CLAMP On Top Runner !

The video is -still- not available, but certainly will soon.

The file is available in many japanese p2ps, including winny (if someone knows how to use it, we’ll be happy about it).

My friend Sakura-chan already got the file so you can sleep save, the problem is, she traveled yesterday and she’ll be back only in the middle of August -__- But I don’t think the problem will be solved entirely by then, since the file is VERY big (around 500MB) there’s no server to host it and You Send It has a limited number of downloads so, we have a problem.

I’d strongly, heavily advice to each of you to e-mail to some fansub, most likely the ones doing Tsubasa, and ask for them to search for the file and make it as a project.

As I said, the file is on the p2ps and that’s the place where the fansubs take their RAW anime episodes from, which means it won’t be difficult for them to download it, they only need a major number of fans asking for it. Besides, with them doing it we can have subtitles and understand what they are saying… thing we wouldn’t have while watching Sakura-chan’s version.

I already did my part, I e-mailed Live-Evil yesterday asking for them to sub the show and I still didn’t get any answer. I sent the e-mail to the guy who posted the news of Tsubasa on their main page, Tofusensei.

As for now, we only have some screencaps

XXXHOLiC and Gouhou Drug Interview

narsil_alavel-san was kind enough to scan these 2 interviews from Kiseki 10 ! Thank you very muchly *bows* ^__^

XXXHOLiC Interview
Gouhou Drug Interview

In case there’s a kind soul will plan to translate it, may I give my opinion in which one do first? ‘Kay… I’m really looking thirsty to GD’s one, since is the 1st interview I ever seem about it and there’s a question regarding the Wish’s main chara (don’t know how to spell it right now ^^”) which has also the surname “Kudou” (same of Kazahaya’s) and I’d like to know if there’s any relative-ness.
Also, the word Asuka is mentioned often towards the end of the interview, which could be an answer to the current pause? The use of CG is also mentioned… I wonder how often they use it? *not liking the thought*

Well, not that my opinion counts that much anyway ^^”

Enjoy !