CLAMP New Year’s Greetings

This is something that I forgot to post, but here is an illustration that Tsubaki Nekoi posted in her private board on the first day of 2010 to celebrate the new year:

Every year they draw something with the animal that represents the current year. This year is the tiger year, so that’s why 😉

The picture was followed by CLAMP’s messages welcoming the new year, funny bit that Satsuki mentioned that it’s 2010 but there aren’t flying cars as written in the old novels xD Mokona mentioned that the tiger reminds the one from that CCS anime episode where Naoko writes in “The Create” book, because of the eyes xD


17 thoughts on “CLAMP New Year’s Greetings

  1. I think i actually remember the things made by the create card. I miss that anime >.< too bad the US company that owned it went under…I'll never be able to get it

    Thank you for sharing.


        • It depends on the region code of the dvds. There are some that are region free and play on any dvd player. But Im unsure if these count as “official” considering they would play on any dvd player. But if you search around ebay etc you may find them in your region code or just region free 🙂


  2. Thanks for sharing, I do remember the anime with the create card, and I totally understand why the tiger’s eye is like this,,,XDD

    oh, right, it’s the year of tiger, but I will celebrate the start of year of tiger according to Lunar calendar,,which will be in Feb… ^^


  3. Oh yeah! i remember this! The tiger briefly appeared when Mei Lin was petting it, and Syaoran and Kero-chan were discussing bout the Create card. i THINK that’s when it showed up.
    How did i remember this? I bought a dvd of CC, that focuses on the Create, Big, and Freeze cards, long ago… that’s rite, “Cardcaptors”. e_o (why the hell did i buy that anyway?? oh rite, i used to like the english version when i was young. that time, i never knew of the japanese version… i think i still have it somewhere… o.o).

    ANYWAY, I like this tiger drawing! the dizzy eyes are quite amusing! XD and i’m kinda glad that we don’t have any flying cars in public yet. i get easily sick from motion. XD


  4. I have exceptional “geeky” memory(it’s almost like a super power) so i remember the tiger now my observation skills are lacking cause i noticed the eyes after reading your commentary!What surprises me is that they didn’t post what they did for New Years!(tnx for the news as always!)


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