CLAMP On Top Runner !

The video is -still- not available, but certainly will soon.

The file is available in many japanese p2ps, including winny (if someone knows how to use it, we’ll be happy about it).

My friend Sakura-chan already got the file so you can sleep save, the problem is, she traveled yesterday and she’ll be back only in the middle of August -__- But I don’t think the problem will be solved entirely by then, since the file is VERY big (around 500MB) there’s no server to host it and You Send It has a limited number of downloads so, we have a problem.

I’d strongly, heavily advice to each of you to e-mail to some fansub, most likely the ones doing Tsubasa, and ask for them to search for the file and make it as a project.

As I said, the file is on the p2ps and that’s the place where the fansubs take their RAW anime episodes from, which means it won’t be difficult for them to download it, they only need a major number of fans asking for it. Besides, with them doing it we can have subtitles and understand what they are saying… thing we wouldn’t have while watching Sakura-chan’s version.

I already did my part, I e-mailed Live-Evil yesterday asking for them to sub the show and I still didn’t get any answer. I sent the e-mail to the guy who posted the news of Tsubasa on their main page, Tofusensei.

Baby!CLAMP *points* so cuuute!!! ^__^ They look very similar !!!
Their studio!!! *points* >_____<

See why we NEED this video? XDDD


33 thoughts on “CLAMP On Top Runner !

  1. After all this time of just squinting at tiny b&w pics I finally get to see how the CLAMP group really looks like *_* Thanx for the pics.

    I´m already promoting this video anywhere I can.


  2. It’s the first time I see so many Clamp photos together~. Thank you ever so much for posting these! =D
    I hope someone will sub it soon; even if I got the RAW, it would be no use, since I won’t understand a word Japanese to save my life…


  3. O______O how cute baby!clamp XDDD I NEED this translated too… you said p2p, but could you be a bit more specific, like file name ? please… And if you have the file yuo could host it in a torrent tracker, only need to ask for a tracker owner to host it and then generate the .torrent file, I think bitcomet can generate those files. I hope I helped ^____^


    • They are all so nervous… the less nervous one is -surely- Ohkawa, since she’s so used to talk in public, and the most nervous one is surely Satsuki! How cute ^__^


  4. The Godesses among mere mortals!They are so inspiring they have this air around them that screams creativity and greatness,and is it me or does Ohkawa sama’s eyes look kind of sad while Igarashi sama’s look tired?Ok i’m going to the corner to scream now!


  5. Waaah! As fotos de qdo elas eram bebês são muito fofas! KAWAII!!! ^_____^
    Elas são lindas! XDDD Queria tanto assistir… T_____T

    Ah! Antes que eu me esqueça, carreguei os scans de SDS na minha conta de email. Se vc quiser pegar ou quer que eu mande pra vc? Depois vc me passa o seu gmail, pois acabei perdendo depois que o meu pc deu pau >.<



  6. Thanks for the info! ^___^ I downloaded it from Winny and watched already… and then it was me squee!ing all over my room XD Nah, honestly the funniest parts you can see without understanding what they say is when they enter their studio and you can see them drawing, inking and writing. They also show us their resource material, like encyclopedias about demons, a book about world secret societies… and a collection of wines and alcoholic drinks that could make Yuuko jealous XDD

    I hope you achieve your goal and we can see it fansubbed, because with the little bits of japanese I could understand, it seemed very interesting ^^u

    (FYI, it was 330mb, more or less, and I tried recompressing it, but my tiny knowledge of enconding wasn’t enough, sorry guys T_T)


      • So you also watched the show? That’s great news !!

        Couldn’t you try and upload it to YsI? Or maybe… to pass to me through mirc or a torrent track… or even teach me how to search it on Winny!
        I had installed it and everything but my nods txt file is empty -__- there’s no way to connect to nods.

        Thanks for the audio !! Ohkawa’s voice is so strong… very different than I’d thought


        • Mmm… I think maybe the quickest way would a mIRC transfer, because I don’t think YsI would allow 330mb, don’t know a free-upload torrent, and it was my boyfriend who configured Winny for me and we still don’t know how we got the nodes to work x_x


          • Okay then ! Can we try mIRC? Please?

            Although I really think that YsI WOULD allow 330mb, since it allow 200mb o.O

            Anyway, mIRC sounds more pausible for both you and me… so… can you add me in msn? -> chibi_yuuto @ (without the spaces ^^)


  7. I am come form Hong Kong
    CLAMP-sama are so cute!!!
    I am also downloading the video..
    support CLAMP-sama forever!!!


    • Tetsuoo

      2 of them ARE ugly actually, so it wasn’t a legend after all. Oh well, just keep up the good work Clamp !

      That’s all we need to know


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