t like to see just a manga adaptation (xxxHOLiC bored me to death on certain points). I’d like to see something else… But that’s just me in the front row with popcorn again, getting to see something that really surprises and entangles me – and no anime has done that to me since Satoshi Kon’s “Paprika”.

    Well, Mouryou no Hako impressed me, but Japanese studios really know how to screw up good scripts in the last episode, so I’m waiting for the end of the series to give a truthful verredict.

    Always yours,




    • Re: Nah…

      Oh,BTW, I wouldn’t expect a TV series… a music video… OAD at most. Kobato is not that strong to hold a decent amount of audience. Unless things have really changed on the past chapters (which I still haven’t read)…


  7. KYAAA!!!! My God how they love to tease us!!! XDDDD
    Even though Kobato anime would totally be Love… I have to agree with what several have already said:

    .- First…. They need more manga to make the animated version [a music video might be more appropriate… or maybe like you said in a previous post… they’ll just announce that there will be an anime… but… in 2010 or something like that]

    .- and second…I want them to pay attention to their unfinished works too!!!! [Specially Gouhou Drug!!!! (Fanservice Ruuuuuuules *¬*) (I want X to be finished too but… I have less hopes on that one)]

    Thank You for the news!!!


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