XXXHOLiC and Gouhou Drug Interview

narsil_alavel-san was kind enough to scan these 2 interviews from Kiseki 10 ! Thank you very muchly *bows* ^__^

XXXHOLiC Interview
Gouhou Drug Interview

In case there’s a kind soul will plan to translate it, may I give my opinion in which one do first? ‘Kay… I’m really looking thirsty to GD’s one, since is the 1st interview I ever seem about it and there’s a question regarding the Wish’s main chara (don’t know how to spell it right now ^^”) which has also the surname “Kudou” (same of Kazahaya’s) and I’d like to know if there’s any relative-ness.
Also, the word Asuka is mentioned often towards the end of the interview, which could be an answer to the current pause? The use of CG is also mentioned… I wonder how often they use it? *not liking the thought*

Well, not that my opinion counts that much anyway ^^”

Enjoy !

21 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC and Gouhou Drug Interview

  1. “Kudou Shuuichiro.”

    I’m interested in the Gohou Drug interview myself, as it throws around “Kamen Rider 555.”

    …The CLAMP episode of Top Runner is conspicuously absent on the internet…


    • Yeah, I always wanted to know if they are relatives or not. I really hope someone translate it. ^_^

      >…The CLAMP episode of Top Runner is conspicuously absent on the internet…
      Not that much… see my next post ^_~


  2. Wait, so now same last name indicates possible blood ties…?

    Maybe, in the pure interdimensional TRC tradition, GD!Kohaku was a human woman and Kazahaya is “her” and one of the Kudou’s lovechild? (I’m inclined to think the reincarnation, not the original doctor guy)

    What? It’s fun to theorize about random parenthood! I mean, I’m still convinced Watanuki is Clow/a Clow reincarnation’s relative in some world.

    [wonders if in any world Chiharu from CCS is related to Icchan and Oujirou]


    • >But renewing with Asuka has been fairly difficult

      What does she mean by that? o.O GD doesn’t fit in Asuka’s profile? Or they are “mad” at Asuka for the X thing? o.O

      WOW ! 1/5 of the story? That means GD will have 15 volumes O.O


      • 15 volumes of GD would break my brain. The only way I would be able to sit through that much is if the last volume was flat out porn.

        So, let’s take tally: 4 or something volumes left of unfinished X, 4/5 of Legal Drug left, 2 volumes of Clover left… UNPUBLISHED. Man, that’s frustrating.


        • My head would explode from 15 volumes of GD-goodness. *_* And the rate they were going at, it WOULD have ended in porn! 😀

          *very frustrated!* Why couldn’t have, say, SDS been interrupted?!


      • She doesn’t say “difficult,” she says 変わった (kawatta), which throws me for a loop. XD It means something more like: changed, different, odd, weird. I used “difficult” as a quick translation, am not sure what word I’ll use in the Official Translation. ^^;


    • Ea, thanks for translating that… I think X__x *cries* At least it means that I don’t have to hate CLAMP that much, I have to hate Asuka! XD I want GD! ;__; *misses the GD times when she was waiting for the new Asuka to come out each month*

      (and Yuutinho, thanks for pointing out to the scans ^_^ )


  3. Kadokawa possibly still has the rights of both series. (of course X and GD! xD”) However, it could be that the release from Infinity is a sign for the fact that this contract will soon run off … and that Kadokawa would like to earn money with the Artbook for the last time. Maybe it is in such a way, who knows?
    I hope that it is so.
    Then we would soon again have good chances, that X and GD would be finished.

    But… I wonder… 15 volumes for GD? Ôo Not, that i don´t want that much… but it shocked me a bit. *lol*


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