For Brazilians: JBC to release Miyuki-chan in Wonderland

Being a Brazilian myself, I just had to post this news for my Brazilian readership =)

JBC announced that they will be publishing CLAMP’s Miyuki-chan in Wonderland!

The Brazilian version will be released in a 13,5 x 20,5 cm format and will come with the original 24 colored pages, for the price of R$ 14,90. The release date is scheduled for May 28.

The manga will be the first CLAMP title to be published under the JBC Graphic Novel label.

This is the 9th CLAMP title to be published in Brazil, no other manga artist has had as many works published in Brazil as CLAMP.

Very very happy with this news =) I wasn’t expecting new CLAMP releases while Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC were still being published. That’s really great news (3 CLAMP titles released in the same month, wow!). This new label for Graphic Novels opens the possibility of publishing CLOVER the way it deserves to be published, I hope?

And many thanks for my pal Douglas for letting me know about this! 😉


19 thoughts on “For Brazilians: JBC to release Miyuki-chan in Wonderland

        • Oh I’m enjoying their works in Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC D=

          I’m only a bit bothered with “Senhor Syaoran” (and all the other Senhores). That for me is hard to swallow.

          But other than that, I am very pleased with it =)

          I do think that printing quality should be raised a lot, but JBC claims it’s not their fault. Let’s see how much better these graphic novels are. Seems to be better than their normal manga publications. If it’s really good, I wish all the upcoming CLAMP titles will be released in that format xD


  1. It should be published here in Italy too o_O” I wonder when,as they said they were publishing it in february,but they’re late as alwaysssss =______=


  2. In Italy will be published with color pages at a price of 6.50 €, about $ 5.80… I noticed that the prices are expensive in other country 😛


  3. oh my f* God…
    -> Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (6,90)
    -> xxxHolic(6,90?)
    -> Full Metal Alchemist(6,90)
    -> D.Gray-Man(10,90)
    -> Mahou Sensei Negima(6,90)
    -> Hunter x Hunter(10,90)
    -> Miyuki-chan in wondeland (14,90)

    …I need a job,now *sobs*

    [Portuguese. My english sucks >_>]
    (lol mas acabei de assistir o filme de Alice do Tim Burton,e amei com todo meu coração.A JBC nojenta publicando Miyuki-chan in wonderland veio em boa hora XD )


  4. Obrigada! Estou sem passar na banca há algumas semanas, vou amanhã comprar Miyuki-chan. 😀 Se um dia tivermos CLOVER impresso da forma que merece vou dar pulos de alegria.

    (E uma pergunta: em SP é mais fácil comprar manga de uma tacada só em vez de comprar mensalmente? Minha coleção de TRC não está completa, e no Rio é um saco achar volumes antigos ou séries completas. Se for mais fácil em SP vou procurar próxima vez que estiver aí.)


    • Em SP tem o bairro da Liberdade e a Comix =)

      Na Liberdade, principalmente na livraria Fonomag, eles tem todo o acervo de edições brasileiras lançadas. Não sei se eles dão desconto se você comprar muitos de uma vez, mas lá é o lugar para completar a coleção.

      Na Comix tb!


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