TRC 118 !

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Kamui with big claws is weird, but nice xD

SOOOOO… Kamui and Subaru are also traveling through worlds ! (WHO isn’t, really XD) This clears everything now ! It was weird before to think that Seishirou and Subaru were from the same world (Tokyo) and that later Seishirou decides to look for him (wait a minute, isn’t he in YOUR world?)
But now, it all makes sense… Subaru, Kamui and Seishirou are probably from the same world, but not this one, Tokyo, as we saw in the previous chapters that Kamui came 3 years ago “out of nowhere”. Something happened between them (Kamui, Subaru and Seishirou), and so Kamui and Subaru decided to run away from Seishirou, because Kamui clearly says in this chapter that if they stay much longer in Tokyo, Seishirou may find them, and he doesn’t want that…

Now I’m very curious to know what kind of world Kamui and co. came from !

AS EXPECTED (since he is NOTHING without his counterpart ¬¬), Dark-Syaoran possessed Syaoran because his butt had been kicked enough, Fye sees some blood and jumps in the water… and this is where I think we’ll be seeing his backstory… after all this (sad ;_;) battle is over, Syaoran will be back to normal all bruised, Fye will probably take care of his wounds and something will lead to another and he’ll end up telling his story for him … Syaoran must be around in order to show the story for us, I presume, since we mainly see the story through his view point, and it’s important for character development that HE knows Fye’s backstory, as much as he knows Kurogane’s.

Back to the sad battle… I officially hate Dark-Syaoran XDDDD What the hell? ;_________________; He totally ripped off Kamui’s arm ! Aka, he totally ripped off the reason of all the latest cool-ness of Tsubasa !
I’m now in a dilemma… I love deaths, specially when it involves some character that I’m fond with XD It’s so sad and dramatical that is nice xD
BUT, I don’t know if I want that to happen here ;____; Not now at least… we saw so little of Kamui .__. but the scene is so cool XD

I’m not going to jump into conclusions yet… Losing an arm doesn’t necessarily means you’re dead (arm-less Kamui sounds fun XD), specially when you are a vampire… right? RIGHT? And if Subaru is really THAT close to Kamui as Kamui is with him, Subaru won’t be very pleased to see what happened with his dear friend. What about the whole FuumaxKamui thing? It’ll just end up like that? That’s why I shall not consider Kamui as dead… yet.

Alison: Besides, he grew those claws, he might be able to grow his arm back….

I want the next chapter u.u

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    • Me too ! Good point… Subaru maybe WANTS to be found (if ya know what I mean XD) and maybe Kamui is just carrying him around without his approval because Kamui is jealous. Really, when he was speaking to the cocoon thing, was it just me or he sounded very desperate, insecure and scared about the situation. Scared of losing Subaru.


      • I can’t imagine anything like Kamui kidnapping Subaru (although you never know >.>), but… I think Subaru is probably of two minds about it XD; I guess it depends on whether he has a TBesque persona or if we’re going to get more of a Sakurazuka Subaru thing ♥

        Subaru is all Kamui has, apparently a.a; Where is Hokuto? O-O


        • I’m also into the two minds thing. Subaru IS double-minded xD He must both want it and not-want it ^^”

          A Sakurazuka Subaru would be freaking awesome to see, since we saw very very little of him in X.

          And WHERE is Hokuto indeed… maybe Seishirou also killed her in the world where they all came from? ^^”””

          I loved that icon of yours, btw !


          • maybe Seishirou also killed her in the world where they all came from

            Could be…after all it seems the same persons have more or less the same destiny in every world…


            • Exactly… Like Kotori, I think it’s rather weird that we didn’t see her yet (many people hate her, but I don’t ^^), and I wouldn’t be surprised if she is already dead.


              • I’m one of the few who like her too! But still we caught a glimpse of her in the past world’s library, if I remember, so maybe we won’t see her again…


          • Maybe it’s connected to the reason he’s asleep? :O

            Sakurazuka Subaru personality would be completely awesome, but if he and Kamui are twins, then he’ll look like TB!Subaru? XD That would be weird.

            It does seem strange to have everyone but her… I find it hard to think she won’t be in the series at all.

            And thank you! I think everyone made icons out of the last chapter XD♥


  1. He… he tore off his arm. When I saw it I was just like… o_o

    BUT sorry Kamui, if your arm severing means Fai backstory, then plz take all the body parts you need, CLAMP. Actually, I am still wanting Kuro to pry Fai’s story from him, or at least be present or something because he has been working so much at prodding that it would suck if he wasn’t there when it all came out.

