Kobato. gets page increase in Newtype

According to this blogger, the Kobato. manga is getting an increase in number of pages per chapter in Newtype magazine starting from the current issue.

This month’s Kobato. chapter had 24 pages instead of the usual 14. Future chapters will follow the new page count.

That’s great news! Apparently our prays have been heard! =D I’m very happy that Newtype allowed a few more pages for CLAMP (Kobato. needed it). Hopefully this will mean quicker tankoubon releases and provide a better development to the story.


Peter Pan & Wendy by CLAMP sneak peek, XXXHOLiC Event (Updated)

You can read the first 20 pages of Peter Pan & Wendy (illustrated by CLAMP) in Kodansha’s website (click on the cover). There are 3 black and white illustrations by CLAMP in the preview.

Update: To those interested, the book can be purchased via Yesasia.com.

In other news, there is a XXXHOLiC event going on in Akihabara that will run until the 14th at Dear Stage to celebrate the DVD Boxes releases.

Episodes from the XXXHOLiC TV series are being screened and a Gallery showing the production process of the DVD Boxes is being held.

The shop is decorated with XXXHOLiC theme and its employees are wearing XXXHOLiC costumes. Also, food and drinks similar to those featured in the XXXHOLiC anime will be on sale.