XXXHOLiC Rou OAD Raw (Updated)

You can now watch it via streaming here. Download links will be added to this post as they appear.

Special thanks to for the link!

Update: 100 MB Raw – Torrent

Update 2: DVD ISO (2.64 Gb) – Torrent

– I love the opening sequence. So dramatic!

– Wow, Watanuki is all sex-me-up or what? XD He looks cool!

– So 10 years have passed indeed. Doumeki must be now around 27 then.

– God, Mokona breaks all the mood, it annoys me xD

– Kohane is in college, she looks very pretty. And the Oba-chan is still alive!!! XD

– The Sadako-looking girl bursting into the room: SCARY!

– Kudakitsune has a partner? Cute xD

– Himawari-chan ;_; I feared we would only hear her voice, just like in the manga. She says she’ll drop by the shop on April 1st to give Watanuki a birthday present.

– The egg!!!!!

– WTH? The Sadako-looking girl has Yuuko’s voice?

Overall, it was a very cool original story. I couldn’t understand most of it (need subs now!) but at least it looked interesting and creepy.


53 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC Rou OAD Raw (Updated)

    • God, I just finished this. OMG THE ENDING THE ENDING THE ENDING!!!! O_O KYAAAAH *jumps all around her room* OMG YUUKO-SAN!! I so need subtitles to know what the heck is happening.

      Oh, and I think I’ve heard Himawari ask something about college to Doumeki? Is he still in college after all ten years? Then again, my Japanese is so poor I might have misunderstood.

      Kohane-chan was so terribly cute! But wth with the juvenile voice? Humpf!
      Oh, and lascivious Watanuki is lascivious O_O Even more than in the manga, it shocked my how he could so erotically display himself lying half-naked in front of Doumeki. Wah! I loved how those two were interacting. And I loved how Watanuki was smoking!!

      This was so amazing! Thanks again, thanks so much CLAMP, thanks the world for having me born to watch this!

      *crawls away fangirling nonstop*


  1. Although I’m not a Himawari fan… but it saddens me that Kohane got more scene than hers… I mean I know the reason but still T___T But I must admit it that Kohane became pretty X3

    and yeah Watanuki… Someone needs to smack him (oh yeah and Doumeki too >) find their happiness 😦


    • WTH? No DouWata? Is this really the end as in ‘no more animated holic ever’?
      Hey, wait, there’s still the manga…! Hurray!!!
      I can’t wait ’till the 9th of june!!!


      • but she’s got someone though because she said something about “we can’t come together because that person can’t enter the shop”. It sounded like kekkou and not kekkon….I think ^^


  2. It was sooo sad and cute. I was surprised when we saw Kimihiro in the kimono, he had nice abs XD
    Wait I must have missed the 10 years pass but I noticed something was odd when they said something about Kohane being in college. It’s adorable the Mugetsu has a partner!!
    The thing that really struck my heart was the last 2 lines. All in all it was different but I loved all the same


  3. OMG i just watched the raw. I cried in the end. Can someone tell me what happened???? Can we talk spoilers here? I dont’ know where to talk about xxxholic on the internet. Okay, i’m going to ask a few spoiler questions below so skip my post if you don’t want to be spoiled!

    SPOILER below…

    So is that woman the reincarnation of Yuuko? Is Watanuki finally going to stop being in the stop now that his wish of meeting Yuuko came true? In a different form but that counted as the wish right?

    I can’t believe they ended the movie like that. I hope that’s not how everything ended. And what was Doumeki saying about the egg?


    • Oh and i forgot to ask.

      Is Watanuki’s price for seeing Yuuko again —staying in the shop until he dies or staying in the shop until he sees Yuuko again?

      I also hope that if Watanuki comes out of the stop, he then figures out Doumeki’s feelings for him. It’s so sad seeing the one sided love Doumeki obviously has for Watanuki. It needs to be canon!!


      • stay in the shop forever is a payment for “existing”, you’ll have to read the manga and tsubasa’s manga to understand that… he can’t go out, I think even if Yuuko was back, he wouldn’t be able to go out anyway.


        • omg….that means Watanuki has no chance of ever existing in the real life again? That’s so sad. Maybe this is when Doumeki’s “egg” comes in?


    • No the daughter is not a reincarnation of Yuuko.

      at about 27.33 into the camera the daughter says that Watnuki will get his payment from the mouth of the daughter for this job. So that is the statement she said of “Tadaima” I think.

      Not sure yet, I”m still skimming. I’ll watch this in full after the hockey game playoff πŸ™‚ and repost here


  4. i squealed when i heard yuuko’s voice from that girl. but now i’m confused… T^T is she comin back or not?!

    to me, i think kohane’s voice is a lil higher than before. xD but she speaks more maturely so i got used to it right away. Mokona… he kinda ruined some of the moments there… -_-;;; I love the opening scene, though! Watanuki’s voice actor did a great job in that scene. πŸ™‚

    thanks for sharing! i’m looking forward to see wat that 2 minute OAD is gonna be about. ^-^ *crosses fingers*


  5. Please don’t tell me this is going to be the ending to the xxxholic manga? I mean, wouldn’t everything be spoiled for the manga? I wonder if this is the alternate ending and the manga will have a completely different ending.


