Video Download: CLAMP On Top Runner !

Thanks to this soul kind soul called miyazawa_lulu-san I was able to get the RAW video of the Show (YEY!!!!) And after uploading for almost 10 hours (I’m not kidding!) in You Send It:

Here it is !

The show is absolutely great, it’s like a dream come true ! The link is likely to expire since it has a limited number of clicks, so… BE QUICK !

In case you can’t download it, I’ll try to find another way to give it to you, don’t worry. And I’d like the help of the people who COULD get the file and send for those who couldn’t.

Also, use YsI’s Download Manager, in case you still don’t have it, because the file is big (333MB) and the connection may fall.


We still need to get a fansub to take care of it… the show seems very interesting but those who can’t understand japanese won’t get a thing.

EDIT: The link expired, -already-, so I’d ask for the people who managed to got the file, please be a seeder for those who couldn’t. I created a torrent tracker at mininova:

Thank you!