TRC 87

There !

Some really nice S+S moments ^__^ And why Sakura didn’t you just break that damn trophy for once and take the feather? XDD Who knows what the hell is gonna happen now (Ohh~~ surprise, nobody REALLY expect the mysterious man was gonna act again *cough*).
Also, ladydarkmoon-san mentioned something really interesting, the fact that only Mokona sensed what would happen… huumm… that is very interesting indeed… *random thoughts about Reed’s presence*

25 thoughts on “TRC 87

    • Because she wanted to say thank you to Tomoyo-chan, and she figured that if she broke it open she’d faint from the shock of regaining that memory. 🙂 I think it’s nice of her to put other people before her own needs, as usual.


  1. The manga is gradually slowing down… *grumbles* Although it’s physically impossible for it to become slower than the anime (I hope so! But I guess nothing could be slower than that), it’s still quite disturbing; I wish they would push it forward a bit.


    • I noticed the other day the DVD are the exact mirror of the manga; on the first DVD (1+2), Syaoran-tachi are send to Yuuko’s, then move to Hanshin. On the second DVD(3-6), they stay in Hanshin. On the third DVD (7-10), they move to Koryo and are almost done there. On the forth DVD (11-14), they complete their mission in Koryo, go to the Fog country and move to the Jade country. DVD 5 (15-18), we begin in the Jade country and end in Outo-koku. So I guess it will continue to follow the manga’s plan.



      • Wow, you must be sharp to notice something like this! That’s good to see that the anime team do follow a certain schedule, though I still think they could speed up a little. Now, let’s hope the Piffle country is really going to end soon, or else it will take up entire season of the TV series. *sweatdrops*


  2. I need translations of this stuff. Blargh. Oh, and those links weren’t working. I had to be all stealthy…

    Wow. No one expects a terrorist attack. That sucks alot. I’m also confused as to why the faixkuro fangirls are all hot and bothered about this chapter. Then again, I can’t read it so… *shrug* Last chapter, I can see what made them all a flutter. (“Oh look, he’s TOUCHING HIM!!!!!”) They are a jumpy lot. I’m sure they’d kill me if I pointed out Fai was trying to get Kuro away from the other people to discuss the sabotage attempts.

    Oh, there’s no stopping the fangirls, no siree.

    Ahem, anyway… “OH THE HUMANITY!”


  3. Thank you! I like this chapter, there’s some good character development in it. I’m so happy that Sakura won! I hope she’s able to become more and more active in the story. 🙂

    PS: Can I add you to my flist?


  4. I’ve expected the attack when Sakura won the feather…. it’s the snow-white pilot, Doctor from country of Jade. I’m surprised that Fye and Kurogane didn’t thought of that. If Sakura wanted to thank Tomoyo chan, she just could’ve ask Mokona to wait a day or two…

    Ps: When’s X coming back??? T-T


  5. Thank you very much Ali-san!

    With luck, the saboteur (Kyle) will grab Sakura and abduct her in another world in next chapter! (I can still dream, can’t I?)

    Seriously, there should be three chapters left for book 12, and since Syaoran-tachi always see new world in each book:

    1 -> Japan (Yuuko’s version);
    2 -> Hanshin;
    3 -> Koryo;
    4 -> fog;
    5 -> Jade;
    6 -> Outo;
    7 -> Edonis;
    8 -> Bonnies’;
    9 -> Shura;
    10 -> Shara;
    11 -> Piffle World;

    I guess we will move to another world by the end of this book.



  6. I love this world !!!!!!!!!! Sakura’s rock !! GOGOGO !!!
    Well, at the end of chap 87, you can see Kurogane’s expression for Tomoyo XDD can’t you sense something?! XDD


  7. Thanks for another chapter! This one was not bad, pretty cute.

    you can see Kurogane’s expression for Tomoyo XDD can’t you sense something?! XDD
    Do you mean the last page? I’m not he was looking at Tomoyo there… but hey, I won’t get in the way of the Kuro/Tomo fangirls.

    And speaking of, I think the Kuro/Fai fangirlish-ness is about what Kuro said. Fai is talking about how everyone has changed, how S & S are smiling more now, and Kuro points out that Fai should have changed as well. It’s just the way Kuro always sees straight through Fai like that…


  8. Ok Calmp please get this country over!I love Tomoyo but i want the Sumeragi vampires!And ofcourse Seishirou!(Something tells me the assasin is doctor Kyle!I just remembered we didn’t see a body)


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