TRC 206 !

Scans at The Room of Requirement thanks to ladydarkmoon like always =)

Surprisingly enough, this chapter ended up being funnier than I expected xD

LOL at Kurogane asking Fei Wang to get his lazy ass out of his hideout XDDD

I love Syaoran’s face in page 05, the eyes! *-*

I was actually surprised the clone turned away like that…

LOL at Fye being disappointed with Fei Wang’s minions (honestly, they are starting to become over-used XD)

Wah! Fye is so cool with his claws out! XD I was indeed wondering how he would fight without his magic. No more gloves for him, though D= He stole a weapon from one of the minions to help him out.

So until now it’s just dork minions being dork. But here CLAMP comes in and reminds me why I love them so much!

So they were created out of the souls Fei Wang collected? It’s amazing that they thought this through.

Everything is way too playful for Fye and Kurogane, don’t you think? I don’t think Fei Wang will just sit there and watch his soldiers being defeated.

And ohhh, are we really getting now the final Syaoran vs. Syaoran battle? This ends today. Today? You mean next year, right? XD

All I know is that the clone looks suspicious to me, and that he might surprise us in this battle.

C’mon, I wanna see some deaths already! >D

Oh and by the way, although I never made a post about XXXHOLiC 170, I did read it and it’s worth mentioning that the obvious is now confirmed: CCS Sakura and Syaoran are alive, just not in this world.


Srly XD

It was just CLAMP teasing a few weeks of despair in their readers XD

49 thoughts on “TRC 206 !

  1. Great comments, I agree with you! This chapter was funnier than I could’ve expected!

    So they were created out of the souls Fei Wang collected? It’s amazing that they thought this through.

    Everything is way too playful for Fye and Kurogane, don’t you think? I don’t think Fei Wang will just sit there and watch his soldiers being defeated.

    Is it just me, or does this part of the chapter raise some questions? Are these the souls of people in Clow Country that disappeared, or also souls of people Fei Wang killed (like real!Fye and Kurogane’s mother?)

    I think something important can happen even before their real battle against Fei Wang. D=

    Please, CLAMP, don’t make them (and us!) suffer even more! XD


  2. who gonna die ?

    Hem… who gonna die ?? clone syaoran or real one or they gonna stab each other… and end like that? err?? what I’m thinking??=_=’, well thanks for the chapter ^^’


    • We need deaths xD

      I do think cloney might just make a sacrifice. He has changed since he killed Sakura’s soul.

      However, real Syaoran could sort of die to, this way his “soul” would enter the tube and the infamous tube scene could happen XD

      >Kurogane and Fye are enjoying themselves too much.

      Agreed xD


  3. Funny conversation between Yuuy and Kurogane, and their fight are back!!!

    I’m kind of confused about what Yuuy told Real Syaoran before he left for fighting Clone Syaoran. In Piffle World, was the one told him Real Syaoran or Clone Syaoran.


  4. I was so happy to read that Sakura and Syaoran are alive and waiting for both their kids. ^^

    Fai was so awesome this chapter – I think it’s the first time he’s fighting and genuinely not ultra-gloomy on the inside about it.

    >This ends today. Today? You mean next year, right? XD
    Exactly. Right before Fuuma finally jabs the shinken into Kamui.


    • We shall see them, we shall see them, I hope! It was so obvious that they were alive, who were CLAMP trying to fool? XDD

      >Exactly. Right before Fuuma finally jabs the shinken into Kamui.



  5. The souls Fei Wong Stole are the souls of the people like the girl in xxxHolic with the wings on her back. Remember Watanuki almost got stabbed with an esacto knife due to the girl with growing wings. At least I remember Yuuko saying they were soul stealer.

    YAY for CCS peeps not being…where are they?

    The Daddy comments are back btw and I love them, and either Kurogane has accepted them or he just didn’t care at the moment because I haven’t heard him complain about them in ages.

    And Fai is officially the coolest vampire ever after that image with the claws out. He looks kick ass!


    • >The souls Fei Wong Stole are the souls of the people like the girl in xxxHolic with the wings on her back. Remember Watanuki almost got stabbed with an esacto knife due to the girl with growing wings. At least I remember Yuuko saying they were soul stealer.

      Yeah, isn’t it amazing they thought this through? ^^

      >and either Kurogane has accepted them

      Oh indeed, I didn’t notice that he just didn’t care XDDD He’s so involved with them now, that I think he even likes to be called like that, now.


      • >Yeah, isn’t it amazing they thought this through? ^^
        yea i hadn’t thought about how this proces that they totally planned all of this out from way ago. WOOT to Okawa (she’s the one writing it isn’t she?)

        >Oh indeed, I didn’t notice that he just didn’t care XDDD He’s so involved with them now, that I think he even likes to be called like that, now.

