GATE 7 #1 in Japan and around the world!

CLAMP-NET.COM announced that the first volume of GATE 7 will be released in Japan on June 3 costing 460 yens.

Also, looks like the international release plans for GATE 7 are finally taking shape. CLAMP-NET.COM posted a list of countries where GATE 7 will be published on a semi-simultaneous way.

I’ll be reposting here the info from clamp_now, which translates what CLAMP’s official website says:

Countries where it is serialized in a magazine:

South Korea
* “Booking” Magazine (Tsuruyama Culture Company)
* December 2010 (Prologue)
* Series start in April 2011

* 新少年快報別冊 Magazine (東立出版)
* January 2011 (Prologue)
* Series start in April 2011

Hong Kong
* 新少年 Magazine (香港東立出版社)
* Series start in April 2011

* Animeland Magazine (Anime Manga Presse)
* December 2010 (Prologue)
* March-June 2011 limited time series

Tankoubon publication (released summer 2011)

South Korea (鶴山文化社)
Taiwan (東立出版社)
Hong Kong (香港東立出版社)
France (Viz Media Europe)
United States (Dark Horse Comics)
Brazil (New Pop)
Germany (EMA)
Spain (NORMA Editorial)

(Information as of April 2011)

Very happy to see this coming to life! It won’t be as simultaneous in the US as first announced by Dark Horse, it seems like they will be publishing the tankoubons only, shortly after the original Japanese release date, at least. But countries like South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong will be publishing the manga in series format (followed by a tankoubon release). I don’t understand France’s case… will the serialization happen for a limited time only? Until Chapter 3? After that, only tankoubon releases? It’s not clear for me.

As a Brazilian, I’m very happy and proud (and a bit surprised) to see that Brazil is on the list! I’m also surprised, however, that for the first time a CLAMP title will not be published by JBC, but New Pop instead. I don’t know New Pop’s work, what do my fellow Brazilian readers have to say about them?

The tankoubon releases are all planned for summer 2011, which is pretty shortly after the Japanese release date (June 3). Let’s hope they stick to this calendar =)