Picture of CLAMP’s new studio

As reported yesterday, Mihara Ichirou visited CLAMP’s studio to record his twitcast with CLAMP as guests. While there, he took pictures of CLAMP’s new studio and posted them on his blog:

The booths above are from, in clockwise order: Nanase Ohkawa, Tsubaki Nekoi, Mokona and Satsuki Igarashi.

It looks very similar to their previous studio (at least the booths ^^).

About yesterday twitcast with CLAMP, two more parts were added later, you can listen to them all here: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3.


14 thoughts on “Picture of CLAMP’s new studio

    • Yes xD I think it was all made upon demand, I remember Mokona saying that her desk was a few centimeters lower than Ohkawa’s so she could be aligned in the same height or something.

      Everything was made precisely for their needs so it would seem logic to just move everything rather than build new fornitures.

      I like how white everything is ^-^


  1. Their working place looks so cool! I wonder if they have the mirror to check if pics are right or they don’t need that at all at this point (because they’re so pro ♥).


  2. Wow. It looks…identical to the previous studios…O_O

    Maybe they wanted the likeness and new space they have? Or they wanted a memory of Studio-san?

    I still like a little more spacious space so that I can spin around with my chair to celebrate if I were them. xD


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