Not much going on except for chapter schedule updates ^^

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

11/10 – Newtype #12 – Extra chapter. (on sale).
12/10 – Newtype #01 – Drop. 11 – Beginning of tankoubon 4. Anime Commemoration Illustrated Tosho* Card service.
01/10 – Newtype #02 – Drop. 12.

* Tosho cards are payment cards with which one can buy at bookstores throughout Japan.

Nothing changes in Kobato.’s schedule =)

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

11/26 – Shonen Magazine #52 – No Tsubasa scheduled (on sale).
12/03 – Shonen Magazine #01 – Chapter 206.
12/10 – Shonen Magazine #02 & #03 – Chapter 207.
12/24 – Shonen Magazine #04 & #05 – Chapter 208.

Just a reminding, since they are common at the end and beginning of the year, double editions don’t mean bigger chapters, but means there is no issue in the following week.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

12/01 – Young Magazine #01 – Chapter 170 (on sale).
12/08 – Young Magazine #02 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled.
12/15 – Young Magazine #03 – Chapter 171. Beginning of tankoubon 15 – Color pages.
12/22 – Young Magazine #04 & #05 – Chapter 172.

Just a reminding, since they are common at the end and beginning of the year, double editions don’t mean bigger chapters, but means there is no issue in the following week.

• Game:

Kodansha’s magazine Nakayoshi will release a game for Nintendo DS in commemoration of its 55th anniversary called Nakayoshi All Star Idol School.

The characters of Card Captor Sakura will appear in the game and its production is signed by Creative Core.

Check the game CM here (although it doesn’t show CCS as far as I could see).

The game will be released on December 18.

44 thoughts on “CLAMP NEWS !!

      • Amu Hinamori is the main character of Shugo Chara! series. She’s the pink-haired one with a ♥ and a transparent cap in her head doing a “victory” sign next to her eye. Also, the first one to appear in the CM.

        Also, might let you know that 27/11 had a update for the STAFF COMMENTS for Tsubasa’s OAD. (There was only the CAST COMMENTS until then…) Dunno if there’s anything worthwhile, but…


      • she´s the main character of shugo chara! ^^
        btw, it´s my first time posting at one of your announcements, but i am stalking your lifeyournal since… i don´t remember when i started it XD
        thanks a lot for always providing us with the latest news from japan =)
        and sorry, my english is terrible^^;;


    • Please look carefully, usually if there’s no break, then it’s every week (7 days). But between the first double edition and second double edition have 14 days (2 weeks) in difference. That means there is break.


          • Double issues are for when Japan has a holiday or some other events and so we get a so called “double issue”. If TRC had a break, then it’d mean that we wouldn’t get a chapter in 4 weeks.

            I’d appreciate it if you didn’t reply to this comment, we’re spamming chibiyuuto who kindly provide news for us. If you still don’t understand then you are more than welcomed to carry this over to my journal where I can further explain this.


  1. I used to play that game with my sister. It’s kinda silly but SO MUCH FUN!!! I used to play with Usagi, and my sister used to play with ChibiUsa.

    Those were good times…



    • Re: OAD Official Site

      Thanks for letting me know, I hadn’t noticed it !

      Just saw that they added the two press releases and staff comment for XXXHOLiC. Nothing new unfortunately, but keep me informed please xD


  2. The game looks soooo girly too bad and apparently just mini-games and type “Novel Graphic” gameplay (Chaos;Head rocks!!!!) mmm will play it but don’t think will be the awesome of the year well ahhh whatever and the Kobato anime hope they make Original Episodes would be good to see Kobato Animated just to be Animated XD the main history i really doubt it not too much seen of it.


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