XXXHOLiC #17 scans

has the scans of XXXHOLiC #17 (including the cover, box, dvd, etc) and the OAD itself (ripped by her) up in her LiveJournal. You can find it all here.


8 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC #17 scans

  1. Finally, a direct download that I can use.
    ‘Cause my college doesn’t allow for torrents…

    But that was quite interesting. ^^
    So the “daughter” of the shrine house is the next in a line of Fox Users, thus she had the reunion planned…
    And Himawari-chan… her husband… Noooo… ;~;
    The OAD was amusing, but I’d like the manga to be different. If only to calm my inner dictations about what’s right for the series. XD


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