CLAMP starts moving to new studio

In the beginning of this year, Nanase Ohkawa announced in her Private Board at CLAMP-NET.COM that CLAMP would be moving to a new studio this year. Today she made another post saying that moving has already started.


We have just finished our last manuscript in this studio.
The last manuscript was for “XXXHOLiC Rou”.

We’ve been in this studio for 6 years, I think?

Thank you, Studio-san.
From here on we’ll be moving out from Studio-san.
Let’s drink!





I think it’s cute how she calls it “Studio-san” xD

Looking forward to their new studio! I hope they post some pictures =)


7 thoughts on “CLAMP starts moving to new studio

  1. I think it’s cute how she calls it “Studio-san” xD

    Awww.. that’s adorable. They must be feeling nostalgic or sentimental about leaving. (It’s not the studio they all used to live in right? That moved out of that one ages ago… O_o )


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