XXXHOLiC Rei Chapter 1

Chinese scans are available here (thanks to Jacob Collado for letting me know ;).

Japanese RAWs available here (NEW LINK thanks to !). I couldn't download the file, though. It is terribly slow and it stopped halfway through. If someone manages to do it, feel free to upload somewhere and let me know.

Rough translations by bluesun available here.

So it looks like this is set in an earlier point of the story, when Yuuko is still "alive" and Watanuki still wears his glasses and maybe he doesn't even have half of Doumeki's eyesight.

Something is wrong with Watanuki… could this be a parallel story? Where is Mokona?

All in all, I am glad Yuuko is back… XXXHOLiC is weird without her.


53 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC Rei Chapter 1

  1. I don’t now what to think… for me it has no point to continue the story in the middle of the previous one. Although Watanuki being that glad with making Yuuko happy makes me think that this may be something different, I don’t know what yet. Hummm…


      • Yep, Mokona not being there is something important. Maybe Watanuki figured out a way to go back to the past where Yuuko was still alive. It looked to me like he had all his memories.


  2. Yayyyy, thank you for providing us with raws and a translation! :DDD

    That one line in translations about the cyclical nature of fate and relationships made me think that this is yet another Doumeki, though. Maybe a reincarnation of the first one? (Doumeki Shizuka, not Haruka) Anyone else have a pet theory?

    (also gnawing on clothes because WHEN IS THE FRIGGIN’ EGG GOING TO BE USED)


  3. it’s car-chan here, with her password forgotten XD

    I agree that it may be from an earlier point, with Yuuko here, Watanuki’s normal eyes and Doumeki saying that he doesn’t have any wishes!

    Seems that the catchphrase of this section becomes “All (are) in accordance with the wishes of humans”, then? (does that imply that there’s a chance that Yuuko will be back? :D)


  4. Hmmm, I’m not really sure what I think. This was certainly different from what I expected. So this takes place in an alternate universe? In Watanuki’s imagination? In his memories? Or has Watanuki literally gone back in time? There are certainly a lot of questions.


  5. Yuuko!
    Huh, what was with Watanuki wobbling at the end? An effect of what?

    Also, considering this has to do with Valentine’s, why wasn’t Watanuki spasming out like usual about receiving from/giving to Himawari? Where is Himawari?!


  6. Eu imaginei que o novo capítulo tinha essas características porque está acompanhando o contexto no qual está se passando o TV Drama (Yuuko viva, Watanuki com os óculos antigos e o olho no lugar, nada de Mokona). Mas não assisti o drama, então não sei dizer ao certo.
    Fiquei pensando também se essa história não iria se alinhar com a de Drug & Drop.
    De qualquer forma, é bom ver a Yuuko de novo, tãao linda! :3


  7. And of course, from the get-go Yuko-sensei’s an an outfit I would sell my body for hnnnnng~

    *cough* Moving on, this could be veeeeeery interesting; is Kimihiro in the past? A never-ending loop again like Syaoran was? Has he gone mad?
    Is he become Fei Wong Reed….


  8. Thanks for the links to both the chapter and the translation~ (and of course HUGE thanks to the ones who scanned and translated it).

    I was starting to wonder if the chapter was maybe not supposed to be out till next week, but looks like we should expect it at the end of the week?

    As for the story…I guess the key lines would be the first pages, with “Deception… Illusion… Death…If humans accept them… If humans reject them… If humans speak of them…Will come round and RETURN again…All in accordance with the wishes of humans…”

    Not too sure how to interpret them at this point though, if we interpret them too literally I find them too convenient, but Clamp used many convenient excuses before for both TRC and Holic so it’s not like it would be a surprise either; Watanuki ‘wobbling’ in page 32 is weird too; and as you noted, there is Mokona’s absence, but are we reading too far into it and is it simply sleeping in some other room or is Mokona really non existent in this ‘world’?, in which case, in which world or reality are we? Replacing what we already know is impossible considering all the events linked with TRC, so it can either be a Dream, in which case Watanuki will ‘wake up’ at some point, or his ‘wish’ was truly granted and he got another chance to live another life like Clones|SxS.

    About the time line, Watanuki talked about Valentine Day and how he made ganache chocolate cake…but he made chocolate fondant in the first xxxholic we know, is this a first hint from Clamp? Telling us, to start with, that this is not the Past but a whole other thing?

    Well, I wrote far more than I intended to already, I’ll stop here~
    Let’s hope Clamp will be able to keep up with 3 series! Else, I see many breaks in the horizon….


    • I was starting to wonder if the chapter was maybe not supposed to be out till next week, but looks like we should expect it at the end of the week?

      Hummm not really, it goes out officially on this Monday.

      I think Mokona’s absense is significant enough…

      Someone a few comments above left a comment in Portuguese how this chapter looks a lot like the TV Drama (no Mokona, Yuuko being there, Watanuki with glasses etc).

      Not sure if this is on purpose or not, but it sure is a good observation.


