Kobato. Anime Staff! MADHOUSE, Ohkawa included

EDIT: We now have a preview from the article!

Click to enlarge it.

Following the breaking news of Kobato.’s anime adaptation, according to Moonphase, this will be the staff working on it:

Director: Mitsuyuki Masuhara (CLAMP IN WONDERLAND 2, Chobits episode 21 director).
Series Composition: Nanase Ohkawa.
Character design: Hiromi Kato (CLAMP IN WONDERLAND 2).
Animation production: MADHOUSE.

The anime is scheduled to begin in the autumn of 2009, on NHK channel.

Now, if you allow me…


Nanase Ohkawa will be the series compositor alone!!! I’m pretty sure this means most of the episode scripts will be written by her *bliss*

And Madhouse is animating it!!!! *___* The dream team again xDDDDDDD Now we just need Mokona as costume designer and we’re set!

That’s ALL I wanted. Honestly! So far so good to me, so far so excellent to me *total bliss*

There were two things I thought it was weird, though. The fact that will start in the autumn (Kobato. is such a “Spring” anime) and the fact that will be broadcast on NHK (I hope Ioryogi’s words won’t be censored).

Excellent news!!! *joy joy joy*

EDIT: Commenting the first official promotional image now. It looks so damn good! So pretty! I’m surprised they already released a promotional illustration, and also surprised with Toshihiko’s black hair! (?)


98 thoughts on “Kobato. Anime Staff! MADHOUSE, Ohkawa included

  1. I totally didn’t expect Kobato to have an anime adaptation! This is such wonderful news, I LOVE Kobato! XD

    I know the 3 volumes we have so far isn’t much material to release animes with, but with Ohkawa on board for series composition, I think she’ll at least make sure that its headed in a suitable direction, CLAMP style.

    And yes, I hope they don’t censor Ioryogi too much 😉


    • I didn’t expect it this soon, definitely!

      I hope Newtype will provide more pages per issue to CLAMP, so they can draw more pages per chapter and by doing so, release more volumes quickly ^^

      >but with Ohkawa on board for series composition, I think she’ll at least make sure that its headed in a suitable direction, CLAMP style.

      Exactly! CCS style too, with round original episodes ^_~


  2. ♥♥♥♥♥ atari♥♥♥♥♥

    thanks chibiyuuto san then will be very good because for the next autum we will have more material so can be a good anime!!!!
    the dream team!!!!♥♥♥♥♥

    i’m so very happy!!!


  3. Oh ! Great news ! Thank you very much chibiyuuto-kun !
    But…automn 2009…why do we know that so early ? * but during this time, the manga of Kobato will grow and have more story to animate*
    It sounds great ! Madhouse animation, Ohkawa-sensei direction…I can expect very much about this new TV anime.
    I can’t wait to hear Kobato’s voice >w


    • They will start working on it, I guess ^^ Madhouse are awesome like that, they start working way beforehand so their works look well-elaborated and pretty like we know them.

      The hints were everywhere. Ohkawa changing her name back to Nanase (I think one of the reasons was to so that people would associate her name again as script writer), Ohkawa’s meetings with Madhouse (apart from discussing Mouryou no Hako, I think they dicussed Kobato. too!)

      The feedback from Kobato. in CIW2 must have been very positive so for the anime it’s natural that they would keep the same staff.

      The pattern is similar to CLAMP IN WONDERLAND 1. Its director and character designer worked later in CCS.


  4. YES!

    And with Madhouse and Ohkawa and the CiW people, I’m honestly hoping they keep the crossover background cameos, or even add new ones like they did with CCS. It’ll be sweet to watch.


    • YESSSSS!!

      >I’m honestly hoping they keep the crossover background cameos

      Ohkawa shall have LOADS of fun writing these scripts, she must feel more comfortable working with Madhouse, I think.

      Among its crossovers, it crosses with CCS, Chobits and Wish, all Madhouse productions, so I think the crossovers will happen =DDD

      I too want new crossovers and tidbits that were not in the manga, only in the anime !


