GATE 7 #1 in Japan and around the world!

CLAMP-NET.COM announced that the first volume of GATE 7 will be released in Japan on June 3 costing 460 yens.

Also, looks like the international release plans for GATE 7 are finally taking shape. CLAMP-NET.COM posted a list of countries where GATE 7 will be published on a semi-simultaneous way.

I’ll be reposting here the info from clamp_now, which translates what CLAMP’s official website says:

Countries where it is serialized in a magazine:

South Korea
* “Booking” Magazine (Tsuruyama Culture Company)
* December 2010 (Prologue)
* Series start in April 2011

* 新少年快報別冊 Magazine (東立出版)
* January 2011 (Prologue)
* Series start in April 2011

Hong Kong
* 新少年 Magazine (香港東立出版社)
* Series start in April 2011

* Animeland Magazine (Anime Manga Presse)
* December 2010 (Prologue)
* March-June 2011 limited time series

Tankoubon publication (released summer 2011)

South Korea (鶴山文化社)
Taiwan (東立出版社)
Hong Kong (香港東立出版社)
France (Viz Media Europe)
United States (Dark Horse Comics)
Brazil (New Pop)
Germany (EMA)
Spain (NORMA Editorial)

(Information as of April 2011)

Very happy to see this coming to life! It won’t be as simultaneous in the US as first announced by Dark Horse, it seems like they will be publishing the tankoubons only, shortly after the original Japanese release date, at least. But countries like South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong will be publishing the manga in series format (followed by a tankoubon release). I don’t understand France’s case… will the serialization happen for a limited time only? Until Chapter 3? After that, only tankoubon releases? It’s not clear for me.

As a Brazilian, I’m very happy and proud (and a bit surprised) to see that Brazil is on the list! I’m also surprised, however, that for the first time a CLAMP title will not be published by JBC, but New Pop instead. I don’t know New Pop’s work, what do my fellow Brazilian readers have to say about them?

The tankoubon releases are all planned for summer 2011, which is pretty shortly after the Japanese release date (June 3). Let’s hope they stick to this calendar =)


28 thoughts on “GATE 7 #1 in Japan and around the world!

  1. Thank you for your review! I read some other opinions and it looks like it’s a unanimity: good paper quality but poor translation work.

    Pity, I can only hope that it’ll be different for GATE 7 =/

    I don’t like JBC’s half tanks either… but I like their translations =)


    • I hope so =/

      I don’t like JBC’s translation because they adapt ‘san’ to ‘senhor’. I really don’t like it, and what the hell the did to Tenho Tenje and Fairy Tail? BRIGGS IS THE WORST TRANSLATOR EVER! It’s like this: Japanese> ‘Stop it, man.’ Briggs’ translation> ‘Nossa, para com isso, cara! Não viaja!’
      He ruined FT ¬¬’
      And the quality is not that good too… Well, I prefer Panini’s because of the colored interior covers.

      I think with Gate 7 will be different, since they already announced it. They probably already have a japanese translator responsible for this manga ^^


  2. Hi!
    I’m french and i think that every chapters of the first book will be divided in 2 parts and published wih the magazine(at least that’s how they’ve explained it so far). After that we’ll only have the mangas as books.
    Hope I’ve been clear. (my english is quite bad ^^)
    Love your blog, always with the latest news about CLAMP.


    • Thanks for the info! Pity that it won’t be serialized, but it’s understandable (it would be costy I think).

      One more question, is Viz Media Europe associated with KAZE?


      • I don’t know if Viz Media Europe is associated with Kaze. But Gate 7 is published by Kaze manga for sure.

        I’ll try to explain with my poor English the situation. Raphael Pennes, editor of Kaze for Gate 7, explains that to compete again the actual french publishing firms of CLAMP (Pika and Tonkam), he had to propose a new and ambitious project. It involves a free simulcast for the one-shot, and prepublication for the serie… but it’s the first time a manga is published this way (without prepublication magazine), so it’s a test to see if it is successfull, it would be extended to other manga in the future. They want by this way fight against scantrad.

        So for Gate 7, it is only for the half of the forst tankobon, but I’m very happy to discover this serie in French (I usually read raws and buy french and japanese tankobon). It is the forst time in France we can read so quickly a new japanese serie (so glad it’s a CLAMP manga !).

        PS : in the interview, we have also learned that CLAMP involves themselves in the french release of Gate 7, they check all color parts of the manga (illustration, manga, logo, etc..) and they tell the traductor which term have to be translated or not, and when they want there are explanations on the japanese terms ^^ I’m very glad of that, it’s very respectful of the french readership.


        • Thanks a lot for the clarification! I think it’s very nice indeed that CLAMP is so involved in this… after all, it’s their work =) Plus, the french market is so good with them, they deserve special treatment.