    But anyway. Syaoran tore his freaking arm off. Holy crud.


    • Me too ! There’s no better world for that, he TORE off his arm XDDDDDDDD

      About Fye’s backstory, I think it would be very interesting as well if Kurogane was present, but Fye never found out about Kurogane’s, until now at least, who knows if he’ll find out about Fye’s.


      • Maybe I am kinda weird but at the same time I was like AAAH THIS IS SO COOL. 6_6

        Well, Fai’s never really asked, but Kurogane is always like “So what about your past huh let’s hear it” and Fai is just all “:D woe is me” in response.


        • So we’re both weirds ! XD I thought it was freaking cool but I realized that it was also oh-so-sad xDDDD

          >and Fai is just all “:D woe is me” in response.
          And I love that XDDD But that’s ENOUGH, right? Spit it out already !


          • Hahaha, me neither. Fai just looked so bored and Mokona was talking blah blah so I figured it would be funny for Fai to just be like “…shut up.” But he wasn’t and in the next panel he was all 😀 again.


    • >>BUT sorry Kamui, if your arm severing means Fai backstory, then plz take all the body parts you need, CLAMP.

      LMFAOOOOO. funnily enough [is funnily a word?? O_o;;] i agree XD

      i also agree that kurogane MUST be there to hear this along with syaoran. it would definately answer a lot of questions he must have, plus maybe change his opinion of him a bit.


  2. Hahahaha indeed Kamui started it all XDDD
    But it’s fine, it’s not like I’m REALLY mad ^^ I want want to see more of Kamui’s beauty, and is he really going to be “evil” all the time? He also has a very nice counterpart who would surely help Syaoran out. I wonder if we won’t be seeing this good side of Kamui *points icon*


  3. I was just reading 117, and to my surprise, when I refreshed the page 118 came out! But now I want 119…. T________T

    I’m feeling the same vibe from Tsubasa as I got from X (such a long time ago….), you know, the scenic mass bleeding, limb-tearing goodness. My favourite part was probably the scene Fai saw when he jumped into the water. Dark!Shaoran PWNED God-child’s butt (can’t help but weep for Kamui though…).

    Is it just me, or does it seem like they’re standing inside the water? 😮


    • >I was just reading 117, and to my surprise, when I refreshed the page 118 came out!
      Ow lucky you ! Now join us on the waiting for the next one ! Welcome XD

      >the scenic mass bleeding, limb-tearing goodness.
      Ow yes, that’s CLAMP, baby ! XD I’m loving all this gore-ness.

      >or does it seem like they’re standing inside the water?
      Kamui seems like doing it XD He’s a freak man, he can talk underneath the water, I’m assuming he can stand as well XD


  4. *____________*

    reading this at 2am after a crap science exam has unknown effects on me.

    i just find it extremely amusing that syaoran can stay alive after all that literally throat-cutting battles XDDD

    so is subaru that feather look-a-like thing next to sakura in the globe thing? for some reason, i keep on thinking kamui’s got it wrong, and it’s just sakura chatting with her feather or something..

    and yay for angsty!kamui!! i find it quite strange that dark!syaoran is actually protecting sakura. never thought he was that kind of guy, but i guess it might just be me and not reading the page correctly XDD

    kamui without an arm will make half the world sad 😦 hope he grows it back ♥


    • >reading this at 2am after a crap science exam has unknown effects on me.

      HAHAHAHA I hope you did well in your exam ^^”

      >i just find it extremely amusing that syaoran can stay alive after all that literally throat-cutting battles XDDD

      THAT’S RIGHT ! If he can, Kamui can ! XD

      It does seem like it’s Subaru inside the cocoon thing, since Kamui speaks directly for it O.o

      Dark-Syaoran might be either protecting Sakura OR what’s within her, aka, her feathers. While Syaoran keeps saying that he needs to save “Sakura”, Dark-Syaoran is always refering to the “feathers”.

