Tomorrow is Saturday and CLAMP-NET.COM does not update on weeekends, therefore it was updated today! At least it’s better than next Monday =)

Not much news this time, however…

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

04/10 – Newtype #05 – Drop. 21 (on sale).
05/10 – Newtype #06 – Drop. 22.
06/10 – Newtype #07 – Drop. 23.

Nothing changes for Kobato. =)

• Book:

More information revealed about the contents of Kobato. TV Anime Oofficial Guide Book HAPPY MEMORIES. The book will include a talk between diretor Mitsuyuki Masuhara and Nanase Ohkawa, and interviews with Staff and Cast members.

The book will be out on May 26.

Now it became worth-buying, if you ask me xD

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

05/19 – Shonen Magazine #25 – XXXHOLiC One-shot – Color pages – 16 pages total
05/20 – Magazine SPECIAL #06 – Holitsuba One-shot
06/09 – Bessatsu Shonen Magazine #07 – Chapter 205.

I guess you all know very well about XXXHOLiC’s upcoming chapters ^_~

• DVD:

A XXXHOLiC-NET hotsite was launched to promote the upcoming releases of the XXXHOLiC DVD Boxes (read more about them here). But so far there isn’t much content in it.

A XXXHOLiC Kei DVD Box is also scheduled to be released containing all 13 episodes of the series.


3 thoughts on “CLAMP NEWS !!

  1. Well, we have had some very good news this April… I just can’t wait to see Gate 7’s scheduled chapters there!
    Thanks for the news as always šŸ™‚


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