      • Well, with champagne in the house, if Mokona does not come bouncing it’s indeed very weird ahaha~

        We also need to see just who else is missing: we already know this is not the Past we know of, unless said Past was replaced by this one, but as said, there are too many events TRC related for me to consider this option possible, too many things would be drastically changed. Some seems to think this is the future brought by the egg, but from what was said in the last pages of vol19, it seems like the egg is supposed to make Watanuki forget about Yuuko, which is not what I am seeing now. I am also curious about his real name not being ‘Watanuki’, I hope Clamp will clarify this point too.

        But about the chapter feeling like the first ep of the TV drama, I personally don’t think there is a connection at all, we never know though?

        The next chapters we tell us what we need to know eventually, the speed in which each thing is revealed will depend on how many volumes Clamp is planning to close off the series, the first part was 15 vol, xxxHolic Rō was 4 vol, xxxHolic Rei can pretty much be any length at all, but I don’t think we will get to a double digits number?

        And last but not least: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! I hope you enjoyed your day and had fun!! 😀
        You were born on the same day as the Hinamatsuri, how interesting, my first time noticing~ (or did I notice before and forgot afterward? :P)


        • I sure hope XXXHOLiC Rei will not have double digit numbers xD

          And thank you for the birthday wishes! Indeed, Hinamatsuri, Doumeki’s birthday, and I don’t even like him! haha


  9. Interesting.

    Does anyone know the name that appeared on Watanuki’s phone? Is that (NEW) Doumeki’s first name? or is that just the nickname Watanuki gave Doumeki on his phone?


  10. I find it funny that the opening monologue/splash page were Yuuko is talking about the nature of humans and of wishes kind of breaks the 4th wall. She is not only refering to Watanuki’s wish, but also to the wish of the audience who did not find closure with the previous ending of the series.

    I don’t believe this is taking place back during the beginning of the series. Here are some reasons:
    1) The way Watanuki looks at Yuuko saying something about he would do it to make her happy, he doesn’t start doing that until WAY later in the series. I remember him looking at Kohane like that, but whenever Yuuko demanded food back around Valentine’s day earlier in the story he was all “Yes thank me for my greatness at having cooked for you.” He was snappy and assertive and demanding praise, it was later that he began smiling at her and wanting to please her.

    2) Doumeki came into the shop. If this was a month after the Valentine’s day in xxxHolic Doumeki still CAN’T enter the shop. It takes Watanuki falling out of a window and him having the wish to save Watanuki for him to finally be able to go inside. After that he does go in and out regularly, but that hasn’t happened yet if this chapter takes places somewhere around Volume 4. It’s a pretty big deal when he finally does go in because If i remember correctly Yuuko tells him so herself.

    Could it be that maybe he having a dream? Maybe he caught the butterfly in his dream and it lead to this? A memory/dream where the world around him moves as if nothing had happened but he still retains his feelings of the people and places where he used to be. The archetype for the story before was the dream of the butterfly, what if this time around it’s the dream of the boy who dreamed of being with the butterfly.


    • I find it funny that the opening monologue/splash page were Yuuko is talking about the nature of humans and of wishes kind of breaks the 4th wall. She is not only refering to Watanuki’s wish, but also to the wish of the audience who did not find closure with the previous ending of the series.

      That is very interesting! I haven’t seen it through these lenses, and it’s so true!


  11. hmm this is very strange chapter. I’m betting that this is watanuki’s dream. maybe he’s trapped in dream world where he’s happy where yuuko alive and doumeki is around… since clamp universe has many alternate worlds, this might be one of the world where yuuko is alive (may be)


  12. now you mention about the timeloop… clamp is big fan of SMT series, and persona 3 FES featured a timeloop because of ….(definitely big spoiler if you haven’t played the game).

    *spoiler*the MC friends’ cannot accept that he had to sacrifice himself*spoiler*

    all the event in tsubasa is happened because clow’s wish, now I wonder if this also happened due to watanuki’s wish. but again I could only guess. it’s the fun part though 🙂


  13. I think that this is a dream, It MUST BE a dream.

    The phrases certantly are very important and CLAMP group would not dissapointed all their fans with an alternative story. If it were true, Maru and Moro also would be out of this chapter. I just believe that Mokona is anywhere sleeping and waiting to bring back Watanuki to his reality were Yuuko is still “death” 😦

    So, anyway, we have to wait until the next chapter. I’m pretty sure that this is a post Rou story and CLAMP are only playing with our minds xD


  14. i liked the TV drama so far and I really enjoyed reading this in CHinese.
    GO XXXHOLIC mokona must come back!!
    the cellphone is bothering me……..
    the book once said that cellphones dont work in the shop or something because it attracts ghosts and spirits…….so why are they using them?


  15. I don’t know what strength does Watanuki have considering he kept a straight face when Yuko was changing in front of him. I mean, dude!


  16. Thank you~

    Got a little bit too excited after the drama version is aired. Hopefully Rei will be published legally in my country as well as the previous 19 volumes.


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