Angelic Layer on Brazil ! & some ultra-rare CLAMP Stuff !

For Brazilian people – Angelic Layer by JBC !

Yes ! Another CLAMP ! The 6th so far ! None other mangaka has reached this number in Brazil !! This time, JBC announces they’ll be translating Angelic Layer !

Sugoi na—-? A CLAMP is always a reason for cheers ! No matter what title they bring ! Indeed it seems JBC is planning to release all CLAMP titles !

So, the format will be the same as X and Tokyo Babylon, the tankohon format. Still no words for color pages (but probably yes). As for the price, it must probably be R$ 9,90.

The manga will be first sold on Gamecon event, to be held on São Paulo days 15th and 16th.

Thanks mudearies-san for letting me know this piece of very important news ^__^

Old CLAMP One-shot

This is for the CLAMP hardcore fans: Today I bring you two CLAMP ultra rarities !

ozaka_tomoe-san was kind enough to scan her copy of Koi wa Tenka no Mawarimono


Of what? o.O”

See? It’s rare XDDDDDDDDDDD It’s a very old CLAMP One Shot called Koi wa Tenka no Mawarimono.

It was first published on a magazine called Serie on the year of 1990 !

You’ll see a boy very familiar to us, since it’s a love story about the sister of our dear Masayoshi, Mayumi.

The story is, of course, by Ohkawa, and the comic by Mokona ^_^

Here’s a preview to see what I’m talking about:

The whole thing has 45 pages and ozaka_tomoe-san allowed me to share to you all ! ^__^ You can download it HERE !

ozaka_tomoe-san’s words:
It was published in September 1990,  or so the Clamp News 1 says, in Hakusensha’s Serie magazine, October issue. This magazine seems to have been a monthly one, it was closed less than a year later. This is the first
and only time the story was published. It seems Clamp was supposed to write other short stories in this magazine, to make a tankoubon of short stories, but their publisher couldn’t place them anywhere else after the
Serie was closed and their contract aborted.

This is for the hardcore Tokyo Babylon fans:

kurodo-chan let me know that the torrent for the Tokyo Babylon 1999 (Live Action) is on THIS SITE:


I’m sure many of you haven’t seen it yet, well, me neither! So I’m dying to see it too and I’m already downloading ! The file is RAW and around 500 MB.

26 thoughts on “Angelic Layer on Brazil ! & some ultra-rare CLAMP Stuff !

  1. >My favorite style was the 1999/2000-ish… end of CCS and CLOVER, X with it’s 14~15 vols.
    Same here~ *nostalgic sigh*

    I agree with , the girls looks a bit like Karen.


  2. Thanks for both SO much! ^^ I was specially frustrated with the TB movie since I lost the opportunity to buy the VHS in a japanese auction… not very fond of Sei-san’s actor, but it’s TB anyway XD

    And if someone’s interested, there’s a summary of it in this page (as I’m predicting there’ll be no subs for it, at least not soon ^^u).


  3. The Tokyo Babylon OVD, cool I’ll get a preview before I get my copy (I hope I didn’t outbid you, miyazawa_lulu o.O).

    Only six Clamp series in Brazil? I remember you talked about X, TB, Rg Veda, now Angelic Layer, what else? (or maybe someone have Rg Veda + TB’s rights but didn’t publish them yet …)

    If someone would be kind enough to translate Koi wa Tenka no Mawarimono, I’m not sure of my Japanese.


    • >Only six Clamp series in Brazil?

      Believe me, that’s a LOT ! It’s the only mangaka who had 6 series published here yet (I can only think of Rumiko Takahashi who have 2, Ranma and Inuyasha). Also, we don’t have many translated mangas like USA or European countries, so it feels like a victory ^_^

      Yes, we have CCS, Rayearth, Chobits, X, TB and now AL ^^ I think RG Veda will come soon.

      >If someone would be kind enough to translate Koi wa Tenka no Mawarimono

      Yes please ! I can’t order people do to things but I hope someone does it ! ^^


      • In fact, I meant “Angelic Layer after only 5 series?”

        CCS, Rayearth, Chobits, X and TB are quite popular, but I would have published Clover, Tsubasa, Holic and Rg Veda before Angelic Layer (but maybe they don’t want to publish series that are not over yet … no wait, X is not over yet and they did publish it … anyway I would Have published Clover before Angelic Layer).

        I forgot to say my favorite style is around the last parts of X and Clover, the movements are so smooth, there’s no trace left of the stiff style of their debut. I don’t miss the too broad shoulders or the long pointy faces, I prefer the big hands and feet, I hope Tsubasa and Holic’s style won’t corrupt the cover pictures of the up coming artbook. I miss their detailled style, the one they used for X, Magic Knight Rayearth, Rg Veda and Miyuki-chan or the more simple style one the used for the last book of Clover. I wouldn’t dare to call it their shoujo style, as Card Captor Sakura, Tokyo Babylon and Shin Shunkaden were indeed shoujo, but didn’t have the same look.

        Oh, by the way, there’s a TAKAHASHI Mayumi from a corporation named Mari-dou (the temple of Mari) thanked in a lot of Clamp early works (Derayd, 20 Mensou’s CD, TB CD comic, various doujinshi, etc.), she looks like Koi’s Mayumi except she wear glasses.


        • Yes, I guess they don’t want to publish unfinished series… as for X, I think they thought that after 18 months (it was monthly) it would be back… but oh well, it didn’t XD

          But I got what you mean… and yes, AL is most likely to be published after RG Veda and CLOVER… but AL is from Kadokawa, as X, so that means they are “familiar” with each other (JBC and Kadokawa), and I believe this shorten things up, it would be a lot more work to get the rights from RG Veda’s publisher… because it’s a new publisher for them.

          >Oh, by the way, there’s a TAKAHASHI Mayumi from a corporation named Mari-dou (the temple of Mari) thanked in a lot of Clamp early works (Derayd, 20 Mensou’s CD, TB CD comic, various doujinshi, etc.), she looks like Koi’s Mayumi except she wear glasses.

          Oh! That’s so interesting ^^ Maybe she even appeared on CnK who knows? ^^


  4. Speaking of the TB live action movie, I wonder if anyone is willing to upload it as a direct download link since some people can’t use Bittorrent. But the file size is pretty big ~500 MB, so I guess not.

    I love seeing how CLAMP’s art style changes over time, and I can’t wait to see what their artwork will be like in the future. ^_^


  5. OH MY GOSH!!!!
    clamp rare comic shot + TB live action movie……Are you trying to get me a heart attack? …no, really, are you? XDDDDDDDDDD
    OMG! see this IS the place of miracles! X3
    Seriously, to both I dont know what to say, Obviusly (a big) THANK YOU SO MUCH! but OMG, you are both so kind persons! *bows* … I dont know what to say…I am so touched…
    yey! for the Brazilian edition of AL!!!! (I am still waitting for more Clamp comics editions in my country so I understand that is really great when your favourite author is published in your country. ^__^


  6. Oh God, that movie. *laughs*

    If only it were done today, with all those J-rock stars and clothing. As it is, vaguely unsatisfying from what I remember.


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