XXXHOLiC Rou One-shot (Updated)

This week’s issue of Shonen Magazine comes with a XXXHOLiC Rou one-shot that can be downloaded here (shared by assistantsensei).

Update: MediaFire mirror (thanks to flowright)

26 pages? =D It was first announced as 16 pages, not that I’m complaining!

The Tsubasa gang somehow obvious (hello? It’s Shonen Magazine) and yet I didn’t foresee it. I feel stupid xD

The Mokonas meeting again was the best part IMO xD It really took a very long time to happen.

Syaoran looks a bit weird in some frames…

That’s all I can talk right now, having not read the translations yet. I’m curious about it… seems like the power of White Mokona is now drawn out of Watanuki?

I wonder if this one-shot will be collected in a future XXXHOLiC tankoubon, artbook or guidebook.


42 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC Rou One-shot (Updated)

  1. >I wonder if this one-shot will be collected in a future XXXHOLiC tankoubon, artbook or guidebook.

    My thought exactly! Or is it going to become one of the many things that will never be seen out of Japan? ^^;;
    That said, it’s really a mystery to me why xxxHolic never got an artbook in 7 years of serialization @__@ It’s not like there isn’t enough Art or its popularity wasn’t good either. I’m not worried though, they will release one at some point or another for sure~

    MokonaxMokona was pure Love XD

    I don’t really know what they discussed about in this chapter, but I don’t think it was anything too important for the Story Plot; it’s just a feeling though, I could be wrong, evidently, I don’t read japanese after all ^^;


    • I think the plan was to release an artbook when XXXHOLiC was finished around volume 16 or less. But it got longer so they are probably holding the release for when the series ends for real.

      I’m not sure if there is going to be two or only one artbook though o.o


  2. What Wata did was some magic… thing, so that the chances of Syaoran & co landing on Sakura’s world would increase o/ That’s why Syao’s all 8DDD at him as they’re leaving. Wata’d asked Syao if he had been able to meet Sakura already and he says not yet, but that he definitely will.

    Syao also asked about the price, but apparently he’d already paid for that by arriving? and helping Wata figure out what symbol to draw or something like that. N-not so sure about that part |D;a


    • Neremind, was kind enough to reupload it. ^^

      I died a happy fangirl death. ;w; Looks like CLAMP hasn’t forgotten about their TRC fans…it’s so nice to see them again, skjdghksjdhg! TxT And Watanuki at the end —not gonna spoil it for you. x3
      This chapter put the crown on my already wonderful day. ♥


      • I’m so sorry I was late to help you =_= *shameful* But glad you could download it =)

        I think from now on they will using that argument a lot, that they are traveling characters so they can appear in any of their works xD

        >This chapter put the crown on my already wonderful day. ♥

        That’s a nice CLAMP expression xD


  3. >>>One last thing, dose anyone know if, and if so where, the outfit that Watanuki is wearing on the last pages has been shown before? It seems really familiar somehow. I’m sure I’ve seen it somewhere before.

    It looks an awful lot like the dress that Yuuko wore when she was meeting with the Tsubasa gang for the first time…Even the angle in the last panel is the same as the panel where Yuuko was wishing them luck X3


  4. About 520 days have passed since the ending of Tsubasa.
    Yet, obviously, they notice Watanuki has aged much more.
    Interesting treat to find out how long the Tsubasa troop has been traveling. ^^


    • Just read that… but at the same time, 4 years have passed in XXXHOLiC, and 520 days is not 4 years xD I guess they are considering their own time, which is different since time differs in each dimension.


      • Yeah, Fai and Kurogane were saying “for them” it’s 520 days, but maybe longer for Watanuki (they know that longer time has passed for Watanuki).


  5. I read the translation and wait a minute, Shaoran left the glasses that Watanuki is now using? Huh, I thought those were supposed to be Clow’s glasses, and I find it interesting that Watanuki’s signature looks so much like the TRC logo.


    • Huh, maybe just a translations difference but I understood that line like… “Also, the glasses you kept for me got broken, sorry. I found these in the storeroom though.” So I thought he meant Watanuki’s glasses, the ones that he lost when crossing over to dream with Sakura’s soul, that were given back to him by Syaoran when suffering Fei Wang’s final curse that got broken in the last chapter, causing him to find Clow’s glasses.


      • I think that’s what it meant also actually (especially since the glasses look so much like Clows and we haven’t met a version of Shaoran yet that wore glasses at all). CLAMP is confusing at the best of times, and this is why I love to read both scanlations and the official ones, multiple points of view are a must for these things.


  6. Lovely one-shot. I thought it was hilarious how Watanuki had a bat on his outfit! Is it halloween at holic world?


    • That wasn’t just a funny bat outfit, that symbol with the bat and the moon has been shown about a thousand times, as if it had some significance. I wonder if it would ever be explained.


  7. Sugoi! Ureshi desu~! XD

    I missed Tsubasa ever since! ;_; i’m glad that CLAMP-sama are making a nice treat for us. 😀 can’t wait for translations~

    Now let the xxxHolic goodies BEGIN! XD


  8. THANK YOU!!!

    Also, did anyone notice that Fay’s hair is growing longer then from the last time we saw him….how much longer will he grow it out I wonder?


    Tsubasa looks taller and a little bit older.

    The Mokona’s so cute to see each other agian.

    Also, Kurogane was cool as normal…lol


  9. Spoilers

    Things that stuck out to me. I stared at the Watanuki in his last outfit and went “are you wearing a dress with pants underneath?” because it looks like he is being very creative on raiding Yuuko’s closet.

    Watanuki tells Sharan “you left the glasses” and yet, I thought they were Clow’s…they had his sceal and Yuuko’s..though i think we’re all missing something..

    and Kurogane smiling makes me happy and has me wondering what’s been going on for the last year and some days to make him so happy. Fai and him are nice to each other o.o I love it!

    And Watanuki, the signature looks nothing like your name, to me…maybe i need to look harder?


  10. Ohhh! I just had a really massive fangirling attack!! *SQUEEE~* Asdf, it’s hard to type when you’re bouncing off the walls. This was the greatest, cutest and most EVERYTHING-EST chapter of ANYTHING I’ve read for a long time!


  11. Scanlation is up btw:

    So glad to see the Tsubasa gang again! You’ve gotta love CLAMP for their deviousness in being able to insert them back into their current works (though I do wish Sakura could (somehow) be there as well! and almost one and a half years since they last went to Clow country ;__;)

    I particularly liked Wata’s signature =) And the parallels with Yuuko’s farewell (comparison:


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