The first series of the XXXHOLiC TV Anime (the one that aired during April-October, 2006) will be re-released in two DVD Boxes, according to CDJournal.

The first box will be released on July 14, entitled “XXXHOLiC DVD BOX 上” (XXXHOLiC DVD Box Top). It will have episodes 1 to 12.

The box will feature a new illustration drawn by CLAMP and it also comes with a special booklet.

The release is expected to be followed by a second box, “XXXHOLiC DVD BOX δΈ‹” (XXXHOLiC DVD Box Bottom), containing episodes 13 to 24.

These boxes will be offered by a much cheaper price. The first one will cost 15,750 yens. In comparison, the 8 original DVDs of the first XXXHOLiC series cost 50,400 yens. And apparently is offering it for only 3,694 yens (77% off)! Although that page looks a little weird…

Yay for the Box drawn by CLAMP! =D

On other XXXHOLiC news, volume 17 was released today (along with the OAD of XXXHOLiC Rou) and the obi-strip that came with it revealed that the XXXHOLiC series broke the mark of 11 million copies sold! Congratulations to XXXHOLiC! It is right now the 4th CLAMP best seller, only behind Tsubasa (20 million), Card Captor Sakura and X (12 million each). But something tells me that XXXHOLiC is on its way to 2nd place =)

The link to download the OAD will be posted here as soon as it becomes available! Stay tuned!

I heard Himawari got married! O.O Well, years ago Ohkawa did hint that she had/would-have a boyfriend during a XXXHOLiC event (reports say that she was apparently drunk enough to reveal that carelessly).


51 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC DVD BOX

  1. we can’t exactly call him a lucky bastard though now can we?I’m not surprised though it was said that she was having omiais i’m more interested in whether they fell in love and how he dealt with her powers.(and Watanuki couldn’t go the wedding lol!)


  2. Himawari is married at such a young age? I know women are expected to marry earlier in Japan, but what with her bad luck and changing societal standards, it’s still surprising. At least she isn’t wasting her days attached to Watanuki, like Doumeki.


      • Ten years from the “end” of xxxHOLiC, right? That would make the age issue more palatable, at least.

        There’s something deeply sad in Himawari finally visiting Watanuki at the age of 26 or so, with a life that’s progressed a lot more than his. It would be an interesting and even brave step for CLAMP to take, if only it didn’t seem as if Ohkawa was writing her out of the story for convenience’s sake. :/


        • Ten years after Yuuko’s death, because we will see her death in the OAD.

          I guess it’s CLAMP saying that Watanuki’s friends are “moving on” while he is stuck in time with his 17 years old appearance.


  3. Himawari got married wat.

    I think it really shows (in a bad way, mind you) that CLAMP didn’t plan on keeping up with xxxHOLiC for this long. First they ditch previous characterization, and now they ditch characters altogether. Just lovely, really.


      • Ehh, I don’t know how much I can trust that information if it really came from a drunk Ohkawa. And I don’t really see the point in building up such a strong relationship between Watanuki, Himawari and Doumeki just to hand wave it as though it had never happened.

        Then again, she has done it before to Watanuki’s character development, so I’m not surprised.


          • It’s not just the marriage thing. First we have Doumeki pretty much living with Watanuki, which alone gives him a more important role in the relationship than Himawari’s, then she completely vanishes for a long while and then we learn the three of them can only meet once a year. It really feels like they keep pushing Himawari further away every time, and having her get married is another big step in that direction.


            • Well, she’s moving on, like every one (except Doumeki…?), and since they decided not to meet any more except once a year, it feels normal.
              And, well, the decision not to meet too often sounds reasonable. Something a grown-up Watanuki would choose to do.


  4. Thanks again for the latest news about it πŸ˜€
    Himawari being married sounds pretty interesting actually ^^ I’m sure many fans are disappointed but considering Watanuki’s wish and his never aging and being locked in the store until the end of times + the fact he’s got no parents anymore after the Logic went back in place=his existence is as fragile as ever, I don’t see how anything could have worked between those 2…
    That said, I’d like to see the husband who can not only survive being close to her but was also fine with the awful scars on her back, or am I too superficial for taking the scars in consideration? ^^;;


    • Well, clearly CLAMP don’t ship Himawari and Watanuki, they never did. So it’s not like they could be together indeed =/

      If that can’t be done, let the girl be happy with her sacred husband. Or maybe Himawari is lying about her marriage xD


  5. lol Ohkawa, you mad woman.

    Of course she is, many were speculating her current status and many guessed that sue is either in a relationship or going to be in one. Good for her, hope a certain man will catch on and do just the same. I also hope more is told about her, or shown, and not just briefly mentioned in the OAD.

    Though, 10 years? How does that… play into the current time of the manga? It feels like how some things were revealed in Kobato, but were due to show up in the manga (mind, I only watched about 1/4 of it, but that’s what I understood from other fans).

    Thanks for the this, as always πŸ˜€


  6. I have a feeling that, if Himawari was to be married, she’d be married to someone we know. CLAMP wouldn’t marry their characters off to some random stranger. totally random but I visualised Doumoto and Himawari together when you said she was married.


  7. Even if it didn’t turn out to be true, the fact that she said it while drunk means she has ideas in that direction.

    I also do feel that, while its good for Himawari, it feels like she’s writing Himawari out for convenience’s sake. I just wish CLAMP would stop beating around the bush already regarding relationships.


    • Even if it didn’t turn out to be true, the fact that she said it while drunk means she has ideas in that direction.

      Couldn’t agree more. The fact that she was drunk doesn’t mean it’s not true, rather she was not supposed to tell.

      I guess it’s CLAMP saying that Watanuki’s friends are “moving on” while he is stuck in time with his 17 years old appearance.


      • Although I don’t ship WataHima (and you know that XD) it saddens me her character development >< I hope she doesn't marry with a random guy, because Ohkawa just write about it for the sake of her convenience.

        But maybe you're right also, it shows that even these 3 moved on, they still watch and took care of Watanuki, which is lovely…


  8. i don’t think himawari getting married is dumping her off or anything, it feel it’s like “and watanuki is still in the shop” kind of thing. It’s another one of those life things that he will not get to have at least not in the normal way. It would be like the mermaid thing in the manga hitting him in the face. “We’ll always be alone and sad, because we can’t keep changing”

    I want to know who this amazing survivor is of a man, to be able to challenge her curse.

    And yay for xxxHolic being so popular.

    Thanks for sharing!


  9. I’d be quite happy if Himawari did get married actually, and not to some abusive random guy. She deserves more happiness.


  10. Himiwari getting married to a random character reminds me of a few fics I’ve read lol But I don’t really think it would be a bad thing, it just shows how life is passing Watanuki by.


    • wow! i thought so too! what’s going on? and who is this superman who can survive himawari? D: (well, it’s not like i don’t ship DouXwata, but it still makes me wonder xD)

      thinking about that… the only character we know in holic who would survive marrying himawari (if CLAMP really wouldn’t marry her to some random person) would be Doumeki himself, wouldn’t it? (it ocurred to me since someone said “holyman” somewhere up there… )

      but i don’t think those two would marry… that would make things WAAAAAAy more twisted @______________________@U


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