CLAMP in CARDLAND 5 Special Cards

I didn’t expect these to be revealed so soon!

Here’s a preview from the special cards of CLAMP in CARDLAND Series 5, from this week’s official website update:

The one from the left is the Point Card and the one from the right, Secret Card.

I thought Ashura would be grown up, for some reason ^^ And there you have it, Subaru and Seishirou in all their Tokyo Babylon glory *niko*

The 5th Series of CLAMP in CARDLAND will be released in November.

On a quick note, ICv2 interviewed Dark Horse CEO Mike Richardson and you can read the interview here. There isn’t anything new about CLAMP, but here’s the part where he talks about their future project:

What are you most excited about that’s coming from Dark Horse in 2009?

There’s a lot of things. Right now we’re really focused on bringing Clamp to America in a new way. We’re very excited about our relationship with them. When you talk about how to reach new readers, or keep readers in the marketplace–particularly female readers–you try to look for properties and talent that could help keep them interested. Clamp is huge; Clamp is responsible for some of the biggest manga and anime titles of all time. They’re very huge, and it’s a huge event for our company.

We’ve come up with a program that is very different from what’s out there, and I think is perfect for these economic times and more closely mirrors how material is released in Japan. Not to mention the fact that we’re releasing it worldwide, which has never been done. Usually the material comes out and then it’s licensed country by country. There are a lot of exciting parts to this, and we’re very excited to be working with them.

The Mangettes project will be launched in August, 2009.


21 thoughts on “CLAMP in CARDLAND 5 Special Cards

  1. My!
    I just went on the official website yesterday (or was it the day before?) and there was nothing new, seems like I missed the update for 1-2 days ^^;;
    The secret and point cards are both nice 🙂 I think CCS|Sakura hair is too dark though.

    The interview is really quite interesting, thanks for sharing it!
    That said, I’m really curious to see what story could Clamp have plotted, and in which they’ve got so much confidence that they would make a worldwide release of it o__O


    • Ah, and something else (which got nothing to do with this thread…), is it a sure thing already that there won’t be a TRC/Holic 2009 calendar, or can we still hope?
      It would be such a shame if there won’t be one, since it’s likely the last year, since both series will end in the next coming months…


  2. Hm, I’d have preferred if Subaru and Seishirou weren’t from Tokyo Babylon (Seishirou’s smile is therefore fake, and that makes the card less enjoyable to me), but it’s still really cute. Seishirou looks a lot like TRC!Fuuma. And gosh, why do I think it’s the funniest thing ever that Seishirou is wearing a scarf? That seems to be so … uh, casual. XD


  3. Olá, Chibiyuuto!
    A wonderful image for the cards, thanks for the heads up! Seishirou and Subaru look great!

    On a side note, I’m really behind on Holic and TRC but is fantastic to have your comments back!

    See you around! :D/


  4. I saw Hokuto and Fuuma before realising it were Seishirô and Subaru >w<
    I like little Ashura with girls ♥
    Sakura-chan is a lot drawn currently ♥ I am happy !
    (but, I want to see the faces of Mummy Sakura and Daddy Shaolan in TRC…I hope it won't be like Chobits when we can just guess it was Icchan without never see his face drawn T_T).


  5. I gasped so hard! Suuubaaarrruuuuuu~~~ And Sei-chan and Watanuki ;___;

    If I don’t have a bigger version of this, I…t-think I might cry, it’s too gorgeous, I must have it…! *______*

    Thank you for sharing as always, chibiyuuto-san ^_^ *cough* Please tell me if someone manages to find a bigger version >///< *cough*


  6. OOOHhh 8D Sei-chan and Subaru-kun!! ‘Hontouni kawaii desune’!XD When I first saw the picture I said: oh Touya!!, and then I realized it was Seishirou-san with the scarf!! XD
    Can`t wait to see a bigger version of it! Thank you so much for uploading this pretty card 🙂


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