Video Download: CLAMP On Top Runner !

Thanks to this soul kind soul called miyazawa_lulu-san I was able to get the RAW video of the Show (YEY!!!!) And after uploading for almost 10 hours (I’m not kidding!) in You Send It:

Here it is !

The show is absolutely great, it’s like a dream come true ! The link is likely to expire since it has a limited number of clicks, so… BE QUICK !

In case you can’t download it, I’ll try to find another way to give it to you, don’t worry. And I’d like the help of the people who COULD get the file and send for those who couldn’t.

Also, use YsI’s Download Manager, in case you still don’t have it, because the file is big (333MB) and the connection may fall.


We still need to get a fansub to take care of it… the show seems very interesting but those who can’t understand japanese won’t get a thing.

EDIT: The link expired, -already-, so I’d ask for the people who managed to got the file, please be a seeder for those who couldn’t. I created a torrent tracker at mininova:

Thank you!


40 thoughts on “Video Download: CLAMP On Top Runner !

  1. Aparece isso:
    “Unfortunately, the link you have clicked is not available.
    Your transfer cannot be completed. Most likely the file has exceeded its allotted bandwidth or has been removed by the original sender or a recipient.”

    Talvez o arquivo seja muito grande…


  2. Well… I think the worse happened… the link expired… it reached the maximum number of downloads (OMG how fast !)

    I’ll try to make a torrent file!

    I’m also trying to see if we can use mIRC ! I’ll be back later


  3. Hi! First af all i wanna thank Chibiyuuto because his entries make the clamp fans agroup and organized, and also he keeps us informed with all the news in the “Clampworld”, ok

    Same here about the file can not be downloaded, but I think if some of us download the file, we can upload it again, each one of us, so that way we can give more downloads to others (if them do the same and upload it too, even better!), I dont know what you guys think…I would do it…

    “Why don’t you make a torrent and post it on a random torrent tracker that doesn’t care what you upload, like”

    In the torrent case, I think this web might help/work: , it is a spanish anime torrents website if you wanna know. As far as i know anyone can upload a file there, as long as is a forum member 😉
    I can make the torrent file, but I don´t know how to get it into the tracker n.nU

    Anyways, please count with me to help, I will be on msn all day if anyone needs to contact me, is daisukeniwa @ hotmail . com . ar

    Oh, and sorry Chibiyuuto I did not wanted to be not educated (i dont know the word in english, in spanish is “atrevido”) to post here such things as i have, I just want to help (please dont get mad n_nU)


    • >Same here about the file can not be downloaded, but I think if some of us download the file, we can upload it again, each one of us, so that way we can give more downloads to others (if them do the same and upload it too, even better!), I dont know what you guys think…I would do it…

      Thank you! That was my thought as well ! Everybody should help ^_^

      Thanks for the compliments ^__^

      And no no, you are not been not-educated ^__^ You are very kind!


  4. Okay, I made a tracker at mininova, BUT, nothing happens… o.o

    I mean, I’m there as a seeder, or at least I *think* I am… but the page says there’s no seeder at all >.<

    What am I doing wrong?


  5. Oi pra todos! vou me apresentar! sou o kurodo, no mirc e no msn me conhecem assim XD! Sou MUITO fã da CLAMP! e to muito empolgado com o Top Runner! espero conseguí-lo logo^^’
    Bem, atualmente estou atrás de alguém que saiba japonês pra me ajudar a traduzir o mangá do 20 Menshô ni Onegai (CLAMP)… Eu comprei ele em JP mas não sei praticamente nada da língua XD
    se alguém puder me ajudar, me manda um e-mail!
    pode me adicionar tb quem quiser!
    abraços pra todos ae e espero ser um grande amigo da galera!


  6. Oh oh! I’ll help too whenever I finish downloading and am still on the high speed stuff. ^_^ Thank you!
    And…and…I could see about trying to do the translating part…but…I might not be very good…in fact I might be pretty bad… *still not the master of colloquial Japanese* ^_^’


  7. Thank you!!!!!!! XD I’ll seed when finished, whenever it happens, we must spread the new so more peers come to help… I’ll post the link in a spanish manga forum, can I?


    • Thank you muchly ^__^

      If only we could get one more seeder… As far as I’m concerned, I’m the only seeder o.o”

      We have to get at least one more person with the complete file…

      But sure, you can warn the people at the forum… the more the better, isn’t it?


      • 2 things:

        1)I need subtitles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        2)I WANT that big shelve at Clamp’s house, obviously with all the stuff included XDDDDDD *blinks*

        They seem to be ‘so normal’ and ‘so japanese’ XDDD Mokona is adorable, just like the ‘Mokona’ yay!


          • It’s some piece of wonderfulness isn’t it? ^__^
            *nods nods* and it is like a dream, I mean, they move and talk and laugh XDD And have incredibly cool chairs at their job places, I want one too XDDDD And all those thin drawers, must contain X&TB original drawings *drools*


  8. Seeding it, and already said it (many times XD), but thanks for those comments, Yuuto *^^* Now that we (almost) took care of the problem of the fansub, hope we get a japanese->english translator soon! >_


  9. I didn’t get nothing

    hello there, plase help, I’m using the tracker but seems that there are no seeders at all 😦


    • Re: I didn’t get nothing

      Try again, and even if it times out with no seeds apparently visable, just keep it up. That’s what I did, and sure enough, seeds and peers eventually showed up. I am currently seeding the file, and I am seeing 5 seeds recently and 18 peers.

      P.S. – Thank you so much for putting this online. ^_^ It’s so incredible to finally see my favorite artists in the flesh, so to speak. ^_^ Will email Live-Evil to request a sub. Considering I have no clue what they are saying at present, seeing their studio was the highlight for me.


      • Re: I didn’t get nothing

        Yes, people should ask as you said ! Bittorrent is complicated and the file is not so well-distributed yet.

        Thanks for everything you’ve done ^__^ Please keep seeding as much as you can *bows*


  10. Waaah… T.T

    [insert backstory…]
    I was started spontaneous downloading of Kobato on CLAMP no Lumiere and wandered onto your journal… and went all the way back (doesn’t that sound a tad bit stalker-ish? eheheh..) and read through the entries to gaze lovingly on all the pretty pictures (I sobbed when I got to the CLAMP Expo ones… haha).. Anyway (I got a little side-tracked….) the torrent died… I don’t know if you addressed this later on (if so.. Sorry! ^^;;;) But… Am I too late for the Top Runner video? >< Then again… my computer is so old and slow it'd take a few days to download.. Xp Ah well… I hope I'm not oo late.. haha. ^^;;;


    • Thanks for loving my LJ ^^” But I’m afraid you are indeed too late >.< The torrent is dead and there's nothing I can do about it.
      If it makes you feel better, I'm -trying- to find a fansubber to sub it… but it's a very hard task, but I hope I can make it.


  11. Question


    I have one question, sorry fot bothering you, but… do you happen to have the raw version somewhere? Because the links don’t work anymore, not even the torrent… and I was able to find just the subbed one.
    However, I need the raw version, because I wanted to make subtitles in my language (czech) and to make it a part of my CLAMP presentation at school.

    So if you could upload it or knew where to find it, I would be eternally grateful:-)


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