  3. Hello, Chibi Yuuto-san! ^.^ It is my first time commenting here, but I have been following your LJ for a few years now! I really love how you share with us everything about CLAMP! ^.^ Thanks a lot! ^.^
    Like you, I am Brazilian and I can say that I am really happy that Gate 7 won’t be published by JBC – in the last years, they have been making a terrible work, with horrible translations… Just look Tsubasa and Holic… “Phi”?! >.<
    But, I was shocked to know that it will be New POP that will be taking CLAMP… I like their work (I have already bought many titles from them), the paper they use is good, but the translations are a little off… What makes me more worried is the time they take to publish the mangas – they really take a long time between two volumes…
    Well, at least, we will have Gate 7 here! ^.^


    • Hello sesquerdo! Thanks for reading my LJ for all this time! It’s nice to have Brazilians here (sometimes I feel so alone~ XD)

      I like JBC’s translation work, they have issues with names indeed, but everything else is very accurate and I love their footnotes, they are always so rich! But they say the paper quality is not their problem, but I think they should do something about it, it’s really poor!

      I hope New Pop will do a good job so that JBC will “step up” and do something for their next CLAMP titles. Up until now JBC has been the only publisher to print CLAMP titles, now they have competition.


      • Don’t feel alone, I am sure there are many Brazilians that follow your LJ and your great work! ^.^ You became a reference when the subject is CLAMP! ^.^
        Nowadays, about the publishers in Brazil, the best work, in my opinion, is from Panini… But let´s hope for the best for Gate 7 in New Pop and also that this “CLAMP competition” can make JBC gets better and bring more CLAMP to Brazil! ^.^


  4. I suddendly got overly exited after reading that in Germany, EMA actually plans on publishing Gate 7 soon! *__* Usally it takes years until they release a Manga Series unless it isn’t super-popular.I’m so looking forward to it! It is great, that it will be released in so many countries soon.° u ° Thank you so much for the great news, this totally made my day! ° v °


  5. Re: Surprise?!….

    Thanks for your first comment (the first from many more to come, I hope =)

    So surprised that JBC is not involved in this, but yeah, let’s hope for the best =/


  6. Me surpreendeu também ver o Brasil na lista… e ainda mais saber que não vai ser a JBC a publicar a série. Duas boas surpresas. no meu caso, já que eu não gosto nada da JBC (péssimas recordações de quando comprava InuYasha. Aquele papel qualidade credo-em-cruz… urgh).

    Nunca comprei nada da New Pop. Que tipo de séries ela tem publicado?

    Obrigada pela informação! 🙂


  7. A JBC até que sempre tratou bem os títulos do Clamp no quesito tradução (exceto pelas gírias exageradas no Kurogane), mas a gráfica da coisa era horrível, sem contar que era muito caro. :\ (6 reais um treco da grossura de dois guardanapos?)
    A Newpop tem um papel e impressão muuuuito melhores, até mais que a Panini (talvez por ser uma editora pequena, até), mas a tradução realmente tem deixado o pessoal com o pé atrás. Mas quero acreditar que eles não vão pisar na bola com Gate 7…


  8. Nunca comprei nada da NewPop, mas me falaram muito bem tanto da adaptação quanto da qualidade do material dela, espero que façam um bom trabalho e que a editora se expanda e traga mangás mais antigos do Clamp pra cá!


  9. Yay~! I’m so pleased NORMA is gonna publish Gate07 =D! It is expensive but they are a whole lot better than IVREA, so I’m happy for it ^^!


  10. (não sei se devo escrever em inglês ou português…vai o português,me expresso melhor por ele XD )
    Eu soube que a New Pop publicou Alice In Wordeland,mas eu não comprei ainda. Por acaso,a qualidade (do papel e da tradução) é boa?
    E erh,tenho que admitir,eu preferia que nós tivéssemos Kobato em vez de Gate7. Mas será que isso quer dizer que Gate7 terá uma publicação pequena no Japão?

    Obrigada pela informação,Chibiyuuto-san! |D


  11. gosh, its weird to see CLAMP´s work in an other media than JBC, although i hate JBC´s translations ( i really hate what they are doing to fairytail) and half tankos, it will be somewhat strange to see it in new pop, i had the impression that new pop only published lame titles,now they gave me a reason to change my mind. i bet JBC is pissed due losing the chance of publishing a new CLAMP title! heheheh


  12. So excited that the tankoubon are being released semi-simultaneous around the world! 🙂

    I went looking to see if I could find a date for Dark Horse, and it seems like the US/Canadian release is scheduled for October 25, which is sadly months after Japan’s release. Makes me question what happen with the whole collaboration… Dark Horse’s site doesn’t offer anything but “We received an unprecedented amount of questions about the status of our CLAMP titles, and I’m happy to announce that, no, they are not cancelled. We’re moving forward with all CLAMP titles that are as of yet unfinished. Additionally, we’ve just announced two new titles, Tokyo Babylon and Angelic Layer which we’ll have more information on in the coming months. Check the Dark Horse blog for more news and information!” in regards to this.

    Also, apparently Dark Horse has added Tokyo Babylon and Angelic Layer to their titles? I dunno if this is news you had heard before/wanted to share here, but thought I’d share anyway. ^^

    Thanks for always bringing us up to date news!


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