EXCLUSIVE: Kobato. TV Anime announced !!!

From the preview of the next Newtype cover comes the official announcement: Kobato. will be made into a TV anime !!!

That’s all information available at the moment.

I thought it was a music video but who cares? That’s excellent news!!! XDD

I know it feels like we don’t have enough material for a TV series, but we don’t know when it’s going to premiere (isn’t next Spring too soon?). Apart from that, you all remember CCS and how its many original episodes contributed a lot for its success, maybe the same thing could happen with Kobato.?

For now I’m just very excited about it xD

More information as they come!

A HUGE thanks to radiomacrossing for telling me about this!

57 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Kobato. TV Anime announced !!!

    • I hope Ohkawa’s yoga teacher does it XDDD

      Can I dream too? I hope YUI sings the OP xD

      *joins in the madhouse finger crossing*

      You’re welcome, it’s a pleasure to deliver this news =)


      • I hope Ohkawa’s yoga teacher does it XDDD
        I don’t know why, but this comment made me laugh, as soon as I read it, I thought of Ohkawa going to her yoga lessons and then going up to her instructor asking if she wanted to voice for an anime XD

        YUI singing for the OP would be lovely 🙂 I think her voice would suit the style and mood for Kobato..


        • I can picture Ohkawa doing it XD

          But it may not happen of coooourse xD

          Ohkawa once wrote that she listens to YUI while writing Kobato. That’s why I think YUI would be perfect (and also because I like her music ♥ XD)


          • Nothing is impossible for our Ohakwa XD

            I loved YUI as well, but I over played “Life” and now I can’t stand the song XD (by over playing, I mean like 10 times a day O.O)

            I’m also really curious about the time slot, we all know that Kobato. as a series have lots of secrets (possibly dark ones), it might seem like a kiddy series now but we never know. I just hope it doesn’t follow TRC’s path, having it at the prime time slot and then when the series really hits its high point (ANGST ANGST ANGST), the producers will have to fill it up with fillers then ruin the flow of the anime.


            • Hahahah really? I can imagine because LIFE is soooo addictive, I love it XDDD “Ai saretai, ai saretai bakari” ♥

              >I just hope it doesn’t follow TRC’s path

              Good point. I hope CLAMP has learned the lesson.

              They should be clear with the producers about what they have in store for Kobato.

              But I think due to Ioryogi’s vocabulary we’ll get an appropriate time slot by default. I think NHK is OUT for that reason xD


              • At one point I could sing LIFE without looking at the lyrics, now I can’t only sing the first verse XD

                I hope Ohkawa is somehow involved in the staff work 😀

                I can’t help but keep wondering about the cast, I think Ono Daisuke would do a good job for Fujimoto.

                I don’t think it’d really be “ready” for next April, but I think Spring would would a good season for it to start.


                • I’m not sure I want it to begin next Spring xD I -am- afraid of the fillers XD

                  But I agree that Kobato. HAS TO start in the Spring. So if it doesn’t start in 2009, then only in 2010?

                  Newtype has to provide more pages for CLAMP to draw bigger chapters! With only 14 pages per chapter we won’t get any more than one volume a year.


  1. I think if internet fandom had been at this level when CCS was airing, all the analysis and week-by-week commenting on each episode (with everyone having read the manga already) would have resulted in a lot of people hating the CCS anime for its insane overabundance of filler.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the CCS anime. I’m just sayin’ is all.


    • >I think if internet fandom had been at this level when CCS was airing, all the analysis and week-by-week commenting on each episode (with everyone having read the manga already) would have resulted in a lot of people hating the CCS anime for its insane overabundance of filler.

      You know I ALWAYS wondered that? If we would accept it so easily having read the manga before. I know most people didn’t read the manga before watching the anime. I guess we’ll never find that out.


      • Yeah, me too. I saw the anime first, so I didn’t really think about what parts were anime-original until I finally read the manga a couple of years later. Very different to my perspective on Chobits and Tsubasa.

        (To give another example: I don’t know if you watch Naruto or you’re familiar with its fandom at all, but everyone started reading the manga when the anime had nearly two years of solid filler, and now everyone complains about how much filler there is inserted between the manga-based material in the second series, Naruto Shippuuden. As someone who still only follows Naruto in anime form, I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference in pacing compared to the first series. I think the difference in perception across the fandom is because far fewer people read the earlier parts of the story in manga form before seeing the anime adaptation.)


