11 new XXXHOLiC TV Drama stills

A month away from its premiere, Comic Natalie published 11 new stills from the upcoming live action adaptation of XXXHOLiC. You can check them all here.

According to the article, Naoto Takenaka will play the role of Ayakashi in the form of a doctor (and not Haruka Doumeki as I suggested).

New subscribers of the WOWOW channel will enter a chance to win original goods featuring an illustration drawn by CLAMP such as clearfiles, mousepads and postcards.


3 thoughts on “11 new XXXHOLiC TV Drama stills

  1. Yuuko’s black dress looks awesome!
    Though I’m still sceptical about the uniforms (boys and girls’) they look weirdly fakey…
    And I’m warming up to the guy who plays Doumeki!


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