Several News

• The Witch’s Mansion and the Magic Summit:

This has been out for a while but I forgot to post about it. CLAMP will draw the cover and inside illustrations for the 6th volume of The Witch’s Mansion series. The new volume written by Yoko Tsukumo is entitled The Witch’s Mansion and the Magic Summit and will be released on October 9.

• BLOOD-C: has a bigger look at the cover of the BLOOD-C novel, which was drawn by CLAMP. You can download the HQ cover over here (special thanks to the clamp_now for extracting the picture out of website).

The novel has 416 pages and will be released on October 4.

Also, Kadokawa is listing a BLOOD‐C OFFICIAL COMPLETE BOOK Taido on October 26. The book will have interviews with staff and cast, rare materials and CLAMP’s original character concepts.


In case you haven’t seen it, the cover of CLAMP’s original manga for the festival is up at the official website. The manga’s title will be “Shiritsu Horitsuba Gakuen Bangaihen: Tenkousei ni Dokidoki”.

• Art Exhibition:

Several Brazilian websites are reporting that a selection of CLAMP’s original art will be exhibited at the RioComicon 2011, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The event will take place from October 20 to 23.

As a Brazilian, I’m very happy and proud with that news! It’s a huge opportunity to let other people learn about their work. I don’t live in Rio but I will my best to go there! =)


10 thoughts on “Several News

  1. Cool that the Which’s Mansion is still going on. ^^

    Now should I get the Blood-C novel or not, it was drawn by Clamp…
    And the Guide book could have interesting stuff too…

    I’ll have to get this one on auctions, that’ll be hard on my budget

    Cool for the RioComicon, I hope you’ll manage to get a look at Clamp works! (and that it won’t be the same stuff as you saw in France ^^;)


    • Cool that the Which’s Mansion is still going on. ^^

      I wonder if it’s going to be 7 books like Harry Potter xD

      But it was just the cover of the BLOOD-C novel which was drawn by CLAMP. A very pretty cover, though!

      I’m looking forward to RioComicon! I hope it’s not the same stuff. It’s not like CLAMP to do that sort of thing, we’ll see!


  2. Since you seem to be pretty well informed about CLAMP related news, I was wondering if you might have heard anything at all about X and when CLAMP might finish it?


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