  5. YES YES YES!! Madhouse + Ohkawa + I had loved the composition for CLAMP IN WONDERLAND 2, this should be good! I hope they don’t disappoint! Kobato, animated! I hope her hair will look pretty. :> Fujimoto, do want.


  6. SHOCK

    O______________o Is Kobato popular enough to make an anime based on it???????? (then why not a GD OVA? XD)
    I don’t know if I will watch it, but maybe I will try if they get a good seiyuu for Mr Bishounen XD (don’t remember his name)


    • Re: SHOCK

      >Is Kobato popular enough to make an anime based on it????????

      Well. I don’t think so, honestly XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

      The second volume solf 32.000 in its first week (if you want a comparison, Tsubasa #25 sold almost 200.000).

      Maybe it’s an strategy to boost its sales. But then, would they really invest on it if it weren’t popular? We’ll never know.

      But I ALWAYS thought that Kobato. was destined to become anime the moment it started being serialized in Newtype, which is an anime magazine.

      I hope there will be the GD cameos!!!!


  7. *O* Thank you, it’s almmost unbelievable CLAMP working with MADHOUSE again!!! they born to work together XD plus Ohkawa in the staff its worth to wait for sure 😀


  8. \o/


    The picture is so pretty! I love the animation, all the characters look great. Although I did expect Toshihiko’s hair to be a lighter color. I always thought it was light brown or something.


  9. The bodies look like they might be too small (*___*), but otherwise, pretty! There’s more promise here than the first TRC images. *thumbs up*

    And I told you it was too much fanfare for just a video. X3


    • Yes, the bodies are slightly more “compact” than the original manga version xD I noticed that in CIW2 already.

      >And I told you it was too much fanfare for just a video. X3



  10. Fall 2009? Okay, it’s a long time to wait, but that means they have even longer to plan it and, since TRC and Holic should be ending this spring/summer, they will have more time to put into it! Alright, I’m finally happy now, but yes, please put Mokona in charge of outfits!


    • It’s almost a year of planning, that’s very good! The longer the plan, the prettier the final result.

      And there’s also the fact that Ohkawa needs to finish TRC and XXXHOLiC, like you said, and thus, get more free time to dedicate to the anime adaptation.

      >please put Mokona in charge of outfits!

      Please! I guess it depends on how many original episodes there will be. Because it’s 100% faithful to the manga, they can always copy the outfits. But they’ll need new outfits for completely original episodes.


  11. szporuwijfdhrdshgrjehiuhfihvlkrnb rkl cflkjhnvirehrt3phctfækhyf54wkrjnræækthæejfhæoih3r!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    (*after looking on the pic* i didn´t expect toshihiko-kun to have a black/dark hair)


  12. **VAChE**


    Oh GOD ;___________; I can’t believe it, it’s beautiful!!!…just as I imagined it T___T

    >>Now we just need Mokona as costume designer and we’re set!.<

    We saw Kobato on clamp in wonderland 2 so I knew how beautiful she would look (she' so beautiful *O* I love her!!!) …but seeing Fujimoto, Chitose, Chiho, Chise, Toshihiko oh GOD I just can't wait ;_____; and HOORAY FOR OHKAWA IN THE STUFF!!!!!!!!!!! YYYYAAAAYYYYY!!!!!
    I wonder if Icchan will appear in the manga and the anime…I wanted to see him with Chitose on Chobits ;_____;

    Thank you very much for this wonderful news…GRACIAS!!!!


    • The kids are adorable! I can’t wait to see all of them animated and being cute XDDD

      >I wonder if Icchan will appear in the manga and the anime…I wanted to see him with Chitose on Chobits ;_____;

      Oh me too! I was just thinking that! Maybe if we get a lot of original episodes, it would be a huge favor if Ohkawa could include him in a few episodes *-*


    • Definitely!

      >Now why didn’t they do this for the TC anime and HOLiC?

      I can’t answer this properly because I don’t know the answer, but I think they were too busy at the time (that’s what I want to think, at least).

      They were dealing with Death Note and Nana, which were two huge hits.

