Nanase Ohkawa to write XXXHOLiC Shunmuki Theme Song

December 26, 2008: Please read the Erratum for this post.


Hobby Channel released their version of the XXXHOLiC Shunmuki press conference and while the content is very similar to Presepe’s one (the one I posted a while back), there is one new and very interesting information in Hobby Channel’s.

According to them, Nanase Ohkawa is in charge of writing the lyrics of XXXHOLiC Shunmuki’s theme song!

Quoted from the article:


According to CLAMP’s Ohkawa-sensei, preparations for the script have started, the theme song is being prepared as well.

That’s amazing news! The last song she wrote for a CLAMP anime was Ningyo Hime, Chobits’ 2nd ending theme, in 2002.

Now, I wonder if Suga Shikao will perform any songs for this OAD. He recently released a new album, could he really release a new single by February? Also, Suga Shikao is known for writing, composing and producing his own songs, could he sing a song whose lyrics were written by someone else?

Unless, by “theme song”, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be the opening theme. Saigo no Kajitsu is considered the main theme of Tokyo Revelations and yet, it plays in the ending.

Great news! I’ll be looking forward to it, whatever it is!

11 thoughts on “Nanase Ohkawa to write XXXHOLiC Shunmuki Theme Song

  1. this gave me hell of a big scare.. i though the word is about Tsubasa >_< and i can't forget teh misprint on official site at the beginning stating FictionJunction YUUKA wil do the music (i still think the duo will do at least one song for Tsubasa this time). And just a small possibility that Yuuka might sing a lyrics done by someone else that Kajiura makes me mad -.- …. reading twice made me feel better XD
    My bets are that one of the voice actors will sing it as i find it hardly imaginable that Shuga Shikao would do so since he's obviously not a person to dedicate lots of his work to anime. So one of the seiyuus is more likable.. or ALI PROJECT which again is not highly likable. They released one single in this week and album is coming up in a month i think so still.. a seiyuu XD


    • Isn’t FictionJunction YUUKA working for this OAD as well? I think she is O.o

      I think the reason Suga Shikao might not do it is not because it’s for an anime (he really liked XXXHOLiC XD), I think it might be because he just released a new album. But that was in September, so maybe a new single for Feb/March isn’t that impossible.


      • nop not for xxxHOLiC .. though in Kajiura fandom people hope anyway. In fact lots of them wish she’d make BGM for xxxHOLiC OAD as Kara no Kyoukai x Le Portrait de Petit Cossette would really suit xxxHOLiC (and it seems a lot of people fancy those two OSTS – sure i’m one of them XD). I doubt that Kajiura will be involved in in xxxHOLiC since she was not so far and no new tracks were made for last Tsubasa OAD (accept for OP synchronicity). Anyway i think that FJY will make some insert songs or op/ed (i forgot what will maaya sing again >_


  2. Wow, I didn’t know that Ohkawa wrote Ningyo Hime lyrics! :O
    are there any songs that she wrote?

    I’ve been wondering about Shunmuki theme songs since they announced Shunraiki opening theme first. ^^


    • Yes, there are quite a few songs she wrote for CCS, MKR, not to mention all the Drama CDs of Tokyo Babylon, RG Veda, Duklyon, 20 Mensho ni Onegai!!, CCD and many more.

      Also the songs for CLAMP IN WONDERLAND 1 were done by her.

      But I think Ningyo Hime is the only ending song that she wrote (I might be wrong, though).


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