Follow-up: GATE 7 #4 sales report, XXXHOLiC news

GATE 7 #4 dropped to the 18th position on Oricon's Weekly Charts on its second week of sales, the position that was occupied by Drug & Drop last week:


1st – FAIRY TAIL #36
2nd – Kuroko no Basket #21
3rd – WORST #31
18th – GATE 7 #4

Unfortunately, Drug & Drop didn't show up in the top 30.

According to Oricon, GATE 7 #4 sold additional 33.923 copies on its second week of sales, which means an accumulated of 173.686 copies sold so far.

It is unlikely that GATE 7 #4 will show up on next week's ranking, but I'll make a post if that happens.

On other news, there was a press conference held at the XXXHOLiC theme cafe yesterday to release the TV Drama adaptation to the press. Director Keisuke Toyoshima and main cast Anne (Yuuko) and Sometani Shota (Watanuki) attended the event.


There are several reports from that press conference on the web, here are a few of them:
Cinema Today has a page with XXXHOLiC products on sale, there is a video with comments from the TV Drama director Keisuke Toyoshima.


6 thoughts on “Follow-up: GATE 7 #4 sales report, XXXHOLiC news

  1. Do you guys know if there is a fansub group that picked this up? Sadly xxxholic drama is not in the Jdrama fansub map list

    It’s airing tonight. I’m excited~ I might download the raw.


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