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• Code Geass Boukoku no Akito

The release date of the 2nd episode of Code Geass Boukoku no Akito has been postponed for Summer (it was originally expected for this Spring). ANN has more info:

The official website for the Code Geass: Akito the Exiled video series announced on Tuesday that the second volume has been delayed from this spring to this summer. The website also presented a new piece of key visual art. The anime's production committee apologized for the delay and said that the release date and other details will be announced on the home page and Twitter account as soon as they are decided.

The first episode opened in theaters in August. The series is planned for four episodes.

The 1st episode of Code Geass Boukoku no Akito was released in DVD and Blu-ray today in Japan.


The titles of the first 6 episodes of the XXXHOLiC TV Drama were revealed:

Episode 1 – 縁 (Connection)
Episode 2  – 対価 (Compensation)
Episode 3  – 百物語 (100 Stories)
Episode 4  – エンジェルさん (Angel-san)
Episode 5  – 紫陽花 (Hydrangea)
Episode 6  – 女郎蜘蛛 (Jorougumo)

Judging by these titles, we can tell which arcs have been confirmed to appear on the series. Looks like they decided to cut the arcs with creatures in it, which makes sense from a live action adaptation point of view.


For those who were worried about CLAMP's official site shutting down since the beginning of this month, rest assured, the site will be back… eventually!

On summary of the March issue of JUMP SQ (out Feb. 4), CLAMP left a comment saying that the website is currently closed but they are working on its relaunch and ask people to check their twitter account in the meantime.

There you go, our prayers have been heard! haha

So they are working a new version that will be relauched soon. I suspected that, but they shouldn't have left us in the dark like this =P They should have said something when they closed it down (they should add something in the main page right now, in fact).

It would be great to have the relaunch in April, but that's just my assumption.

Already looking forward to this!


4 thoughts on “Several news

  1. Hydrangea & Jurougumo!!! that’s just AWESOME! two of my favourite stories…….

    I do hope the live-action is a great success (who doesn’t want more of Yuuko and Watanuki!??!)…..

    Wish I could see Mokona Larg, though…….

    Greetings from “Brasil”! 😉


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