        • I don’t follow Naruto or its fandom, but that’s a pretty interesting statement that I wasn’t aware of xD

          Well in my case, as long as these original episodes (or most of them) are written by Ohkawa, or at the very least approved by her (that is, if she’s working in the staff), I’m okay with all the infinite amounts of original episodes like CCS.


  2. Well, my POV is still unchanged: I think we’ve got too little material and it’s gonna be hard keeping up, knowing that Kobato is a monthly(=slow) release…
    Still, I will save my final judgement for later since the premiere date is still unknown, plus we don’t know which anime studio will be taking care of it (*crossing fingers for MadHouse*) and also, if Ohkawa and Mokona will be part of the staff, the same they were for the CCS TV series; in which case, if the fillers are Clamp’s creation and following their scripts, we don’t need to worry about anything ^__^
    I think I might be getting the january Newtype in around 10 days, and will scan the news about Kobato, in case no one took care of it before I do of course~


    • It’s going to be hard if it’s premiering next Spring and Newtype doesn’t allow CLAMP to draw more than 14 pages per chapter.

      I really hope they’ll revive the “dream team” again, that is CLAMP (Ohkawa and Mokona) x Madhouse. It worked so well in CCS!

      Thanks for scanning the article, very helpful of yours ^^



    yes, YES, YEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
    KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!! jaqwfnoifaslhakwfhawjf

    sorry for the unusual excitement. ^^; heheh. I’m calm now. *breathes slowly*

    there are a few things i want from the anime. 1) Madhouse PLZ!! 2) I heard that Ohkawa-san’s (or is it someone else) yoga teacher’s voice is perfect for Kobato-chan. I wanna hear her voice. :3 but i don’t mind Maaya Sakamoto-san. 😀 3) IT BETTER BE GOOD!!!! >.<

    *cross fingers*


  4. **VAChE**

    OH GOD!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Chibiyuuto this made my day!!!!!!!

    Let’s hope it’ll be more faithfull to the manga…it can’t be worse than Tsubasa’s anime adaptation, can it? (Madhouse, madhouse, madhouse!!!)

    **Fingers crossed for Ohkawa being part of the stuff >.


  5. OMG OMG OMG!!!!! *fangirl mode ON!* I heard the rumors, but left it at that, since the odds of this becoming an anime was slim to none, but wow! It’s being animated!!!!!! I am THRILLED!!! Thank you for posting this news! *is looking forward to making Fujibato amvs*


  6. Oh realyy?? That’s great news!!! 😀

    I don’t really care which studio animates it though, preferably Madhouse as long as its not Beetrain, then its fine by me.

    Thanks for the info, chibi Yuuto-san. :]


  7. Ohhhh *^*
    Kobato anime….
    *looking forward*

    Ahhh, I want to know what seiyuu will give life to the characters *^*
    But if it’s gooing to be another TRC or X anime I gonna cry xD


  8. *flails*


    (excuse me for a moment)


    Despite my niggling concerns (not enough content being number one) I can’t help but be excited! I LOVE Kobato!

    Oh, I can’t wait! Here’s hoping this will encourage Newtype to devote some more pages to Kobato. And for an English Language publisher to license the volumes (since Newtype USA doesn’t print anymore). I’m buying the tankobans, but I want it in English, too.

    I guess that if Ohkawa goes onto staff that they might not have time to immediately pick up another manga *cough*GD*cough* after Tsubasa/HOLiC ends? They’ll still be doing Kobato and they’ll have the mangettes to do, too. I think Tsubasa and HOLiC are drawing to a close, but they had trouble doing the CCS manga alongside assisting the production of the CCS anime. I can’t imagine them assisting the Kobato anime AND doing the Kobato manga AND doing the mangettes AND doing another manga on top (even if 14 pages of Kobato a month must be relatively simple). And that’s assuming that TRC/HOLiC ends before the anime production starts.

    CLAMP are going to be busy ladies, no matter how it all works out.

    But, still…KOBATO ANIME!!!!


    • >Here’s hoping this will encourage Newtype to devote some more pages to Kobato.

      Same here. Please. It’s an urgent need now.

      >I can’t imagine them assisting the Kobato anime AND doing the Kobato manga AND doing the mangettes AND doing another manga on top

      It sound very hard indeed. But they were able to handle 4 mangas and assist CCS anime (CRAZY times, I know! XD)

      I think they can handle one more manga. Gouhou Drug, for example, with Nekoi as the main artist, she’ll be free after XXXHOLiC ends.

      Mokona handling Kobato.’s main art and, lets suppose, Mangettes’ main art. And Nekoi handling GD’s main art.


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