      >hope he grows it back ♥
      I hope he came from a world where their genetic is capable of re-growing parts of their bodies xDDDD *daydreaming*


      • i hope so too ^^;; but then considering i believe i got >50% wrong on my chemistry paper, i’m going to die XDDD

        yes!!! O___o;; maybe the water has magical healing powers or something, coz it’s got to serve some purpose… i wouldn’t want to drink water that had THAT much blood in it o___o;;

        hm… but wtf IS the cocoon thing? and when did it appear anyways .___. was it just when sakura got the feather? then that meaning either subaru was protecting the feather, or was it the feather protecting subaru…

        with CLAMP loving to play around with words, i think dark!syaoran only wants the feathers, since feathers =/= sakura…. but in a way sakura = feathers, since they are HER memories… arghh this is annoying.

        i did not see the word genetic. i did not see the word genetic. i did not see the word genetic.
        well if he really is a vampire, he should be able to… if he isn’t, then he can get an artificial arm in the next world like Anakin XDD or like… have good healing powers like in X and sew it up or something…


  5. Since Seishirou still looks young, I am willing to believe Subaru will look around Kamui’s age.

    I’m very disappointed that it looks like no Hokuto will show up (damn it!). Buuuuut if they get to Subaru and Seishirou faster, all will be forgiven. I think. I’m worried at this point.


  6. Am I the only one who REALLY hated Kamui in the first pages of the chapter, when he started cutting through Syaoran’s body again and again? I even started thinking : “if he hurt him one more time, I’m going to fuc**** kill him!!”.

    By the way, I don’t think it’s the “dark Syaoran” who took control of him : the “dark Syao” awoke and went out from this glass thing, furthermore he is now supposed to be traveling to this dimension to find our, let’s say, “bright Syao”…So don’t you think that this Syao who awoke and ripped Kamui’s arm in this chapter is in fact the “real” Syaoran? = the Syaoran BEFORE he lost his memory and got adopted by Fujitaka…



  7. then I tragically died today after reading this….

    Died after reading tsubasa chapitre 118.

    OMFG ARE THEY TRYING TO GIVE ME A HEARTATTACK!? XD, okay, Kamui way ROCKS too much…when he cut-like XD syaoran’s neck I went all like: OMG!!! then almost wanted to hate him for that, but I can’t because it’s kamui! god! XD and he is one of the coolest clamp characters so wah….but when Dark Syaoran posessed him (Poor Syaoran, his dark other uses him XDDDDD and he doesn’t even know, but well thanks to him he is alive) and when he tore off his arm I seriously seriously went like: O__O OMG THAT’S TEH COOLEST THING!!!!…and then XD thought I was a weirdo for thinking that hahahah but well violence in clamp mangas is never bad XDDD instead is cool *___* but…poor kamui ó.o…but oh well XDDDDDDD I hope he has super powers and then his arm grows up magically…or even if he doesn’t have it to grow up…he still will look cool X3

    Thank you for sharing the chapter with us Chibi Yuuto-sama!



  8. It’s the second dettached arm in Tsubasa. It’s official: missing eyes are out of fashion. Arms are in now (well, no, they’re literally out… but you get my point.)

    *uses a FMA manga icon, because they’re worst about the dettached arms*


    • Dettached arms are nice, just not Kamui’s ;____;

      >well, no, they’re literally out… but you get my point
      LOL ! I think head would be “too much” for SM’s readers XD I’m sure Ohkawa’s sick mind firstly thought on using heads.


      • Excellent avatar choice, Amewarashi! A Ran Fan pic is more than appropriate to comment a chapter were someone lose an arm ^_^ .

        >wait….who else lost an arm?? i feel like i should know this but my mind cant think of anyone right now….

        Let’s see…

        – Ed
        – Scar
        – Scar’s brother (since his brother have one of his)
        – Den (I know, she’s a dog, but she lost her left front leg so it counts ^_~)
        – Ran Fan (appear only in the manga)
        – Some costumers at Garfiel’s shop
        – The black girl from Rush Valley (can’t remember her name) was missing an arm plus her two legs, if I remember correctly.
        – All of those auto-mail freak in Rush Valley

        And that’s all I can think of now, but I may be forgetting some other characters (without mentioning those who lost a leg).

        Can’t wait for next week ^_^ .

        Chibiyuuto, Ladydarmoon and Pikari-chan, thanks a lot for sharing




  9. Wow. CLAMP sure knows how to twist things around to fit their means. I’m just astounded by this chapter. I mean, Kamui’s arm… and then the whole Subaru-Seishiro-Kamui deal…

    Gaaah. This is gonna get ruined when Bee Train adapts it.