      Maybe they couldn’t handle Tsubasa AND XXXHOLiC, as much awesome as they can be, they must have production limits ^^


      • You can blame the people that publish the manga. “The Weekly Shonen Manga”, what they do is set a date up to when “said” manga to be animated by an animation company. For some reason, the creators CLAMP, can’t pick because of some contract. But once the contract is up, “or” the show has crashed, then do the creators have the here say to do with it whatever they want, out of their own pocket. (In this case, CLAMP’s doing rather good with the OVD’s)
        Hope this somewhat clears the area.


  13. Yo, Chibi-Yuuto!!

    OH MY GOSH, I can’t believe what I just read. Madhouse doing the anime series of Kobato!! OMG, SQUEE!! This is by far the greatest CLAMP news that I have ever heard. I just love Kobato and Ioryogi so much. Thank you so much for this wonderful news report~ ^o^ *gives a big glomp attack*

    It’s official: Chibi-Yuuto and CLAMP made my day… BIG TIME!!

    Ki o tsukete, Chibi-Yuuto!
    Nyanko-san ^__^


      • Dude, you are SO right… Mokona should be along with Ohkawa for this!!
        Awwh, how nice of you to say that you want to include my favorite CLAMP lady.
        Of course, Ohkawa is my favorite along with her~ =P


  14. Well this is the quickest answer to my prayers XDD Ohkawa+Madhouse=screams and faints of happiness!!!! >.<

    Kobato deserve it after all, so I'm really happy for it. Also the promotional doesn't look bad at all. But this means that once again Ohkawa was teasing with us "Can't tell yet" come on! she really likes to make her fans suffer XDD

    In conclusion the next year is going to be great!!! Tsubasa and xxxHOLiC OADs+their endings, mangettes, kobato animated and CLAMP's 20th anniversary!!!! *0*


    • >Well this is the quickest answer to my prayers XDD

      Hahahah you’re the cutest, Hikki-chan XDDDD

      But it’s truuuuue, it’s even hard to believe! We’ve been BLESSED!

      >Also the promotional doesn’t look bad at all.

      On the contrary, right? It looks so perfect! And usually I am very picky when it comes to promotional anime magazines pics (which are usually ugly).

      >In conclusion the next year is going to be great!!! Tsubasa and xxxHOLiC OADs+their endings, mangettes, kobato animated and CLAMP’s 20th anniversary!!!! *0*



      • Hahahah you’re the cutest, Hikki-chan XDDDD
        You make me blush ^^

        -We’ve been BLESSED!
        Yeah it’s too much to be true but IT IS!!!

        -On the contrary, right?
        Right, the quality looks great! it remembers me to the first promotional of CLAMP in wonderland 2, but it’s even better. If the final work is going to be like that then I have nothing to complain about graphic aspects.

        XDDDD well, well, well this year is almost over so, not much waiting from now on.


  15. SO excited right now, there are no words.
    I’m also surprised with Toshihiko’s black hair color. I would have thought something closer to Kobato’s shade based on the manga.

    It looks so pretty already; I can’t wait to see it and find out who the voice cast is going to be!

    Thanks so much for posting this information! ♥


    • Me too, me too! Hopefully these are only test colors.

      I can’t wait for cast info either! But I think we’ll have to wait a bit more for that >_< Like, when we are closer to the start date.




    NOW I WANT (need!!) TO KNOW THE SEIYUU CAST!!!!! @____________@




    but omfg yes \o/ ~~~~~

    I’m all bouncy just from seeing Toshi (seconding the surprise over his black hair!) and the pigtails!girl and everyone else in the pic, ajdksjfklksdgkjld.


  18. I-I don’t know what to say!!!!!!!! It-it’s a like a dream come true.

    And the art! The art looks AMAZING! I have not seen anime art that looks so good! The colour of Chii’s hair looks a bit odd but over all this is a really good start!

    Ohkawa scripts


    • Excellent news, isn’t it? We have been blessed!

      >The colour of Chii’s hair looks a bit odd but over all this is a really good start!

      It’s a bit too yellowish, right? But it had been like that in Chobits time too…

      >but then wouldn’t she be really really busy, with the OVAs and Horitsuba?

