XXXHOLiC #17 Sales Report

Time to check the performance of XXXHOLiC #17 in its first week on sale.

• Taiyosha Weekly Ranking:


1st – Fullmetal Alchemist #25
2nd – Saki #7
3rd – Ookiku Furikabutte #14
4th – XXXHOLiC #17

• Tohan Weekly Ranking:


1st – Fullmetal Alchemist #25
2nd – Ookiku Furikabutte #14
3rd – XXXHOLiC #17

• Oricon Weekly Ranking:


1st – Fullmetal Alchemist #25
2nd – Ookiku Furikabutte #14
3rd – XXXHOLiC #17

According to Oricon, the regular edition of XXXHOLiC #17 sold 169.753 copies in its first week, a drop of 39% in comparison to the first week sales of volume 16 (281.589 copies). It is worth noting that Oricon does not take into account the pre-orders made via Kodansha’s website for the OAD limited edition.

I’ve been keeping track of XXXHOLiC’s sales since volume 13, and this volume had the lowest grossing of them.


7 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC #17 Sales Report

  1. Yup~

    xxxHOLiC still has a ways to go in popularity, but for one of that not-typically-mentioned kind of series, it’s doing really well.
    To think this is the least of what it has been doing recently is good enough for me. XD


  2. Am I crass enough to say that it dropped because Yuuko is no longer present? Yes.

    Truth is, the transition was a pain but hopefully the sales will start to pick up after some chapters.


    • No, you’re not, I have considered the same thing.

      But that volume has been on pre-sale for so long in Kodansha’s website that I think everybody per-ordered it from there.

      These numbers represent the people who bought them on bookstores.

      Let’s see how the sales of volume 18 go…


    • Same here: the first thing that came to mind is that Yuuko disappearance might not have been really well welcomed by the japanese fans ^^; I believe all of us were a bit confused and wondering just were was the story going…
      Furthermore, xxxholic schedule has been quite a bit of a mess as of late, I guess that played too?
      And as chibiyuuto said, the pre-orders weren’t counted… /me is someone who pre ordered it back in december 😛


  3. Once this volume was released on 04/23 I’m not that surprised that the numbers were smaller. xxxHOLiC #17 was available for only 4 days, we’ll see if it’s really low in the next few weeks. I hope it’ll grow in the sales.

    The Third position is pretty good, once it’s competing along with a new volume of Fullmetal Alchemist and Ookiku Furikabutte.


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