  10. My weird theories

    Throat-cutting Syaoran and arm-tearing Kamui o.O Angst!!! WTH? Kamui will alive since he just lost his arm. But Syaoran can die since his throat was cut.

    I’m confused because of Dark-Syaoran. At first, he said he had to retrieve his right eye, then he said he had to take the feather. @__@ Moreover, how can he be in Syaoran’s body when he already had his real body??? If Clow is one soul with two bodies (Sakura’s father and Eriol) or Fuuma is two souls in one body, Syaoran is WHAT??? Why doesn’t he take his right eyes when he’s in Syaoran’s body?? Maybe he needs another thing.

    Seishirou looks for the TWIN vampires. Kamui and Subaru can’t be twin. They don’t have the same face. Does anybody understand the meaning of TWIN?
    Subaru and Kamui are in from the same world. Sure.
    Whether Seishirou was in the same world with Subaru or not, it doesn’t matter. We will know sooner or later XD But when we are in Outo, Seishirou didn’t know Subaru’s face. If he was in the same world with Subaru, he could know. And in this X-like world, Kamui said he know Seishirou. It means they already met each other after Seishirou left Outo.
    About something between Seishirou/Subaru/Kamui, I can image like this :
    After leaving Outo, in the other world, Seishirou met the twin vampire (Subaru and Hokuto) and approached them. Instead of killing Subaru, Sei fell in love with him and killed Hokuto, his sister. Instead of chasing Sei for revenge, Subaru decided to run away from him because he love Sei with Kamui, his… (unknown relationship) in vampire family. Hunter and vampire can’t be together. That can make sense.XD

    There’re no normal time when you’re crossing dimension. Maybe we will meet Sei again with adult Sei like in X.

    Just a moment, I thought if Kamui and Subaru really from X manga. I feel weird XD


    • Re: My weird theories

      Non identical twins CAN exist; in English terms, they’re fraternal twins. Thing is, does Japanese have two different terms for those? For instance, in Spanish, there’s a different word for identical twins and another one for fraternal twins. But in English, the word twin refers to “either of two offspring produced at a birth.” So if you just say ‘twins’ in English, it could be either. No idea about Japanese and the term Seishirou used, though.

      And even though CLAMP were weird and gave them the same face, TB!Subaru and Hokuto were actually fraternal twins, because only that kind of twins can be of different gender.


      • Re: My weird theories

        I know there’re both identical twin and fraternal twin. But what I thought about twin is they are from one mother. I feel so weird if I keep thinking Subaru and Kamui are brother. You know about the age they met in X. Really weird when I have to think they are brother.


        • Re: My weird theories

          Uh, but that’s not what you said at all, or you just said it in a really weird way, easy to misunderstand. You sort of typed they can’t be twins if they don’t look alike.

          What does sharing the same mother have to do with looking alike? I have two little brothers, fraternal twins between them, and we three share mother. None of us resemble the other. I think I’m not following you.


          • Re: My weird theories

            Sorry for my misunderstood English. Actually, it’s one of the reasons I don’t think they are twin. At first, I always think twin in CLAMP manga always is identical twin. So I wrote “They don’t have the same face” After that I really there’re both identical twin and fraternal twin. But I can’t edit it so I let it be like this.


        • Re: My weird theories

          But if even Clamp said in an interview that Kamui and Subaru are/look like brothers (pissing off all the SxK’ers), so they did it here, in TRC, where averyhitng can happen XDDD


    • Re: My weird theories

      Seishirou asked for Oruha if her REAL name was Subaru… aka, OUT OF THE GAME, her real appearance, because after he found out that everything was a game, and people could choose different looks, he asked Oruha because she was the strongest Oni.


  11. O_O this week’s was very violent. I really hope that Losing an arm doesn’t necessarily means you’re dead . Maybe Kamui and Subaru will do as Seishirou did and disappear before Dark Syaoran can find an opportune moment to finish Kamui off. Preferably before someone else in the CLAMP universe loses another eye.

    I guess if Subaru and Kamui are also hopping around dimensions, it blows away my “Seishirou is from this world but is travelling around to look for Subaru’s (and possibly Hokuto) soul” theory. But, this would also explain where Kamui got his oh-so-familiar fighting style. (*cough*Seishirou*cough*).

