A quickie one!

cutesherry-san has scanned (EDITED on 31/01/2009: scans no longer available) the goodies that come with the limited CLAMP in CARDLAND PARTICULAR BOX. It includes scans of the cover (new illustration) and the two clear files featuring Kamui & Subaru and Vampire Fye. She also scanned things from the 5th Series.

Make sure to check out these rare illustrations in high resolution! And make sure to thank her ^_~

EDIT: As of today, the scans are available again at =)


11 thoughts on “CLAMP in CARDLAND PARTICULAR BOX Scans (Updated)

  1. Thank you my friend (chibiyuuto and cute-sherry) for sharing great picture from clamp. Always waiting for new illustration from Clamp. ^_^
    *Ohhh, why there is no clamp 2009 calendar. I want it. XDDD

    Best regard,



  2. Thank you so much as always for providing these wonderful bits of news, especially for the updates in status on Gouhou Drug, X, and CLAMP’s schedule. You are a life saver. 😀

    Pertaining to this particular entry, I wanted to let you know that the scanned link says forbidden, and when I went to cutesherry’s main page, I didn’t see a scan post listed that appeared to match up to this. I really, really wanted to view them in high resolution. Do you happen to know if the post moved to another location, was privacy locked, or completely removed? I’ll be crushed if I didn’t get to this post in time. *sighs*


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