        If he likes the name now that just makes it all the sweeter


  6. I guess, like so many, I loved watching Fye kick some ass with his vampire claws and watching them fighting basic cannon fodder made me smile, it’s so nostalgic.

    Thanks for the update.


  7. For SxS, my bet is that they’ve been sleeping under the ruins all along, and that they are the power FWR is trying to get his hands on: since they are very well hidden, so well that the fortune teller thought at first they were actually dead, maybe the place they are in is of hard access and forced FWR to get memories from many different dimensions to actually manage to break through the world they are in.
    There are endless arguments against this theory, but I will stick with that until I come up with something else more plausible.

    As for this chapter, I confess that lately my interest in TRC has almost been reaching rock bottom…it might be because I’ve been following it from so close for so many years? I can’t seem to tolerate things being dragged on endlessly like I did the past years: impatience? Clamp might also have abused a bit much of the ‘cryptic effect’ those past 5 years ¬___¬
    Still, I am counting on the final showdown with the clone to revive my spirits and flame up once more my interest in TRC ^^ I am no huge fan of the clone but I really missed him!


    • I agree with you. In this very moment, the only place I can think of where Syaoran and Sakura might be hidden is under the ruins.

      I know what you mean by interest reaching rock bottom. Well in my case it’s definitely due to its length and its many breaks as of late. We’re reaching freaking vol 27 and it won’t end! I want it to end already XD

      And yeah, it’s been 5 years, soon 6!

      I still love it of course, but I can’t wait for it to end already.


      • Same here, the only place I could imagine them to be is the ruins at this point of the manga ^^; And it resolves 2 questions: 1-where SxS are hiding/waiting and 2-what is the power FWR is seeking.
        Still, I will leave this theory on stand by, since there are serious arguments going against it, like: how did they ended up there is they were both said not to have the power to travel through dimensions? Or why under the ruins of all things? Also, FWR started making his plans because he wanted whatever power under the ruins but when he did, SxS where still in their own home world, or was it also part of FWR plans for SxS to get there? +if he was after SxS, why not confront them directly better then this super wicked and long roundabout way? Together, were they too powerful for him to handle? etc etc…

        Being a dedicated Syaoran fan (and also SxS), I can’t help but feel sad, knowing that those 2 characters will never ever be used again as hero/heroine of future works(they’ve been used twice already, let’s face it, there just won’t be a 3th time…), and that the end of TRC/Hoic would really be the final and definitive good bye to those two ;____;
        On the other hand, I also feel the need for it to end while I am still attached to it.



    No, seriously I did, from the very beginning of that affair 8D

    The Shaorans fight is going to be most epic, I can’t wait to see it. And yes you are right, I also think something’s going to happen with that clone, it’s straaaange~

    As for FWR, I think he just wants Kurogane and Fai to destroy his minions to get rid of them XD;

    I loved how Fai was actually manly eager to fight in this chapter, and the daddy remark, so cute! And funny!

    But, Kurogane wins my heart as always. I just adore how he speaks to FWR


    • I did too, obviously XD That comment was ironic xD

      >As for FWR, I think he just wants Kurogane and Fai to destroy his minions to get rid of them XD;

      LOL. He simply has too many, right? XD


      • Oh!! Well, good for you then! They were so many people crying about them being dead ;A; That was cruel of CLAMP, but well… That’s part of why we like them, right? 8D

        YES!! He doesn’t know what to do with them and is just too happy to get rid of any XD;


  9. This chapter was the supremest of awesomes. Fai and Kurogane were so cool *_* “You could at least announce your technique’s name Kuro-sama!” “Screw that.” That panel made my day XD

    Cloney’s planning summat, but what?

    Yeah, we all knew CLAMP wouldn’t really kill off CCS Sakura and Syaoran OR WOULD THEY?! but it’s good to have it confirmed.


  10. TRC 206

    Don’t know why some of you WANT our lovely TRC characters to die…I mean, come on, clonie was with us for most of the series until Tokyo happens and then we disown him to die in the final chapters? *-*

    LOVE the daddy jokes! Oh how I’ve missed them… 🙂 And that pic with Fai and his full Vampire claws is soooo kool!! ^^ And yeah, it’s so not going to “end today”. O_O” The sad thing is, saying it will end next year IS probably true…

    Well, let’s hope for another kl sword using, kicking technique using battle for both Syaorans! 😀 (and I agree, something’s up with clonie…)


  11. I actually thought the two in the tube might be the parent Sakura and Syaoran…because apparently that’s some kind of dream world?