    I want the next chapter u.u
    lol. me too. and Subaru. ^_^


  12. I myself was wondering if there was gonna be a Fai vs. Syaoran o__O Cuz I have no idea if Dark!Syaoran has an consciousness of friend or foe…. That would be interesting … And Syaoran is just all around looking like he wants to break stuff XD;

    I don’t think Kamui is dead, at least so soon into it. He seems to be important to the story and hasn’t really been explained enough, imo, to just die now XD; Unless Subaru shows up and finishes the rest of the explaining and such on Kamui AND himself.

    OR SOMETHING. I just don’t feel like he’s gonna die rihgt now XD;


  13. Hee as you can well imagine the tension is killing me…I hope he’s in the next chapter (By he I mean Subaru of course!) or I may explode.

    Much love for Kamui’s claws and for the random ripping off of arms…ah clamp how I love your mindless violence.

    Kamui cannot be dead…I do not know why I’m certain of that but I am…

    This is most likley because I want the backstory but hey!

    Kamui doesn’t wish to see Sei-chan but I wonder if Subaru does…

    Really am going to explode before next week!


    • I don’t know about Subaru as well… though, it’s “Subaru”, he surely wants it.

      And I don’t think Kamui is dead either… I wonder if Kakyou foresaw all this O.o


  14. I do remember all the parts where Good Syaoran got controled by Dark Syaoran…And he really were : Clamp did their best to absolutely convince us of it and never forgot to always show the other Syaoran making the same moves !! But lately, I mean in the latest chapters, they don’t show that anymore!!! CLAMP show the two Syaorans SEPARATELY from each others : for example, in chapter 115-116 (I think…), we have a very weird Syaoran saying that he has to collect the feathers no matter what, and then he “wakes up” and think “I don’t remember what just happened right now!!!”…nothing more!!! The Datk Syaoran is nowhere to be seen! and that’s absolutely normal because while it was happenning, he was just sent by Yuko to another dimension few moments ago! Or what? He has time to talk with Yuko, get sent in another dimension, and WHILE HE IS AWAKE and walking around on his feets, ALSO takes control of Syaoran? It just seems to be too much for me…
    I am a Syaoran fans (Syaoran’s forever!!!) and I don’t want him to be “bad”, and he is not!, but the guy he was before being “Syaoran” the gentle guy we know, is another story!!! Or so I guess…ine the end, all we can do is wait for Clamp to make up their mind ^^;;


  15. I knew this day would come. Shadow Syaoran vs. Kamui! It was awesome, but far too short. I would feel bad for Kamui if he had not beat up Syaoran so badly! YOU DESERVED IT YOU BIG FAT MEANIE!!


  16. Perhaps the more pressing concern is how discriminate dark!Syaoran’s rampages are…if dark!Syaoran thinks Fay is possibly there to stop him (and he might be, now), then we should probably start worrying about the immediate safety of Fay’s limbs.


  17. Oh my… Ehr… This is probably a bad point but… have you ever considered the BIG BIG BIG possibility of Fay’s death? XD Yeah he have a lot of things to do before… but I can really feel it approaching… Clamp didn’t show him for a while, his face was cut away… I know this is nothing but I think this is a strange “directing choice”! It must mean something! It’s CREEPY!
    Gwaahhh I don’t want to see him dying but it feels so near that I can smell it! ç_____ç

    Speaking of Hokuto… could it be she’s under Tokyo Tower with Fuuma? XD


    • I think he won’t kill Fye because he is helping Syaoran getting the feathers back… which is what Dark-Syaoran wants ^^

      >could it be she’s under Tokyo Tower with Fuuma? XD
      nice theory XDD


      • Uh… maybe he will not kill him… CLAMP-SENSEI will do it! XD
        Ok… I’ve read too much sad stories by them… I’ll calm down!

        You know… if Hokuto is with Fuuma… I believe she’s the twin with more good-taste! XD
        Hey, I LOVE Kamui, but Fuuma is… FUUMA! *____*


    • Actually, I was thinking Fai might not survive this chapter too, but I’m kind of leaning away form that after some serious consideration. There’s still too much of Fai that remains a mystery. There seems to be something about him that’s really important to the story and that hasn’t happened yet… (like his past) Maybe I’m just being optimistic?


