Catching up…

Apologies for being somehow away for the past 3 weeks, I went to Tokyo for my vacations (it was AWESOME) and didn’t have much time to stay updated with the CLAMP world, but I did my best xD

While in Japan, I accessed CLAMP@MOBiLE to see its goodies and indeed there is no possible way to transfer the wallpapers to the computer, the files are encrypted and they blocked the option to send it by e-mail. So I took some pictures instead xD They aren’t that good, but at least we can have an idea.

These are the XXXHOLiC cellphone wallpapers (from the XXXHOLiC campaign) and CLAMP’s original designs for the Blythe dolls:

On other news, the XXXHOLiC DVD Box 1 release date has been delayed to August 25. The box will be drawn by CLAMP but the image has not been revealed yet. XXXHOLiC-net has pictures of the box (but not CLAMP’s illustration).

Also, CLAMP-NET.COM reports that the French edition of RG Veda has won the award for Best Edition at this year’s Japan Expo Awards.