    Okay, might not make sense, but in holic170 Haruka was talking about the butterfly’s dream…meaning Yuuko’s dream if I’m not mistaken, which is something I’d like to know as well… Watanuki was asking her as well, what SHE wanted and wished for..
    Her dimension/shop is closed off from FWR, so I thought the parents would be hiding there… and the tube is among all the other implements…they were able to enter it to make a deal for their son(s)… They wouldn’t need the ability to travel dimensions.
    But the ruins would make sense as a hiding place as well…

    Hmm… Ah well, Kurogane and Fai are L.O.V.E. as (mostly) always and I’m soooo glad the teasing and playfulness is back! C!Syao looks like he’s up to something… definitely NOT something FWR wants him to do…

    Sooo….now, where’s the next chapter??? Argh, this takes waaay too long! ><


    • lazy renabunny42 is lazy

      That is the question though, is the butterfly’s dream Yuuko’s or is it Watanuki? I need to pull up the chapters when they first talked about that, I remember getting it into my head the thought of Yuuko being a dream of Watanuki’s, or Watanuki being a dream of her’s as a possibility before we knew the lowdown with what the heck was going on with Watanuki. But yes, there you also have him saying what he wants is to grant Yuuko’s wish so….. argh.

      So close to the end, I really should go back to doing my massive read through. I was doing a reread of TRC and holix and making notes, stopped because time escaped me but now sounds like a good time to try again. I didn’t get far, only about 12 in TRC and 9 in holic. But was doing fun things like writing down male to female ratio for clients and when they got feathers.

      I think the tube is r!s&s, but that’s just what I think. I’m hoping they uh…. well no, I don’t expect them to solve that plothole. The one thing that bothers me is isn’t there suppose to be just one soul per world? Then….. don’t r!sya and ccs!sya mess that up since they were alive at the same time? Maybe I remember wrong, because clamp wouldn’t have a plothole like that, would they?


      • Re: lazy renabunny42 is lazy

        Well the parents were Syaoran and Sakura from CCS, R!Syaoran and Sakura just borrowed their names, their real names have yet to be revealed… I think that solves your problem with one soul version per world.^^


        • Re: lazy renabunny42 is lazy

          But they still are a Sakura and Syaoran. Even if the name changes, the soul is the same.

          It is interesting looking at the family ties, last night I did a family tree for a fic I’m planning on, as well as a chart vaguely comparing ages. Considering time does flow differently for different worlds, so we don’t know how Clow country lines up with Tokyo, you still end up with like…. TRC!Nadashiko being around CCS!Sakura’s age, most likely.

          …………I am ALSO wondering about Mr. Evilchin now. To be more exact, his name. I was about to put him on the Li side, Fei Wong and all, but then I went WAIT, his last name is Reed. So how does the Chinese first name and English last name work out then? Could he be Clow’s kid? With CCS!Syaoran’s line it’s not directly related. But maybe Fei Wong is?


          • Re: lazy renabunny42 is lazy

            But R!Syaroan is the son of CCS Sakura and Syaoran… so he doesn’t have the same soul..he just looks like his father a lot…
            And Sakura is in Clow the daughter of her parents…but she mentioned her name isn’t Sakura, and even so.. she wouldn’t be the same as R!Syaorans mother, since she lived a different life.
            Just because they look the same, doesn’t have to mean their souls are the same.

            And Fei Wong…well just think of Eriol! He might be some offspring in Great Britain…might be someone from Syaorans family who went there…^^ Clow Reed has died long before Sakura and Syaoran were born, he could simply be Fei Wongs Ancestor as well… doesn’t need to be uncle or grandfather or whatever… And I think Clow Reed is clearly dead by now, so maybe he’s the one Fei Wong wants to revive…But who knows. Let’s wait for Clamp to clear the confusion up, they did a pretty good job so far!^______^


  12. is not only a few weeks
    i think they change the plot because rating

    is really very strange uranai san be so wrong about something that important!!!!

    about trc was amazing at last something good and yes the gloves goes for ever!!


  13. PHEW! I’m glad that Sakura-chan and Syaoran-kun are still alive! I’m gonna cry for joy~! ;A; the light….

    ahem. well, yes this chapter is funnier than expected. it kinda brighten the days up. 🙂 oh, the good times… *o*


  14. I Drooled all over myfelf when Fai got his claws out… x///D

    AND! CCS!Sakura and CCS!Shaoran being Alive makes So.. SO Incredibly HAPPY!!! ;____; (Thank you CLAMP!!!!)….

    I Want them to appear so they can help their beautiful babies!!! [Woah!! imagine the possibilities!!! ….like…..Yue and Kero fighting Fai Wang!!! argh!!! *¬* ]



      I sooooo miss Yue and Kero!! We still have NO INKLING whatsoever about what happened to these two! I mean they were such an integral part of CCS, they cannot just be missed out of this when this is all about the many variations of Sakura and Syaoran, including the originals!!

      Where are Kero and Yue?!? Why aren’t they helping their mistress?!?!?


  15. awesome chapter indeed!!!at last!! XDD we all needed this srsly!!
    i just LOVEEE the cover!! soo cute Syaoran blushing and Sakura changing her clothes, awww ,though is kinda pervert XDDDD ,still is luv ♥


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