      I think she will first finish the OAD scripts, then start on Kobato ^^


  19. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *O*
    (i must say i screamed when i read you news xD *blushes*)
    i’m so happy about this!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks Yuuto-sama for the news!!!!!!!!! *O* *hugs him*



  20. Animated Kobato is so cute!

    Was Madhouse responsible for X the Movie, the Clover music video, and Clamp in Wonderland? I have high expectations for animation quality if they are. Poor animators… they have to deal with Kobato’s hair again. XD


    • >Was Madhouse responsible for X the Movie, the Clover music video, and Clamp in Wonderland?

      Yes *nods* ^^

      >Poor animators… they have to deal with Kobato’s hair again. XD

      WORD! But it’s MADHOUSE, they’ll do fine XDDD Plus, they have dealt with Chii’s hair once (and will have to deal with it again, HAHA!)


  21. Oh, it looks so pretty! Kobato looks adorable X3 As you said in your previous post, I wonder how they will manage with such little material too. Fillers don’t sound like a bad idea; there’s so much to play with in Kobato’s world, especially character-wise. Legal Drug cameos please! XD

    Thanks for the update!


    • >Fillers don’t sound like a bad idea; there’s so much to play with in Kobato’s world, especially character-wise.

      I think so too! There could be lots and lots of side stories with Chiroru’s bakery (Ueda-san!), all the crossover characters which appeared only once (like Hinata and Asou), and YES, Gouhou Drug of course!


  22. Your wish is granted chibiyuuto….^^

    Wow, this is the biggest news from Clamp for this Xmas season. ^___^
    Hope it would be the best animated series like Card Captor Sakura.And now i remember, when Clamp in Wonderland 2 released,you said in your comment that you want Kobato anime from Madhouse. Right? ^^
    Now after 1 year, your wish is granted my friend chibiyuuto.hahaha.^_^
    Like you said, dreams come true.
    Ganbattene Clamp,Madhouse,and Kobato!
    and thank you for the news my friend.

    *ps : now i’m just thinking,when Clamp want to continue their other biggest work,X 1999? I really want to see continuation from X.
    if i can, i want to give email/letter to clamp, so they know that X 1999 still famous and much people want to see continuation from this series.

    Best regard



    • Re: Your wish is granted chibiyuuto….^^

      Thank you for your kind words! XDDD I remember that! I always wished Madhouse for Kobato (for every CLAMP work, really) and Ohkawa in the staff.
      I’m very happy with this news ^^

      My best regards to you too!

      PS: We don’t know yet, unfortunately. But hopefully next year when they finish xxxholic and Tsubasa? Let’s hope for the best ^^


  23. That’s so awesome! =3 It sounds like it’ll be a very cool project.

    I really haven’t read very far in Kobato (less than one volume, sadly DX), but are Ioryogi’s words strong enough to be censored? I know he’s kind of mean to Kobato, but what did you mean by that? By the way, also, do you know what his peculiarity is with his speech? Is it a dialect or slang or what? Just wondering. I’m studying Japanese and when I finally get around to reading Kobato, I’d like to try reading it in Japanese, but it’s always so hard understanding Ioryogi. Thanks. =]

    Yay once again for happy news! =D


    • Ioryogi swears a lot, throws a couple of bad words here and there when he’s pissed ^^

      And NHK, at least their educational channel, has a strong educational policy.

      But they have two cable channels too, I hope Kobato airs in one of those so it won’t be too censored.


  24. OMG I didn’t thin i’d get this excited, especially since I haven’t been keeping up with Kobato very much but I am. That Image won me over and I can’t wait.

    We’re getting SO much from CLAMP next year. The ending of Holic and Tsubasa, and the release of the international mangetes and now a Kobato Anime. This is so exciting!


  25. I’m a bit worried. Madhouse haven’t been doing very well lately, especially with Chaos;Head. Hopefully they will change that though.

    But this is overall great news, I can’t wait!


  26. …NHK?

    I CAN HAS WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

    ….But I’ll be a busy high school senior studying for college entrance exams because they usually start during the autumn season, AKA August. T^T

    Sorry for the deleted comment, I accidentally posted. LOL. |Da


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