Catching up…

So, I checked Shogakukan’s scheduled comics to be released on November and guess what? Kobato is not in there *cries* What the hell is going on? T-T

On more cheerful matters, chou_addicted-san translated XXXHOLiC 87 and you can check it on this entry. I’m so looking forward to the next chapter ! I wanna see who captured the cute girl with difficult name >_<

ALSO !!! She also noticed something I didn’t (Thank you for that ! ^^) and OMG I should have noticed because I kind of saw but didn’t care… anyway, in the corner of the 1st page for this same chapter, there are some very cool things written !

1st, it says that XXXHOLiC has reached the number of 4 million mangas sold !!!! Woa ^____^ (BTW, Tsubasa did 8 million).

2nd and most important, it says that some BIG NEWS are to be announced on the belt attached to volume 7, to be released on the next 17th !

OMG could it be a new movie? Or maybe an anime??? >_< Just more 10 days and we'll find out ! Remembering that the 1st announcement for the movie was also made around this time, last year.

19 thoughts on “Catching up…

  1. Thanks!


    Thanks for renaming the holic files. I can dowload them now. I do really aprecciate a lot what you have done. (Hugs chibiyuuto) . Arigatou again!!!!


  2. If the news is related to XXXHOLiC then I hope for the anime *-* If it’s just something CLAMP related then I hope it’s the return of X — but that’s probably hoping for too much ;_;


  3. tokyo babylon LIVE-ACTION

    pois é, quem procura acha XD
    bem, estava eu por ae na net, atras dos episodios RAW de ring ni kakero 1 (masami kurumada) quando chegei num site bittorrent de anime… procurei pelo RnK mas foi em vao… quando estava pra sair do site, achei lah, esposto pra mim, brilhando e com uma plaquinha escrito “kurodooo!! eu estou aqui! sua busca chegeou ao fim”! nesse momento meus olhos brilharam XD agora, enquanto digito isso, estou sem folego XDDD
    nao sei se o pessoal aki ja assistiu esse live action, mas pra mim ateh hoje ele era apenas uma lenda urbana, um video RARISSIMO da CLAMP na qual um dia eu li um pequeno resumo na net, e hoje achei ele pra download!

    bem, chega de papo! 😀
    ele ta com 514 mb (ainda estou baixando, mas deve ser em otima qualidade), eh em RAW (em japones, sem legendas) e no site tem bastantes seeders! to baxando na minha velocidade maxima de download! \o/

    chibi, eu nao sei se o pessoal aki ja assistiu, mas se nao tiver assistido, estou pondo um link aki pro tracker que tem o arquivo^^

    Tokyo Babylon 1999 (live-action), RAW

    bem, espero ter sido “util” XD
    fui o/~~


    • Re: tokyo babylon LIVE-ACTION

      Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!! Ajudou e muuuuito ^________^

      Isso é raridade rara ! Meu Deus XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

      É claro q vc foi útil ! Eu nunca vi isso e se quer vi screenshots !

      Muito obrigado mesmo !!!


  4. There is no need

    There is no need. Only the new upcoming ones. I read the last one. It was soo nice. Totally in love with XXXholic now.

    You helped me a lot. I had to go to my boyfriend´s house to download the previous chapters.
    Thank you so much again


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