      • Uh… you’re right… well, maybe the can tell us EVERYTHING about Fay in two or three chapters and ONLY THEN he will die! ç_________ç
        Ok… this drastic… But clamp-sensei do horrible things to their characters! Being optimistic just broke my heart! I’ll be drastic from now on! XD


  18. Wowwwwwww OH MY GOD!!!!!

    So Subaru is sleeping under water and maybe Seishiro will arrive soon!

    That was an amazing chapter! with it’s final I was openmouthed XD

    Thanks Yuuto-san and of course to Ali-san too!!!


  19. *Sha-chan raises a “We Want Fay’s Past” sign*
    *puts it down*
    *takes out a marker*
    *scribbles something*
    *Sha-chan raises a “We Want Fay’s Past SOON” sign*

    and woooooow, OUCH Kamui! Kamui was not being the friendliest guy but still… OUCH O_o I don’t think he deserved that.

    on the other hand, watching reading you being so indesicive about the whole situation was awfully cute XD I know that feeling XD

    I’m now in a dilemma… I love deaths, specially when it involves some character that I’m fond with XD It’s so sad and dramatical that is nice xD
    Ahh, you little sadist, you 😛

    Thank you for the cleaned scans ^_^

    *waves goodbye*


    • LOL at your little drama XDDDDD

      OUCH indeed ! I don’t think poor Kamui deserved that either ;_; Geez I want next chapter >.<

      It's alright, you can say it, I am a little sadist XDD


      • *is seriously thinking of making a strike until they DO tell Fay’s past* although it wouldn’t help a bit T,T

        this whole thing makes me think of how when facing someone, you should never use equalworst strategies than your opponent’s, because then you wouldn’t be better than him/her.

        and Dark!Shaoran was definitely WORST than Kamui!

        ahh, too much hero-comic-readings lately..

        that’s alright, we all love to see are fave charas suffer a bit xD


  20. Well I don’t think Kamui will die… He’ll just hand around armless and even angstier from now on XD. And I reaaaally wanna see Subaru!! (And Fai’s past soon, btw…). But seriously… Evil!Syaoran is starting to creep me out O_o”’ the look in his eyes was so merciless and just 3v0l XD.

    BTW, thank you very very much for letting me use your news ^__^. I added you to my flist with this journal and mine.


    • I LOOOOOOVE your Alanis icon ! XDDDDDDDD
      And you’re welcome ! ^__^ Thank you too for appreciating the news !

      >He’ll just hand around armless and even angstier from now on XD.
      LOL ! I hope so ! XD


  21. Hmmm… things are getting complicated. I wonder if this “bait” thing has a Seishirou connection too.

    >What about the whole FuumaxKamui thing?
    *nods* For me that’s the burning question. I really want Fuuma to be part of this bigger vampire picture. Vampire hunter Fuuma would be fine by me 🙂


  22. T-T Kamuiii…How dare you Syaoran!!! You’re just nothing without you’re other persona..>=P Clamp is so evil. They always give their fan-magnets(AKA their bishounens) more angst. But that’s what makes me fangirl over Clamp.XD I hope Kamui won’t die. The FuumaxKamui thing still needs to be settled. I wonder why Kamui was beaten so easily..After all, he is god’s child or something.

    Anyways, thanks for the scans! I friended you..hope you don’t mind! ^-^


    • I made a research on vampires and I found out that they have the ability of regenerating parts of their body ! It’s up to CLAMP now to follow that rule or not, I think they will, though ^^


  23. Okay okay …. *calm down*
    AWESOME !! The story get interesting *____* Especially there’re X cross over ! We haven’t seen Fuuma again after his first appearance in chap 109 ( or else…? o.O )hmmm…

    But still, maybe Fay’s now in trouble O.O RUNNN !!! FAY !!


  24. I hope Kamui will be all right. Usually, vampires should be able to regenerate their limbs or reattach them. Kamui will probably be fine.

    It seems that this particular version of Kamui is this specific Subaru’s twin, not Hokuto. Now,there’s probably going to be a love rectangle with Kamui, Subaru, Fuuma, and Seishirou.


    • >Usually, vampires should be able to regenerate their limbs or reattach them.
      Indeed ! I asked some friends of mine who knows a lot about vampires and they told that’s really possible, I’m feeling better now ^^”


  25. WOW! And they said X was too violent XDDD oh, wait it is Tokyo, that is why this arc is like ‘X’ ^_____^ THIS is my favourite Tsubasa chapter, just becasue it is has everything I love from Clamp.