  6. Yeah, I skimmed ahead to the ending and during the phone call with Doumeki, Himawari is basically asking about Watanuki and cofirming the bday plans. Doumeki asks about the husband too πŸ™‚

    Turns out she made a deal with her husband to always keep that day open and mentions that her husband cannot enter the store, eventhough she wants to invite him. Man that is one understanding husband πŸ™‚


  7. Ok, it was nice, even though I’m not still understood enough to explain what happened.

    It’s basically about Doumeki and Kohane’s university getting something that even Doumeki didn’t understand and asked Watanuki about it, then for the second time visiting the house (from the wine they got) with video clip, Watanuki learned about the Kitsune tsukai (for the one who assist kitsune) and the daughter of the house, who seems like the next generation of the kitsune tsukai, assisted the kitsune with Watanuki to find another kitsune.

    Himawari-chan is married to a nice husband but as a normal person, he cannot go into the store.

    The egg hasn’t used for a long time…

    My guess to the daughter whose voice sounding like Yuuko and giving Watanuki “Tadaima” means somehow she got Yuuko’s soul or conscious to give Watanuki a relaxing feeling after 10 years of waiting Yuuko.


  8. The OAD was really bittersweet and from what I gather from the ending it gave hope for yuko and watanuki being together again. There was the nine tails fox being reunited for what looked to be his mate and the reason that happened was because of the yuko look-a-like. Then at the end watanuki knows the girl has yuko’s soul and memories saying welcome home to her. That makes me think that she will be able to go to the store and keep watanuki company since his wish was granted though he still is confined to the store.


    • so basically, that’s what I got…idk. it was a strange ending to the xxxHolic animation, unless they’re planning to do more. i really hope xxxholic doesn’t end this way. I want Yuuko to be back in full person, not some weird reincarnation…


      • I got the impression that the animation team made this oad as a possible ending for the series in case there are no more holic oads or another season (though I pray that isn’t the case. >_< ) It was probably why they jumped 10 years rather than 4 (or was it 3?)and the very first scene with yuko dieing was put in as a recap so the viewers wouldn't be too lost.

        I do wish there was a more definitive ending but it did create a good setup for fanfictions. What I got from it is that watanuki won't be lonely anymore now that the yuko2.0 is around. They didn't show her going to the actual shop but I don't think it would be too long before she would find herself there.

        Also, how he leaves Yuko's pipe out makes me think that maybe the item will help draw the girl to the shop because that was a close item to yuko when she was alive and might still have her old aura/power signature on it.

        I wish we could have gotten to know this reincarnation better but atleast yuko does come back (kinda) LOL The girl seems to have some anger issues with how she tackled that man for the bell!


  9. omg the end!!! Chilling! Just…wow! It was so effective to use only black screen for those last words! o_o

    Aww the kudakitsune is sooo cute ^^ Loved the kimono Watanuki was wearing in the beginning. And the beginning scene with Yuuko T.T Sooo sad!! Poor guy cried his eyes out! (I knew he would but still…!)

    I really really hope CLAMP end Holic like this. I want Watanuki to be happy!

    Thanks sooo much for the link!!! πŸ˜€ You’re the best!


  10. okay, so what i got is that the girl is a reincarnation of Yuuko? ish? because at the end, she says ‘i’m home’ and Watanuki’s like ‘welcome back’. totally confused. is Yuuko ‘at rest’ or is she coming back? I am so confused…


    • I don’t know japaneese but from what I gather, yes, she is the reincarnation. I think that goes to show how much Yuko cares for watanuki. She wanted to pass on to death after Clow passed away and stopped her time yet despite finding the peace she so desired I’m sure she could see how watanuki was suffering without her in his life. So she ended up reincarnating after a decade as a way to come back to him.

      It is very sweet! πŸ™‚


    • might be right, but we need to wait until the OAD is translated to be sure. Keep in mind that, ten years after Yuuko’s death, this girl appears to be at least 15 years old–and it would certainly be strange for her to spring into life as a teenager. There haven’t been any confirmations that she’s fully human, either, so she could possibly be some kind of otherworldly being who’s reacting to Watanuki’s longing for Yuuko.


  11. sad..

    well, from what i’ve seen of the holic series, ova and the movie, i was kinda confused with the comments that were posted in her saying that yuuko died ’cause i didn’t see her die.. haven’t watch this oad yet.. did she really die? was that why watanuki cried in the trailer? man, don’t like that.. uhm, usually, how long will it take for the subs to be available after the release of a video? so that i won’t watch this and just wait for the subs.. πŸ™‚


    • Here what I understood…

      1. That girl isn’t Yuko’s reincarnation, she merely was a medium for someone to say something- that was the price for breaking the seal on box(watanuki led his kitsune for the job). She said yuko’s will for the payment to watanuki.
      2. Himawari isn’t married I think… she is thinking to visit shop for watanuki’s b’day- April 1st. Those dialogues are directly from the manga’s telephone conversation.

      BTW it was so touching to see Watanuki making all those Kimono for Yuko…
      And that other kitsune seemed ‘she’-kitsune to me. πŸ˜›


  12. Is there a English subbed version in the works? Do you know of any groups working on it? I would have expected it to be out by now. I check Baka updates regularly each time with my fingers crossed.


  13. I know this is too far-fetched but I was just thinking that Yuuko being reincarnated is indeed possible. Remember how Clow Reed was reincarnated into two persons in Card Captor Sakura (Fujitaka and Eriol)? I mean, they are not entirely Clow Reed but they possess a bit of his soul, right? So, this got me into thinking that the woman in xxxHOLIC OAD could possibly possess a bit of Yuuko’s soul, which could explain as to how she was able to know him despite not seeing him yet and casually saying “Tadaima, Watanuki,” in the end. I know CCS is entirely a different story but since they are both made by CLAMP, I guess it’s possible, neh?


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