9 thoughts on “5 opening minutes of XXXHOLiC TV Drama streamed!

  1. You’re right! I’m really impressed with it so far and can’t wait to see more. I have a feeling that what was okay while reading the manga is going to be incredibly creepy seeing it live action… x)


  2. AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    I was kinda worried about the spirit stuff – how they were going to introduce them. But they did the right way – nothing over the edge……..

    The last seconds – Yuuko and the steam from the pipe thing – were simply AMAZING………. I’m already in love with the show. My first dorama…..

    Thanks Chibiyuuto for the video, and big thanks to Bluesun…. 🙂

    P.S.: o ator q faz o Kimihiro fez a cara d idiotinha perfeita para a ultima cena… ushaushaushuahsuahsuahsuahushau… 😉


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  4. Wow this looks like it’s going to be awesome.

    I’m already hooked after watching the first 5 minutes.

    The acting were superb and didn’t exaggerate like most anime-turned-drama that I have seen.



    Yuko is PERFECT! Oh sweet CLAMP she is perfect!!! Kimihiro’s clothes need adjusting but otherwise this is so freaking GOOD!! I also didn’t expect english subs.


  6. Maru and Moro look great! I like the doll act! But I was expecting the other one looks more like a boy (I forgot which one is Maru and which one is Moro though LOL Is Moro the one with the long wavy hair?)

    The way Kimihiro got pulled into the shop…. LMAO Just like the manga. I giggled in the office when I was watching it, lucky no one commented >_>; That’s the point when Watanuki labelled Yuuka-san a forceful saleswoman *mwahahahahaa*


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