    I don’t think Kamui will be dead, he said he has to kill Sei, because SUBARU CAN’T, we all know this… And now… Will Subaru awake? He has had his bait blood, plus some from Kamui… But I hope Syaoran doesn’t die XD Somebody has to fix the mess and Fye wil need help …. And now, one more week of waiting TT_TT Hey, thi reminds me the old times when we had to wait one month for next X chapter *so excited* ^_~


    • This is also by FAR my favorite World ^___^

      I hope Subaru drank enough blood… I want him to wake up !!

      >this reminds me the old times when we had to wait one month for next X chapter
      I soooo know what you mean !!! Even though is still far from being the real thing, it does bring me back memories ^___^


  26. AWWW the arm ripping X_X.I think Kamui is justified in trying to kill Syaoran though. From what he told Syaoran. He obviously knew Syaoran learned his techniques from Sei. Kamui:”Although ‘that person’ is not here, but you came and you know him. So he might be coming very soon” Could this explain why Kamui called Syaoran the “bait” because of Sei? In Kamui’s POV “anyone who knows Sei=BAD for Su”. Also if i didn’t misinterpret what he told the blob(?)later, he seems to have arrived later and stayed to protect Su because he was already asleep. That makes a lot of sense actually because I WANT HOKUTO!!!!!!!!Can’t wait till the next chapitre XD.


    • I am kinda of confused about the whole Kamui protecting Subaru thing. I didn’t get if they arrived TOGETHER or Kamui ALREADY found him sleeping. By the translations it looks like he FOUND him sleeping. But it makes no sense all their relationship, and all the “let’s go quickly to the other world” thing O.o


      • It wasn’t really clear in the Japanese, either, I think. So if the translation was confusing, it’s because *I* was confused. ^^;;;; And Kamui didn’t really specify either whether it was *them* needing to get to the next world, or just Subaru on his own, or if they were travelling together or apart. Although from the other people’s story of how Kamui showed up it seemed like he was alone at that time.. unless they just didn’t *know* Subaru was with him or he was already asleep.
        *brain shuts down*


        • Probably, they went to that world and Subaru’s soul fell asleep, and then Kamui found his soul in the water but couldn’t get it out because of the feather. Same as with Sakura. Probably Subaru’s body is elsewhere, and it’s just his soul in the water, and that’s why Kamui had to find it.



          • That makes a lot of sense ! It would mean Subaru’s body is where that hand in that splash page is as well. I wonder what made him fall asleep, though. Maybe it atracks kind souls? (Sakura and Subaru are kind).


  27. Late commenting, but thanks to you and Ali-san. ^^;

    Hmm, why is everyone still assuming Kamui/Subaru are the twins when it’s never been said? I suppose it’s possible if CLAMP wants to be weird on us, but it makes no sense really considering the *twins* in X are Subaru/Hokuto and Kamui/Fuuma (of a sort). *shrugs* I could yet be wrong. o_O; And I get the feeling CLAMP is really going through X withdrawals this last month and trying to rewrite Tsubasa into X or something. As much as I love the Seishirou/Subaru mental disorders love story and sexy-looking vampires, I think I’ve become more fond of the original stuff. Like KuroFai. And the bunny world. XD And random series characters just thrown together for the hell of it.

    Should be fun to see Fai get into the action, though. CLAMP can’t kill him yet, it would be much too anticlimatic. I’d boycott them simply for abusing the basic rules of storytelling, and not even because Fai is a favorite character. O_. And Fai can so kick dark Syaoran’s ass anytime. XD I’m betting on him to knock Syao back to his senses pretty soon. Either that or Kuro needs to show up and do the same. Or Subaru will wake up and whine for everyone to stop fighting. XD Heh, actually, that might be more likely. XD *wonders about dark Syao’s reaction to that*

    And wow, I’m really rambling… programming classes are boring… XD


    • *I* never said Kamui and Subaru are the twins XDDDDD but I see what you mean, hehe. People go taking conclusions way too fast. I guess it’s the excitement ^^””””

      On the CnK interview, Ohkawa said that Subaru and Kamui are like brothers, and Mokona later added “like sisters” XDDD So the idea of Kamui and Subaru being brothers aren’t that weird in their mind, but I shall wait and see for what will come (I would LOVE to see vampire!Hokuto)

      I can’t say the same thing you said about this world, because I’m loving it ! I’m sure we’ll see eventually that this all will be very important for the plot, I hope so, I don’t think Ohkawa is doing this ONLY for fanservice ^^

      >And Fai can so kick dark Syaoran’s ass anytime
      Well, I wouldn’t be so sure of that XD I used to think the same thing about Kamui, and look now XDDD Even though I think he’ll regenerate his arm.

