– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

08/10 – Newtype #09 – Drop. 22 (on sale).
09/10 – Newtype #10 – Drop. 23.
10/09 – Newtype #11 – No Kobato. scheduled.

First Kobato. break in a long, long time! And there’s 1 chapter left to complete tankoubon 5. I’m guessing they are taking this break so that volume 5 can have a Christmas release.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

08/09 – Bessatsu Shonen Magazine #09 – Chapter 207 (on sale).
09/09 – Bessatsu Shonen Magazine #10 – Chapter 208 – 4 color pages – Beginning of tankoubon 19.
10/09 – Bessatsu Shonen Magazine #11 – Chapter 209.

• DVD:

Detailed pictures of the XXXHOLiC DVD Box were announced:

DVD Box.

DVD Case.

Inside DVD Case.

Artbook (with 80 illustrations by PRODUCTION I.G).

As you can see, no new illustration drawn by CLAMP (as opposed to what was first announced).

The first XXXHOLiC Box, containing episodes 1 to 12, will be released on August 25.

• Calendar:

A XXXHOLiC 2011 Desktop Calendar is scheduled to be released in October. Still no word whether it’ll feature illustrations by CLAMP or anime illustrations (this page says the genre is “anime”. So we’ll see…).


17 thoughts on “CLAMP NEWS !!

  1. Kobato break breaks my heart (TAT) One month is a long wait, two is agony. I wish they moved it to some weekly magazine or to a different monthly one in which it could get between 20 and 40 pages a month.


      • Oh you’re welcome dear =D (of course you’re not ungrateful! XD)

        I know!! They should move to Shonen Ace… unless they are “fine” with 14 monthly pages.

        But that pacing really sucks… 1 volume per year. X used to be like that, but it was understandable considering the art is harder to draw and the series was reaching its climax.


  2. Even if there isn’t any art from CLAMP on it the Holic box still looks really pretty (wish that the US used the artbox designs, think that’s a licensing issue though).
    Thanks for the news!


  3. Gah! Kobato release pace is already at rock bottom, and they dare take a break ^^; It’s really hard getting into this super slow series.
    For holic, if it had been a manga calendar, I might have considered it as an option, but an anime one doesn’t really motivate me to spend on it πŸ˜›

    Thanks for the news ^^


    • I’m not sure yet is an anime calendar… maybe that store catogorizes anything anime/manga-related as “anime”. We’ll see if Kodansha is the company manufacturing this.


    • It would be good if that was the case. Specially since Dark Horse said that the reason why they haven’t started Gate 7 yet is because of XXXHOLiC.

      go into infinity! LOL!


  4. Thank you for the updates!
    I guess that means no big calendar from CLAMP this year again. I have all the previous xxxHOLIC/TRC ones, I’m missing them. I don’t really like desktop calendars.


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