More CLAMP in CARDLAND 6th Series Info

This week’s update of CLAMP in CARDLAND’s official website announces the 6th series package illustration, in all its RPG glory:

Click to enlarge it.

Very cool! I really liked it. Watanuki looks so cool xD

And while bigger scans don’t show up, here are slightly bigger versions of the Point and Secret Cards from Series 5, which went on sale today in Japan:

(Sorry for the size. Maybe I should put it behind a cut? ^^;;; Sorry if it’s causing any chaos in your Friends page).

On the left, Point Card Time to Play with Snow, on the right, Secret Card Time to Admire Snow.

The website also has a very brief report of the 2nd Official Event that was held in Tokyo on the last 23. It doesn’t cover CLAMP’s Talk Show, unfortunately.

The 6th Series of CLAMP in CARDLAND goes on sale in February.

34 thoughts on “More CLAMP in CARDLAND 6th Series Info

  1. Olá, Chibiyuuto!!

    Thanks for this update!! Sakura looks lovely and Seishirou is adorable!! *___*

    And that CLAMP in CARDLAND ad speaks for itself.

    Thanks for sharing! :D/


  2. YAY!Thanks for a bigger version of SS card ^____________^ And LOL! yes, that cardland iamge is very RPG-ish, but Mokona with a PINK princes dress is TOO cracktastic!!!!!!!! XDDDDDD


    • You’re welcome ♥ Subaru looks adorable XDD

      >but Mokona with a PINK princes dress is TOO cracktastic!!!!!!!! XDDDDDD

      YES! I can totally see CLAMP giggling while drawing it XDDDDD


  3. Thank you very much for posting this! ♥

    I can’t stop laughing at Mokona in a dress… It’s so cute! The whole picture’s adorable, I wish they made it into a poster or something.


  4. Fai made ma laugh for some reason….idk. But this is an awesome picture. When i heard it as RP i was a bit worried but i actually like this a lot. I hope we can get a good image later without all the advertising over it.

    Soel looks so happy as a princess XD

    I think i hear the plot-bunnies gathering in the distance… >.>


  5. Watanuki?! O_O Oh my… he’s somehow similar to Clow… -.-” I don’t how to explain, but the resemblance…. oh my….

    And the snow bunny in Sakura’s hand! >__< *fighting the urge to snatch it away*


  6. Oh noes~! My Friends page~! Chaos~~! Dx!! Naw, I’m just joking. 😀

    Thank you for posting! Pictures, pictures, WATANUKI-KUN~! Kimi wa hontou ni sugosugiru yo, Watanuki-kun~ Though, both his eyes are the same colour.. Maa, ii ka. ^^ And Fay + eye patch = happy? \o/ CLAMP makes me melt.

    And yay, (slightly) bigger picture of the cards! I need me Seishirou-sama~~


  7. Subaru’s lashes really make him look like a girl. *lol* And why does he have to look worried?! I want some smex in my Subaru, hotdammit! I still like Seishirou’s outfit and his messy hairdo. XD


    • Thanks for constanly updating and sharing the goodies you find. It’s about time that DxW were shown together.^ ^ Once again Watanuki is shown having blue eyes though. I wonder if the mangaka’s forget how the story has been written?


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