      >programming classes are boring… XD
      WORD ! XD


      • *I* never said Kamui and Subaru are the twins XDDDDD but I see what you mean, hehe. People go taking conclusions way too fast. I guess it’s the excitement ^^””””
        Ah, sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that you had said that. I’ve been reading pages of theories and that seemed to be one of the popular ones. It just seems odd that CLAMP would call them twins when they aren’t and never were. (Subaru/Kamui, that is) Brothers, maybe, but… *shrugs* Who knows.

        >And Fai can so kick dark Syaoran’s ass anytime
        Well, I wouldn’t be so sure of that XD I used to think the same thing about Kamui, and look now XDDD
        Eh, well, it’s still true in my universe. XD Even when he’s ripping off arms, I can’t help seeing Syaoran as more cute than badass. Such an adorable little psycho… ^^ But then, I might say the same for Kamui, too.. XD


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    If blood is supposed to wake Subaru I wonder why he’s still sleeping, because there seems to be a *lot* of blood in that pool-thing. ôO

    Anyway, if there is a fight in the future between Syaoran and his clone we know who should win. :p That kid is scary, I hope Fye will make normal!Syaoran wake up and see what a bloody mess he made while unconscious XD


    • You’re welcome !

      And I KNOW ! That’s a whole lot of blood for sure ! You can fill bottles and bottles with that blood. C’mon, Subaru isn’t that fat XDDD He can wake up now !

      >I hope Fye will make normal!Syaoran wake up and see what a bloody mess he made while unconscious XD
      I hope that too, enough playing the “What happened?”, he needs to know who he is.


  29. Poor Fuuma, poor Hokuto, both totally shunned…XD

    And I doubt Kamui’s dead from loss of arm (but hey, logically, if someone stuck two fingers in your eye that would probably kill you, oh wait.)

    Hopefully he can do the random vampire thing of regenerating limbs (Helllsssing….)..

    It’s odd though, CLAMP don’t normally take off arms, and I’d be shocked to discover that they’ve developed originality. XD


    • I hope CLAMP won’t forget about Hokuto u.u

      >Hopefully he can do the random vampire thing of regenerating limbs
      Exactly ! I hope CLAMP will follow that rule for their vampires as well ^^


  30. nossa, saiu tsubasa! morri e nao sabia hauhauha

    *fala baixinho*
    aquilo q eu vi é verdade?? o.O o ele arrancou mesmo o braço do makui?? por que se foi, eu vou odiar o shoran (versao brasileira XD) pro resto da minha vida!



  31. Actually, that’s exactly what I was thinking too. That it was how Syaoran was before he lost his memories. Except that he would have been a little kid, and little kids don’t usually rip people’s arms off. But that really does look like what’s going on now. I want to see Syaoran possess the Other Syaoran.



  32. I’ve figured out what ‘E’ means!! It’s sometimes ‘game’, so it’s something you hunt. It’s sometimes ‘bait’, so it’s something used to get something your hunting. But, the way it’s used is more like someone that comes along when you’re in a bad mood so you have someone to beat up. So, ‘E’ is someone who exists solely for you to kill, or so that you can have the opportunity kill someone else. Thus, an NPC. An ‘E’ is an NPC! It’s the only explanation that makes sense!


    P.S. If someone kept calling me an NPC I’d rip their arm off too.


    • ´Non played character? Another game, like outo? i don´t think so. That´s why i´m so scared to see syaoran dying. i think this is real, so… Are they going to put the dark syaoran in his place, so he could evolve like our sweet syao did when he meet sakura? no, please, no. i don´t want that.


  33. Well, i see everybody cares about poor kamui, but i don´t think he is gona die just for an arm. He is a vampire, after all, but… What the hell is Syaoran? I love him, even with that scary look, but i´m begining to believe that he is not human either. I like to reaaally know about his past, and about dark-syaoran. oh, and i just realized the hole thing someone just post around here: dark-syao could be not the one who is moving syao right now… oh, and don´t forget that THESE kamui had kill a lot of people in this world already, he is not the lovely and lonely boy from x.


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