New XXXHOLiC (?) Short-OAD!

As previously announced, to promote the moving of XXXHOLiC to Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, Kodansha is holding a combo project with three of its shonen magazines:

May 19, XXXHOLiC one-shot in Weekly Shonen Magazine #25, 16 pages, 1 color page.
May 20, Holitsuba one-shot in Magazine SPECIAL #06.
June 9, new XXXHOLiC series in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, color pages and front cover featuring XXXHOLiC.

All 3 magazines will come with an application service to win original QUO Cards with illustrations drawn by CLAMP featured in each respective magazine.

The news now is that apart from the QUO Cards service, there is going to be a new prize for those who buy all 3 magazines: a new Short-OAD!

The announcement comes from a pamphlet that came inside XXXHOLiC #17:

In the above picture, it’s not possible to see the announcement about the Short-OAD (the image is either cut or the announcement is on the other side), but the news has been confirmed by several Japanese blogs.

I’m not sure yet if the short-OAD will be about XXXHOLiC or Holitsuba (that would be cool!). The Short-OAD length will be around 1~2 minutes. The deadline for application is July 8, which means the OAD will be delivered sometime after that.

More news about as they come, stay tuned!


16 thoughts on “New XXXHOLiC (?) Short-OAD!

  1. o.o Wow…. I really want it! I bet it is high-quality animation~, (I want to fire the animator designers that did the first and second series, they looked like giant black noodles)


  2. Such great news! Thank you! Can’t wait to see the surprise šŸ˜€ I’d also like it to be a Horitsuba oad, but not because I’m sick of holic, It would just work really well.


  3. We need this short-OAD, in addition to the RAWs of chapters of these magazines (because RAW-paradise no longer exists). We should try to find or contact someone living in Japan and can help us getting and sharing this short-OAD and, if possible, these chapters.


  4. Gate 7 Release in the UK


    I ve been a follower of your blog for quite a while and feel like its time I made a contribution. I ve checked, and will be one of the distributors of the English version when in comes out in October (25th I believe), no mags are going to publish before then. It is to be published by Dark Horse, but is likely to be the first place the volumes will be released on the Isles. Incidently, the French site’s offering it from July (Kaze). I guess there is a bonus to being bilingual šŸ™‚



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