Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card arc – Chapter 72

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We spend most of the chapter within the dream with Sakura and Lillie (as we should).

Lillie basically explains to Sakura that she’s been trying to contact her since a long time, that basically all the previous times that they met had been failed attempts to trying to reach Sakura. Even that one in the “real world” (outside the dream), it was Lillie who had only travelled through time. But that didn’t work so she tried reaching her through dreams instead. Indeed, we only saw the Mysterious Cloaked Figure in the real world that one time.

Sakura had a lucid dream about this very encounter, in fact, as it is shown on page 7.

Even the dream Sakura had where she saw Syaoran looking all evil seemed to have been an interference caused by Lillie trying to reach Sakura. In other words, Sakura had a premonitory dream that she would meet a “fake” Syaoran but he was wearing Akiho’s clans robes because Lillie was trying to reach her. Still, one could argue that this Sakura from this reality never met Kaito and therefore never met the “fake” Syaoran but maybe this reality is all messed up? Same with the “new cards” being mentioned. Did this Sakura from this reality create the new cards at all?

Anyway, my interpretation is that the dreams Sakura was having were a little off because Lillie was trying (and failing) to reach her. This includes the Mysterious Cloaked Figure acting all weird like an evil villain. The snake-like creature seems to be the same case. I am understanding that it’s some sort of unbalancedness caused by Lillie’s interference.

Lillie mentions something about the Book of Time, the forbidden magic and how it couldn’t be activated before its caster (Kaito) was born. I didn’t quite get this part or why this is relevant. This was a bit confusing to me.

Lillie specifically mentioned having the same age as Sakura and she kind of credited that to the fact that they could finally meet. Maybe she needed Sakura to reach a certain level of power and age to be able to meet her, although she did try before, and failed.

When Sakura asks Lillie if it isn’t difficult knowing so much about the future in advance, Lillie answers that it’s okay because the things she can do and the things she can’t do make her who she is. I really love that and it resonated with me a lot. That’s a VERY different view from, say, X where the people who can see the future are extremely painful people for carrying that burden and not being able to do much to change that. Instead, Lillie here brings a very “Card Captor Sakura” approach, I would say. It resonates with me because we have to remind ourselves every now and then that we just cannot be good at everything. That it is okay to do great at some things and to not excel at others. Also, isn’t Sakura developing her own yumemi powers? Pretty soon I think she will be able to see just as much as Lillie and I think she will remember what Lillie said to her.

Lillie tells straight up to Sakura that her memories and records were rewritten (Kaito’s doing). This is the last volume after all, we don’t have much time left!

She also explains that Kaito sort of deceived Momo to make her believe that he wished to exchange the lives of Sakura and Akiho when, in fact, he wanted his own life to be exchanged for the magical artifact. This makes a lot of sense because a) Kaito would never wish to do that with Sakura (the daughter of his dearest Lillie’s best friend); and b) Kaito’s live was already pretty shortened from all the time rewinding. Of course Momo would never allow him to do such a thing so he fooled her (so she wouldn’t allow this but she was “okay” with exchanging Sakura and Akiho’s lives? hmmm)

Then, Lillie tells Sakura that Momo will try (or in this case, did try) to give Sakura a hint on how she could stop the forbidden magic, but that didn’t work out. This part was a bit confusing as well.

Before leaving for good, Akiho’s mother throws a couple of words that will make Sakura REFLECT and will probably be the key to make Sakura turn tables and fix all this mess Kaito created.

We got a few other mysteries solved. I am happy with the answers that was given for the dream interactions with the Mysterious Cloaked Figure, and even dark!Syaoran (I had given up hope that we’d have an answer by now, I’m happy we got one)

The updated list of cards secured so far:

  1. GALE
  2. SIEGE
  3. AQUA
  8. LUCID
  10. SNOOZE
  12. APPEAR (based on Rika)
  13. BLAZE
  14. MIRROR
  15. BLADE
  16. REPAIR (based on Tomoyo)
  17. REWIND (based on Syaoran)
  18. SHADE
  19. BREAK
  21. PROMISE (based on Yukito)
  22. MIRAGE
  23. DREAMING (based on the Mysterious Cloaked Figure)
  24. TIME
  25. TRUE OR FALSE (based on Naoko)
  26. CHOICE (based on Touya)
  27. KINDNESS (based on Fujitaka)
  28. SYNCHRONIZE (based on Yamazaki & Chiharu)

Anime-only cards:

  1. GRAVITATION (appeared in the manga)
  2. HAIL (appeared in the manga)
  3. REVERSAL (appeared in the manga)
  4. SWING

23 pages for the second chapter of volume 15 (the last one). This chapter was one page shorter than the last one, confirming my expectation that we will be getting shorter chapters until August-Setember. 47 pages for volume 15 so far!

Chapter 73 will come out on April 30th!


2 thoughts on “Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card arc – Chapter 72

  1. I’m glad to learn that at least cloaked figure is not related to Kaito’s plan… because it has been showing as a trauma thoughout the series.


    • Lillie only mentioned that Kaito’s forbidden spell starts acting from the caster or the victim birth date, because she could only contact Sakura ate the age Kaito hasn’t been born. He’s older than Sakura, but younger than Lillie.

      The spell rewrite all reality and acts to keep that working on. Lillie, at the age of Sakura, could dream about herself future desires and tried to contact Sakura when Kaito’s not born.

      Even in the dream world, the spell could reach them, to erase all Sakura’s memories of that conversation, keeping the new life going on, but not everything was lost.


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